Top 10 Best Airbrush Compressors In 2021 Review & Buying Guide

Creative people, artists, or hobbyists have so much love for airbrush compressors. It is what helps them achieve the perfect masterpiece whether it is about making designs on cars, walls or cakes. To aid you in selecting only the best, our team has done the hardwork for you and researched for the best selling products on today’s market. In this article, we are looking into the top 10 best airbrush compressors reviews in 2021 and exploring what these goodies have to offer.

List Of Top 10 Best Airbrush Compressors Reviews In 2021

10. Iwata-Medea Studio Sprint Jet Airbrush Compressor

Iwata-Medea Studio Series

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Coming up first in the airbush compressor list today, Iwata-Medea Studio Series introduces the 6.2 x 8.7 x 2.2 inches that can operate in an impressive way. First of all, this airbrush compressor with tank is highly recommended for the energy saving purpose. This product can perform its function well whether it is for occasional or professional use.

You can easily adjust the airflow the way you want as well. For eliminating pulsation, this product is attached with the moisture filet. For your information, the pressure given by this product is of 1-35 PSI.

9. Airbrush Compressor by AW PRO

aw pro

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AW Pro is another ultimate option you should try. The air compressor is basically made of many premium materials combined which allows it to lasts longer than other regular products. The product features the shape of twin cylinder which is never outdated in this year and every year ahead. Nicely polished with anti stain as well as corrosion free, it remains new and good looking.

Furthermore, this machine comes up with an air tank that is able to hold up to 3.5 liters or 1 gallon. What is more to this item is that it has a precision forged piston rings that amazingly pumps with power. With the assistance of ⅓ horsepower, it tends to always provides strong air volume and pressure to your work. Thereby, allowing you to finish your airbrush pressure related tasks with less time-consuming and convenience.

Aw Pro airbrush compressor always produces low noise which never distract you and people around from concentrating at all. This is also a product with two power mode functions that makes every task work brilliantly. With its new technology of auto stop/start functionality, users is able to save a lot of power and energy once it is not in use. It also cuts down the chance of heat built up which makes this machine to work without any interference.

8. Master Airbrush Complete System

Master Airbrush Complete System

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Master Airbrush Complete System, another set of the incredible product, has the total dimension of 14.9 x 12.5 x 6.9 inches. Since we believe that the more the better, this set comes with 2 airbrushed, air compressor, along with other accessories. This master airbrush compressor is what you need for your project as it will offer the desirable result.

You can have the full control over this product as well. The good news for all the purchasers is that the item is backed by a 2-year warranty. With both great features and trustable warranty, there is nothing more to worry about.

7. Master Airbrush Depot Airbrush Compressor

Airbrush Depot TC-20T AIRBRUSH

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The next airbrush compressor is brought to you by Master Airbrush. Unlike any other model, this awesome one is built-in with the water trap and regulator. The next thing that you should notice about it is the high-performance offered by this airbrush pump. It offers the enough air and pressure that can ease the painting process.

For safety purpose, this product can automatically shut off while the pressure reaches 60 PSI. This one has the total size of 13.4 x 6 x 13.8 inches, and it guarantees to work quietly. The 2-year warranty is given.

6. Master Airbrush Siphon Feed Airbrushing System

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Our next pick for best airbrush compressor has a lot of great usages that put it in our list today. This master airbrush is the professional product that can be used for various applications. It is attached with the hose, allowing you to paint comfortably. This user-friendly product is designed with the resistant nozzle so the quality of it can last for a long time.

No matter you are an inexperienced or professional user, getting this set will do you a favor. The size of this airbrush compressue is 12.2 x 6.9 x 15.2 inches while the air pressure given is high too. Get this product today and enjoy the warranty that it offers.

5. Badger Air-Brush Co. TC910 Aspire Pro Compressor

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If you’re browsing for the top-quality airbrush machine that is of easy to use, take a look at our budget pick from Badger Air-Brush Co. With the total size of 16.5 x 6.8 x 14.5 inches, TC910 Aspire Pro Compressor has received many great reviews on the features that it provides. It is the lightweight product so you can carry it around from place to place easily.

You can have the full control over the airflow and the pressure given too. Unlike competitive products, it is designed with the 3 litter tank. The maximum pressure that it provides is 57 PSI. Order this product and enjoy its 1-year warranty.

4. Air Compressor by Master Airbrush

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Master Airbrush is a quiet compressor that is built-in with the filter. The size of this airbrush pressure regulator is 12.7 x 6.9 x 14.8 inches. This model is a user-friendly product since it can work well with multi applications. It is also attached with the handle that adds the convenience when you need to carry it around.

This air compressor is well-known to be the high quality one; plus, it is very safe to use as well. This pretty lightweight product has the auto shut-down features when it reaches the highest pressure.

3. Master Airbrush Compressor

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Another great choice for the best airbush compressor offered at an affordable price is here. Master Airbrush Compressor is the model that built-in with the water trap and the regulator. Both of it can ease the comfort when you are performing the task. Since it is the powerful product, the result that it product is the desirable one.

It is also well recognized as a user-friendly item due to the fact that it is thoroughly designed with the handle. If you wish to carry it around, this product is highly recommended. The package of this product comes with the 6 foot hose.

2. Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Airbrushing System

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose

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When talking about compressors for airbrusing, this multi-purpose Master Airbrush one of the top choices if you are browsing for lightweight one. First off, the size of this product is 12.5 x 7 x 15 inches. There are many great features that this superb product carries; next, it is also one of the best-selling products in the market.

The hose of has the length of 6 inches, which is the right length for using in the narrow places. More than this, you can get up to 3 different airbrushes too. Please be noted that the incredible set comes with the warranty that last for 1 year.

1. Quiet Tank Compressor by Master Airbrush


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The top product in the list goes to one of the TCP Global products which is well known as a durable and quiet product. It comes with a lot of benefits such as the tank compressor and the guide book. With the exclusive guidebook and the high-performing airbrush compressor, you bet that you can complete your project well.

The total size of the product is 13.8 x 13.2 x 6 inches. Please be noted that you have peace of mind with this item knowing that it is backed by 2-warranty.

Buying Guides For Airbrush Compressors

Since airbrush compressors are never going to be a cheap stuff to buy, buyers should always look up for some recommendation or what you should consider before purchasing it. This also allows you to have some ideas in mind to choose the right airbrush compressors and avoid wasting money buying the wrong one.

Item weight:

Some people may look for other points before they buy airbrush compressors. However, one thing they should not miss when they are about to get an airbrush compressor is to check the item weight. Buying a heavy product might do no good to your usage at all, especially when you tend to move from place to place. Therefore, getting lightweight airbrush compressors give you freedom to move around your site work. Thankfully, all of the products being highlighted in our review weighs very slightly which are totally the best options to choose.


Next, it is about size. If you want to get it right for your usage, you need to know the right size of airbrush compressor that perfectly fits your kinds of works. For example, if you need airbrush compressors for home DIY works, you are highly recommended to get the ones coming with very compact size on top of its lightweight feature. This is because a compact product may take very little floor space of your house and enable you to move it with ease. Other than that, it is also perfect for those who works with different sites as it is easy to transport.


Portability is also incorporated with two points above. Airbrush compressors that are portable usually features lightweight and compact size. However, some products may come with other advantages which include ergonomic handles or wheels. This will always make it easy for users to move your airbrush compressors from near to far places without any worries.

Auto start and stop system:

Why is auto start and stop system important and should be something to look for when buying an airbrush compressor? The reason is that with this feature, users can use the product with higher safety and with less energy spent. When it is auto shut off, it means that when the using hits over pressuring stage, the operation will be cut off to ensure that they will be no harm to the work. Moreover, it also helps to save a lot of energy that could be wasted once you no longer use it.


The larger the horsepower, the better, quicker, and more powerful an airbrush compressor performs. All of the products featuring in this review comes with 1, ½, ⅓, ⅕ horsepower motors that can perform their works incredibly. With this strong horsepower, it helps pumps air evenly which is perfect for your art and painting works.

Tank capacity:

Choosing the right tank capacity for your jobs allows you to get good result. Why is it so? It is because you may not want to always refill the tank during your works and also waste excessive amount of painting oil as well. That is why, you need to decide whether you should get a large tank capacity or just a small one is enough for you. In the article above, we have brought good products that comes with a variety of tank capacity for you to choose. So you now have more choice to choose for your needs and requirements.

Noise volume:

It does not matter if you totally use airbrush compressor that makes so much noise in your work site or construction site. However, if you need to use it for home DIY, the volume of noise should also be considered in this case. The products we are bringing to you mostly come with noise volume before 50 dbs which is totally silent once the operation kicks in. Hence, no matter where you work, these products do all good.

Level of pressure:

Without a strong pressure, your airbrush compressor is not considered as a good quality product at all. In this case, we highly recommended you to choose an airbrush compressor which higher pressure. This is because it can help you finish all of your works fast with even painting on the wall.

Energy consumption:

Out of all the point, this one should also be taken into account for those who love to save energy. Using something with really high energy consumption can be bad as you need to spend extra bucks on electricity bill. On top of that, some products may consume very high amount of energy that may not enable it to work smoothly either.

Hose length:

Normally, users always confront with hose length problem as it usually comes with a very short length. This makes it difficult for users to plug it in with their electricity outlets. Especially, for those whose works require to make a lot of moves, this is literally a problem. That is the reasons why we are only bringing you every airbrush compressor featuring long hose that allows you to have greater freedom plug it in from long distance.

Number of piston:

Now, it comes to thinking of number of piston. Generally, airbrush compressors come with two types of piston: single and dual pistons. But you need to know both advantages and disadvantages of them. For single piston airbrush compressor, it is an ideal choice for people who want the operation to turn out quiet. However, it may product lower pressure which might slow down your work process. But if you are only using it for home DIY, it is not a matter at all. For double piston, it is best for people whose works always involve with bigger amount of painting like wall art creation, car painting, building painting and stuffs. This is because it provides higher pressure to your works which enable them to get done faster. However, airbrush compressor with dual piston may produce overheating, can be a lot noiser during operation.


Choosing the right voltage of your airbrush compressor is very essential. When you do not buy the one that comes with standard voltage, you may have problems plugging it directly to the outlet or most of the time, you may need an adaptor which is really complicated. Thus, you are suggested to observe the right voltage that is between 110-120V to ensure it works safely and perfectly with your standard electricity outlet. All of the airbrush compressor in the review are good to use with standard outlet because their voltage is between 110-120. Some of the products also come with additional adaptor in case you need to plug it with higher voltage outlet or so.

Purchasing warranty:

Last but not least, purchasing warranty should also be something that users can take advantage of. Do not ignore this little thing because when your airbrush compressor has any problems, it can always give you benefit from having warranty. Most of the products we mentioned in this article come with purchasing warranty for 1 years, 2 years, and some are up to 3 years. This means that the machines can be used for even longer period above the warranty.

How to Use Airbrush Compressors

Step 1- add some drops of color to the airbrush: all you need to do in this stage is to plug in the machine. After, you may want to remove the lid and drop some amount of color that you think desirable to your works into the airbrush. Then, just put back the lid tightly on the airbrush.

Step 2 – Switch the starting button: the next step requires you to switch on the machine by pressing the starting button. Once you press it on, there will be a noise which means that the airbrush is starting to work. It is important to make sure that users should control on the airflow by turning on the knob available on the airbrush. This is to ensure an evenly painting action. The stronger you turn the knob, the darker the painting will be.

Step 3 – when finish, remove any excess amount of color from the airbrush tank: once you think you are finished with the jobs, you can remove any left over ink of color from the airbrush tank. Users can spill it out or use tissue to dip the leftover out. To further take care of your airbrush compressor, users can also use a cleaning water to remove the ink so that it does not leave out stains. Users can as well use small brush to clean over the tank to make sure there is no more ink sticking on the tank. Then, pull out the cleaning water and start the machine, do the compressing until the air no more provides color to the painting action. Finally, simply unplug the cord and prepare your airbrush compressor for storage.


There are many durable and high-quality airbrush compressors that we have highlighted; we bet that you have found the ideal one that you are interested in. With any of these products mentioned above, painting task is no longer a problem. Since these products are different in features and size; hopefully, you can get the right one that suits your need most.

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