Top 10 Best 32 Inch Smart TVs To Have In 2021 Review

Either you purchase a television for watching or playing games, you would always look for the best because a TV always has something to do with your eyesight. Getting a low quality one may possibly bring about so many drawbacks to your eyes. Moreover, some TVs do not perform well regardless of their high price. If you want to watch a movie or playing games with ease, you are highly recommended to look for smart TVs. As finding a suitable one is pretty difficult, our team has helped you by selecting worthy products for you to take a look at. Below is a list of top 10 best 32 inch smart TVs that go very well with different kinds of usage.

List Of Top 10 Best 32 Inch Smart TVs

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10. TCL 32S3800 Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 32S3800 32-Inch

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TCL 32S3800 is initially the first best 32 inch tv to introduce on our reviewing list. This technology comes with 720p resolution, which allows you to see any views from the screen with comfortable eyes. It provides no signs of wear as it is highly refurbished. Originally coming with a total dimension of 28.9″ x 17.1″ x 3.2″, it is ideal for placing inside a living room or a bedroom. Highly engineered with smart and advanced technology, this smart LED TV allows users to access up to 4,000 different channels if you use Roku TV.

TCL 32S3800 Roku Smart LED TV is also constructed with 60Hz power which allows for fast channel changing and other controlling functions. Besides, this TV comes with USB ports, headphone input, and 3 HDMI ports for ease of different using.

9. TCL 32S301 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 32S301 32-inch

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Another worthy product from TCL to introduce after is known as TCL 32S301 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV. This product has so far received so many good feedbacks from users. It is said to be easily done with the setup. Furthermore, the TV menu program is designed with a user-friendly experience, which allows users to control it at ease. As a plus on its large 32 inch screen, this HD TV also provides every channel with a clear view of 720p resolution.

On top of this, it offers up to 4000 streaming channels for you to watch. Thus, it allows you to enjoy watching up to 450,000 movies. What else to notice about this TV is that it also features many connecting ports including, USB port, headphone jack, HDMI ports, and more.

8. LG Electronics 32LJ550B Smart LED TV

LG Electronics

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This is one of the best 32 inch led tv that comes from the LG brand. Known as LG Electronics 32LJ550B Smart LED TV, it changes the way people watch movies into another new and smart way. This one has an overall dimension of 28.7″ x 17.2″ x 3.1″ which is suitable to locate in both bedroom and living room. The screen is 32 inches large, which you can see everything clearly. Thanks to its HD 720p high resolution, it offers a clear and cold view, which is good and safe for your eyes.

LG Electronics 32LJ550B Smart LED TV is highly built with direct-lit LED system which is a source of quality image producing. Also coming with smart functionality system, this smart TV allows you to connect to different famous applications via webOS 3.5.

7. Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch Smart LED TV

Samsung Electronics

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If you are looking for the best 32 inch tv for gaming that comes with a very simple design, we believe Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch Smart LED TV is what you need. This TV features 720p resolution, which offers a very precise and clear viewing experience. Adding on this, it is also built with moving picture resolution that moves up to rate 60, which means that it does not produce headaches or nausea at all during watching.

Thanks to a built-in backlighting technology, Samsung Electronic UN32M4500A 32-Inch Smart LED TV helps to produce a clearer picture that is perfect for bare eyes. Other than this, its processing speed is incredible. It allows you to control the menu programs very fast with no interruption at all.

6. Samsung UN65MU7000 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung Electronics

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Another good option to choose is the Samsung UN65MU7000 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. By using this smart TV, you will surely experience a great viewing of 4K color which is clear and cold on eyes. Thanks to this, every viewing would be shown with a very realistic color. The screen is also HD. Thus, you would get to feel something clearer, wider, and with better contrasting colors.

This one also comes with a remote control featuring user-friendly design. This allows users to control over all of the programs with convenience. Samsung UN65MU7000 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV also has a moving motion 120 rate which is suitable for fast-moving action movie and programs.

5. VIZIO 32 inch Smart LED TV


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VIZIO 32 Inch Smart LED TV is an HD 1080p tv that offers high quality viewing. This smart LED TV allows you to see all of your favorite channel programs with a large screening of 32 inches. Thanks to its Full-Array LED Backlight, it offers an equal distribution of light, which allows you to see your movie with beautiful lighting. What even special is that it has a built-in wifi connection that allows you to connect your TV with the internet and get access to different applications.

VIZIO 32 inch Smart LED TV is highly constructed with Clear Action 240 technology which improves fast-moving content and offers incredible experience to your watching. What is more, it comes with all of necessary ports that you need.

4. Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 1080p Smart TV

Samsung Electronics

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Another best LED TV full HD 32 inch to showcase next is Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 1080p Smart TV. As the name suggests, this smart TV screens everything on its 32 inch screen with HD and high resolution of 1080p. That way, you can totally watch everything with preciseness, clarity, and relaxation. Like the previous ones, this product also features wifi connection, which allows you to connect to your favorite applications and other social media for more watching options.

Beside, this smart tv comes with fast control-switching technology that helps you to switch from one channel or program to another with a very fast experience. With a motion rate 60 functionality, users would definitely enjoy watching any moving pictures with ease.

3. Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV

Sony KDL32W600D

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Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV is another perfect candidate for those who are looking for budget-friendly TVs. This one arrives with so many great benefits under a low budget, which is good to own. Being built-in HD, it offers outstanding clarity, great quality picture, and detail of HD throughout the screen. Together with 720p resolution, all you will experience is clarity and great contrast. More than that, it comes with LED backlighting that offers enough light source that is great for your eyesight.

Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV allows you to connect to various sources of internet through it wifi connection. That way, you can now have more options to watch your movies or tv series through different applications.

2. Samsung Electronics UN40MU6300 4K HD Smart TV

Samsung Electronics

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If you are looking for an ultra thin TV to place inside your bedroom, let us introduce you to Samsung Electronics UN40MU6300 4K HD Smart TV. Different from others, this one adopts dimming UHD technology that provides a suitable and realistic color to suit human eyesight. Furthermore, it features 4K resolution, which offers super clear pictures of all kinds of movies or tv series.

Thanks to its Motion Rate 120 power, it assists fast moving content and provides you with a satisfied result of your watching. Samsung Electronics UN40MU6300 4K HD Smart TV is also built with DTS premium sound presence to ensure high quality sound of your TV programs.

1. TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 49S405 49-Inch

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To every gamer, this is the best 32 inch gaming tv that comes from TCL brand name. This one offers a very large screen of 49 inches wide, which you can now conveniently watch everything in detail. Coupled with 4K ultra HD resolution, it always makes sure to provide every detail with clarity, top quality pictures, and cold images to either your gaming or movies. The contrasting color of this TV is also great. It is built just right to fit with eyesight and prevent any harm.

What is more, its Direct-lit LED technology provides a suitable and well-balanced brightness to ensure that every picture shown looks super-duper realistic. It is a smart TV that has an integrated wifi connection. Therefore, you can easily connect it to different apps for more entertaining options.


All in all, these are the best candidates when it comes to looking for large screen 32 inch smart TVs for multiple applications. Not only do they have wider screen, the performance of these 32 inch smart TVs is irresistible. Thus, if you are about to pick any of them from the list, you would definitely love it from the very first touch.

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