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Top 10 Best Activity Cubes In 2020 – Buying Guide

Being a toddler is a very joyous, playful and critical period for children. Every parent wants the best in terms of food, sleep, clothes and very importantly the activities that the young children are indulged in. This article lists down the top 10 best activity cubes for toddlers and young kids. These activity cubes are well-made, safe and very entertaining for the little ones.

In addition to that, they are very educational. They encourage learning – of shapes, colors, numbers, time and even jobs for some. The child’s sensory stimulation will be enhanced and the child will experience greater brain development which is crucial at that age. At the end of the article, there is a buying guide on how to choose activity cubes.

List Of​​ Top 10 Best Activity Cubes In 2020 – Buying Guide

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10. B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

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This amazing wooden activity cube is one of the most loved games for young children. The cube does not need any assembly. It is bright and full of fun colors with 5 sides with different attractions. Children will have fun with the doors to open, the spinners and the loopty-loo routes. Adequate for several age groups, it is also the perfect activity cube for toddlers.

Measuring 13.4″ W x 17.72″ H x 11.81″ D, the cube is well built and does not suffer wear and tear easily. Further to that, for the safety of the young children the cube has no sharp edges that may be harmful. This wooden activity cube is the perfect game to encourage learning and development, plus it is a good gift idea.

9. Gleeporte 8-in-1 – Wooden Activity Play Cube

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The Gleeporte activity cube is one of the most successful of the moment. It offers 8 different instructive activities that will entertain young children and also help them to develop. Some of the most interesting  games include color/shape matching, colorful abacus, bead maze, animals’ maze and teaching clock. It is a very educational activity cube for 1 year old and above. It enhances early brain development and sensory stimulation ; the different activities encourage the child to develop his or her sensory feels and learn other skills such as coordination.

Moreover, the variety of shapes, colors and educational activities will help the young child to learn about colors, animals, shapes and counting. In addition to all these educational and fun uses, the cube is made of natural non-toxic wood which is safeyou’re your child, as well as the environment.

8. BATTOP Activity Cube

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Toddlers and young kids should have the best toys for their emancipation, development and learning. The educational BATTOP activity cube is a multi-purpose toy with 10 different activities that young kids are fond of. It features games such bead maze, pointers and bug sliders to mention a few. The activities encourage sensory stimulation, brain development, logical thinking as well as learning of numbers.

This is a great activity cube and walker that will keep children busy for hours while learning and enjoying themselves. Parents will appreciate that the activity is made of CPSC and ASTM certified safe and durable wood. To prevent the child from injury, there is no sharp edges and the bright colors are made from water-based non-toxic paints.

7. EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

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Babies really love the EverEarth Garden activity cube. Full of activities, it entertains toddlers and youngsters while encouraging learning. This has 6 sides of fun activities ; including sliders, bead mazes and spinning gears. Through these activities, your child’s sensory aptitudes and brain development will be boosted. The bright colors and fun activities will keep the child entertained for hours. It is of the perfect size for sitting babies to grasp and play with.

The cube is sturdy and even if the child leans on it to stand, it is very unlikely to tip. In addition to that, it is a very durable toy as it is made of classy and high-quality wood that is resistant to energetic toddlers’ play. The cube is recommended for toddlers and babies above 18 months old.

6. ALEX Discover My Busy Town Cube

ALEX Discover My Busy

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Full of colors, well-made and very instructive, we are very pleased to have the ALEX Discover My Busy Town Activity Cube in our list. It is a special activity cube with very interesting activities. Let your young child play with the curvy wire rides, boo doors, spins , racing rollers and also learn to identify the mailman, doctor or baker. Parents will be delighted at how toddlers and young children can stay hours enjoying this 5-sided fun cube ; it is also the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award.

There is less risk of your child to get harmed as the edges on the corners have been sanded down. Moreover, as compared to other activity cubes, the ALEX activity cube does not have small parts that come up and tend to be messy.

5. TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube


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Parents always want the best for their toddlers in terms of development and learning. This TOP BRIGHT 5-in-1 activity cube will enhance young children’s cognitive capacities and other skills. The bead maze encourages reaching, the gears promote logical thinking and the pointers can be manipulated in several ways to help learning numbers and time concepts. In addition to that, the bright colors will stimulate the child’s sensory aptitudes.

Having the safety of toddlers as a priority, the cube has no sharp edges and the colors are made of non-toxic paints. It is an amazing gift idea for toddlers and young kids. They will spend their time having fun, learning and developing their different skills.

4. Elover Activity Cube

Elover Activity Cube

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With 8 activities in 1, this Elover activity cube marvels every child. It is fun, instructive and very entertaining. It contains activities such as rainbow gear, numeral flip board game, shapes sorter and beads counting amongst others. These activities help the child in developing coordination skills, cognitive aptitudes, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

The learning and development of your child will have never been so easy with the Elover activity cube. As a parent, you will be happy to have your child having fun and educating himself or herself for hours. Similarly, there is less risk of accident for the activity cube has smooth edges and is made of non-toxic  paints and premium materials.

3. Baby Toys Activity Cube

Baby Toys Activity

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This an incredible activity cube to develop and improve your child’s intelligence, creativity, imagination and development. If you are thinking about offering an activity cube, this one is  a good choice. In the form of a brightly colored house, each side has fun activities with interactive learning features. For instance, toddlers can learn shapes, colors, fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, the activities enhance cognitive ability, encourages hand-eye coordination as well as train baby fingers muscle flexibility. It has smooth edges for greater safety and it has made from premium quality and certified/non-toxic materials.

2. Under The Sea Adventures Activity Cube

Under The Sea Adventures

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If you are looking for a nicely themed product, the Under The Sea Adventures maze will give you thrills as well as your little one. The undersea theme includes several fun activities such as curvy rides, peek a boo door, musical note xylophone, a drum and match/spin animals. It encourages hand-eye coordination and helps in skills development.

It is so entertaining for young kids that it is being used in nurseries, schools, waiting rooms, pediatric reception areas and other children-friendly areas. As a parent, you will be pleased by how easy it is to assemble the cube.

1. Amagoing Activity Cube

Amagoing Activity Cube

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The Amagoing activity is best known for its incredible ability of keeping kids’ attention for surprising long time. With 11 interesting activities, such as dinosaur puzzle, bead maze, car running, magnet fishing, shapes sorter, balloon clocks and windmill, toddlers will be learning while having fun. The bright colors with patterns boost sensory stimulation and brain development.

Thanks to the activities, the young kids will start learning about shapes, numbers and colors. Moreover, they will develop their hand-eye coordination. The cube is child-friendly with polished and rounded design to prevent injuries. It is certified safe ; the colors are from non-toxic and non-irritating odor.


Buying Guide 

Activities : Many activity cubes have different activities on each side. Some activities bring a lot to the young children in terms of number or shape learning and others help logical thinking or coordination skills.
Safety : Another factor to consider in activity cubes is how safe is they are. Those with sharp edges can hurt the toddlers while they play. Similarly, you should choose the ones that are made from non-toxic material and those who are environmentally friendly.

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