Top 10 Beer Pong Tables Review In 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

Welcome, all party planners, who are planning to make their party going crazy and fun up all night. This article is for you, we are guiding you to make your party even extra and enjoyable, making all your guests wanting to come again and again. Beer Pong or Beirut is one of the most popular games to insert in at the party, it creates an extra fun instead of just normally sitting in front of each other and drinking, which can be pretty boring. We are introducing you to the top 10 best Beer Pong Tables that are stylish, popular and great in its performances and dimensions:

List Of Top 10 Beer Pong Tables

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10. Portable Beer Pong Table

 Portable Beer Pong

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This beer pong table can complement any room with its stylish, sleek black and white design. The table is 6 feet long, has a lightweight, sturdy construction and is easily folded in half for portability, so party goers can enjoy beer pong anywhere. No need to worry about the top of the table degrading or wearing over time as it has a scratch-resistant graphic, an easy to clean surface that is resistant to spills.

This table also comes with a foam ball holder and 6 pong balls out of the box. The specs of the table are when unfolded is 96x24x30 inches and is 24x24x6 inches when folded and weighs 24lbs.

9. SHARPER IMAGE Mini Beer Pong


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Sharper Image designed a beer pong table that not only looks great but functional as well. This wooden tabletop is designed in a way to put a twist in the classical beer pong that people are used to playing. It is very easy to carry around since it is able to fold in half for easy carry, and very sturdy as well. The innovative design of this table can help freshen up the beer pong game if anyone is getting bored of the classic way of playing it.

This set contains 25 plastic cups, two wooden pong balls which are attached with strings and anchors, two capsules with springs inside that is supposed to act as a catapult, the board itself and a mesh storage bag. The weight of this elegant wooden tabletop is only 12.3 ounces.

8. BLACK SERIES Portable Beer Pong Set

Black Series Portable

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Another well designed portable beer pong set is from a company called Black Series. A simple yet fun design that can fit into any party, outdoor or indoor activity. The table within the set is small, has built-in handles, and just the right size to carry around for all parties, with a very irresistible price tag. The set includes 2 folding tables and 6 ping pong balls, which comes in 2 different team colors. Compact, good design, small and lightweight, this is an amazing beer pong table to have on the go.

7. Zaap 8ft Tournament table

Zaap 8ft Tournament Size

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Anyone who is in the market for a tournament size beer pong table needs to have a look at the 8ft Zaap beer pong table. This table is made from durable material, with an aluminum frame and a tabletop coated with melamine that helps make it waterproof. This table is versatile as you can take with you on camping trips, picnics or just regular parties in general.

Not to mention, as with most great beer pong table, this one also easily folds for those who likes to take their beer pong on the go. The product dimension is 94.5 x 23.5 x 27.5in and weighs 19.5lbs and coming in at 23.5 x 6 x 23.5in when folded.

6. Versapong Portable Tailgate Game

 Versapong Portable

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Versapong decided to take a different approach in designing their beer pong table, as they’ve made it much more adjustable so anyone can enjoy beer pong. This table set comes with 2 racks, 2 tripods to hold the racks, which the height can be adjusted on, cup holders, 2 balls, and a padded backpack for carriage. These do not fold, but they are small, thus making them quite portable anyways, allowing you to take your beer pong anywhere such as house parties, the beach, picnic and more.

Setting up the Versapong is as simple as the game itself, so it shouldn’t be a problem for most people, but if anyone does run into problems, there is a manual that comes with the set. To prove the ultra-portability of this, the dimensions per unit is merely 15 x 6 x 15 inches and weighing only 1 pound.

5. The Pong Squad Beer Pong Table with Holes

The Pong Squad Bones

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At first glance, anyone who has ever played beer pong will know that this table is made for beer pong. With holes to hold cups on both ends of the table, this table allows people to start a beer pong game as easy as setting up a table, literally. Though big when unfolded 8’ x 2’ x 2.5’, the design of the table allows it to fold into 2’ x 2’ very easily, turning a huge table into a compact one that is easy to carry around.

Furthermore, the holes are protected by plastic rims to protect from damage. A great table for those who wants a long beer pong table.

4. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Table

Red Cup Pong

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This is one of those designs where it just makes people wonder why all beer pong tables weren’t made this way, to begin with, specifically, a beer opener. Of course, beer pong can’t be played without “beer” that is why the smart manufacturer of this product decided to sneak a beer opener built into it. Moreover, they even added a special ball holder at the bottom of the table that holds up to 6 balls.

Despite the long surface area of 8’ x 2’, it, like many of its competitors, is able to fold to a mere 2’ x 2’, fitting snuggly in the included carrying bag and due to the lightweight design, it makes it easier to carry around. The graphics on this table is very high quality, avoiding warps and also resistant to spills. The overall table is also built with sturdy lightweight materials.

3. GoPong 8foot Portable Beer Pong Tables

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer

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GoPong’s beer pong table is one of the best in its class. This table is 8 feet long, and having the official beer pong table size, it is one that is sought after by many beer pong enthusiasts. Not to mention, the table is constructed by high quality, durable materials, which is lightweight aluminum.

This product has a dimension of 8 feet x 2 feet x 27.5 inches, weighs in at 25lbs and is easily folded to fit into the carrying case. Resistant to spills because of the melamine coated surface. This set includes the table, a carrying case, and 6 beer pong balls. The GoPong table is a must have for any beer pong parties.

2. PartyPongTables Professional Table


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A luxurious design for those who leave beer pong and basketball at the same time. This table is made from durable aluminum body and has a stunning glossy graphic at the top, which is supposed to resemble the Los Angeles basketball court. This table is 8 feet with the dimension of 96 x 24 x 28 inches, weighs 26 pounds, and folds into a carrying case that it comes with. Underneath the table is the ball holder, which holds up to 6 balls.

When making the purchase, customers can choose to either have holes for holding cups in their table or just have a regular table. The design and aesthetic, especially to someone who is a Los Angeles Laker basketball fan, is irresistible. A very solid choice for room decoration as well as for parties.

1. PartyPongTables 8foot with LED Lights


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This company makes some of the best beer pong tables in the market as of now. This table set is an amazing choice for anyone who loves the game of beer pong. The tables can be customized with a large variety of graphics to suit any occasion or it can be totally teched-out by also having including waterproof LEDs on the sides of the table to liven the party nights. Choices of graphics can range from pre-designed graphics to customizable “dry erase” tabletops, but no matter the choice.

It is all made from high quality material that has been wax coated to be resistant to spills of any sort. The dimension of the product is 96 x 24 x 28 inches and weighs 26 pounds. One important feature of any good beer pong table is the portability and this table set can easily fold into 2’ x 2’ and fit into the custom hard case for easy carriage. Moreover, at the bottom of the table also includes a ball rack holding up to 6 balls and they even include 6 balls for customers.

Buying Guide For Beer Pong Tables


It is very important that customers purchase beer pong tables. Go for the ones that are easy to carry around on the go, so they can take the game anywhere they want. In this case, tables ought to be foldable as well as lightweight for ease of transport. If it comes with a carrying bag/case, that is a big plus


Another main concern when looking for a table to enjoy beer pong on is the material. Also, the overall build quality of the table is important as well. Users should look into buying tables that are well built using sturdy material such as aluminum. Don’t forget the tables that have a waterproof graphic coating for the longevity of functionality.


vary from the quality of the table. However, investing more in a good beer pong table that will last a long time and many parties and outdoor activities is much better than spending less than not getting fully what is needed. Thus, customers are expected to pay anywhere from 20-100 bucks depending on their usage. As for big parties, they are expected to spend more. As for just light activities, it’s okay to spend less and get a cheaper table.


Aesthetic plays an important role in setting up the mood of the party. So it’s best to find something that can fit into the occasion.


The official beer pong dimensions are 96″ x 24″′ x 27.5″. It is best to purchase a table closer to those dimensions for a more classic beer pong experience. If not, just buy whatever is more portable.


Feature acts as an added bonus. That ranges from whether it is foldable or not to the inclusion of other various small tools. Those include a ball rack and beer opener.


To sum up, having a beer pong table at each of your party is an absolute Go-To. That is because it boosts joy and excitement at the party. It simply makes the party that you are hosting even more memorable. Moreover, it is durable and sassy with their designs and sizes. What we reviewed above are popular due to its price, special features, and sizes. The choice is all yours.

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