Top 10 Best Art Sets Review in 2021

For artists, the quest for art sets just never ends. Are you here looking for art sets as well? With so many brands available on the market right now, purchasing the right product is hard. We are here to solve your problem by presenting to you a list of top 10 best art sets of the year. Some are designed for adults; some are suitable for kids. Let’s sift through the article and see which product you wish to get for working with your creative ideas.

List Of Top 10 Best Art Sets

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10. Multiple Paints Set With Wooden Box by Royal Langnickel

Royal Langnickel

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If you are currently looking for a gift for your beloved kids, the artist is set from Royal & Langnickel is indeed a superb choice. This is a full set of everything the kids can find in order to develop their artistic ideas. This incredible set comes in the adorable wooden box; so you can organize and keep it safe all the time. The set of this product comes with all types of paints. There are oil paint, watercolor, acrylic, paper sheets and more.

It aims to offer extra convenience for users of all ages; this way, you will surely have everything in the box. Adding to that, the box is well designed to have 2 drawers and the lid. The size of the box is 15.8 x 6.2 x 11.4 inches; therefore, you can bring it along with ease.

9. High Quality Art Set by US Art Supply

US Art Supply

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US Art Supply makes their way to our list today by introducing this superb art supply that includes everything you need. First of all, this art set with easel is thoroughly designed to have a size of 9.6 x 2.1 x 17.5 inches. For ensuring the comfort of the users in carrying this awesome set around, the box is attached to the handle.

Better than other choices, the box is made from wood; therefore, it can keep your art tools safe for a long time. Next, this art set comes with everything you need to present your artistic idea. There is the full set of various types of paint, ranging from the watercolor, acrylic, graphite pencils, brushes and more. With only this set, we guarantee that you will never need to get any more painting tools.

8. Compact & Portable Art Set by Falling In Art

Falling in Art Acrylic

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It is a must to get the full art set for convenience in completing your task. This is a portable art set that comes with various incredible tools. Better than other choices, it is attached to a painting table, allowing you to sketch and paint whenever your idea pops up. It is also good to notice that the full set of this superb box includes everything you need, such as acrylic colors, canvas panels, Nylon brushes, and more.

Last but not least, both plastic and wooden palette come along in the package as well. In terms of the quality, let us ensure you that those are the high-quality products. The full dimension of the box is 14 x 10.9 x 3.1 inches.

7. Versatile Art Supply Set by Studio 71

Darice 126 Piece

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As one of Studio 71 products, this art set comes with everything you need for your artwork. There are over 126 art supplies you can find in this package. The carrying case of it is well designed from aluminum. It is great for keeping all the art supplies safe even when you are using it for a long time. The design of the tray allows you to access to the paints and drawing supplies easily too.

With only this incredible set, you will sure to never run out of art tools. For your information, the drawing supplies are colored pencils, watercolor, oil pastels and more. If you are looking for the right gift for the artist, this one is highly recommended.

6. Convenient Full Art Tool Set by Art 101

Art 101 Kids

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The next product that you are going to hear from us now is an awesome art set that has a size of 12.2 x 2.5 x 16 inches. For the convenience of the user, this product is also designed to have a carry case. It is the right way to keep art tools safe and well organized. Adding to that, the set uses a variety of bright colors in order to get the kids’ attention. As parents, you should really consider getting this for the kids as it can also inspire them to be more creative.

The full set of this art tools comes with everything the artist needs, so it is highly recommended for the user of all level. If we sneak peek at what are inside the box, those are crayon, oil pastels, watercolor and more.

5. Sketching Art Set by Free Hand

XL Drawing Set

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We have spotted another incredible art set from the reputable brand, Free Hand. This set is specially made for sketching, drawing and painting. For offering extra convenience for the user, it is the set which is perfect for the professional artists, adults and kids. For ensuring that you get only the best product to use, all the art tools are guaranteed to be the high-quality ones.

There are even multiple pencil types found in the package too. This way, you will be able to find the right pencil for your drawing task. We believe that you will sure to love the special design of it. The case is perfect for carrying around when you do the outdoor painting. Please be noted that there is a 100-page drawing pad given.

4. Premium Watercolor Pencil Set by Castle Art Supplies

 Castle Art Supplies

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Getting the right art tool for the kids is the right way to inspire your kids to explore their creativity. This is the best watercolor pencils set from Castle Art Supplies. This product is highly recommended for both amateurs and professional artists. With this amazing watercolor set, right now, you can enjoy painting with less effort. It is better than other choices since it will not create any mess on the paper.

There are various colors you can find in this set, so you will sure to satisfy with the result of your artwork. The materials used for producing this set is extremely safe to use; it is free from harmful chemicals. Don’t wait any longer, get this 8 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches watercolor pencil set for yourself and your beloved ones today.

3. Inspiration Art Case by Crayola

Crayola 140

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Coming up next, this is the Rainbow Inspiration Art Case from Crayola. This product is known to be the right choice for the kids whose ages are from 4 years old up. This package includes everything the kids need for doing their creative work. This coloring supply comes with 64 crayons, 40 markers, 20 pencils, and another 15 paper sheets.

The carrying art case allows the kids to take it along everywhere they go with ease. The set of it offers the kids everything they need. It is a wise choice to get this for your beloved kids. If you are looking for the right art sets gift for any special occasion, this one is indeed the ideal choice to choose from. The full dimension of this product is 2.2 x 15.5 x 11 inches.

2. Drawing & Painting Art Set by LUCKY CROWN

143 Piece Deluxe Art

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This product has many awesome points that are sure to capture your heart. As one of LUCKY CROWN products, the full set of it comes with 143 pieces of art tool. It is a high quality product that comes with everything the artist needs for drawing and painting. There are many tools included in the set; therefore, it is an excellent choice for both kids and adults.

With various art tools given, it is the right platform to let the creativity runs wild. This product is a great gift for those who are talented in art. Please be noted that there are many products found in the set and those include watercolor, sandpaper, pencils, crayon, brush and more. Last but not least, the full dimension of this art case is 14.8 x 9.3 x 3 inches.

1. Art Supplies Set With Durable Wooden Box by Cool Bank

Piece Deluxe Art

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Coming as the last product on the list, it aims to give you the best at an affordable price. First of all, this product is known to be one of Cool Bank products. There are more than 100 art supplies found in this set; therefore, you will never run out of what to use. The case is well designed from the wood, so it is very durable and elegant. You will be sure to find all the essential tools in the set.

More than just giving you a variety of art sets, it cares about the safety of the user too. As an illustration, the materials found in this product is free from toxic. We can also assure you that it is safe for both the kids and adults. This gorgeous art set has a size of 15 x 9.3 x 4.2 inches.

Bonus – Quick Dry Oil-Based Paint Markers

Quick Dry Oil-Based Paint Markers

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By: Paint Mark

Customizing your own arts on various items is very easy with the help from paint markers. This is a set of super versatile paint markers that offers you various uses and designs for your projects. We like the fact that these markers allow you to use on pretty much any surfaces you want. That includes ceramics, wood, canvas, stone, glass, and many more. These markers use permanent brushes which don’t fade or lose its color at all even after years. In fact, these paint markers are resistant to fading, smearing, physical, wear, and water.

There are 15 vibrant colors in this set, and each of them is very common in most arts and crafts. These markers dry fast, and the results of your masterpiece will always be there on the surfaces you work on. The best part is that you can even use them on industrial work as well, which is super cool. Not to mention that their odor is not too strong, you can work close to the markers with great comfort. There is also another option that includes 20 markers in the pack in case you prefer more colors.

In Summary:
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Works great on any surfaces
  • Vibrant and long lasting colors
  • All-weather resistant and quick drying
  • Resistant to fading, smearing, water, and more

Bonus – Portable Electric Pencil Sharpener

Portable Electric Pencil Sharpener

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By: Officeline

Comes with compact design, this electric pencil sharpener is ultra-portable which you can easily slip in your bag and take anywhere. The thing that we like about this electric pencil sharpener is its incredible performance along with safety. It comes with the premium stainless steel helical blade, which is much more durable and sharper. You can use it to sharpen one pencil after another, and the result is always a flawless uniform fine point. This pencil sharpener is ideal for colored pencils, golf pencils, drafting pencils, and more.

On top of that, it is also super safe to use as well. This tool comes with the auto-stop blade operation that stops automatically when the pencil is sharpened. At the same time, it will not work if the shaving tray is opened during sharpening. It is very easy and efficient to use, and its ergonomic features make it super convenient for you. Plus, with its quiet operation, this option is simply among the best to have. You should have a look, many users really like this electric pencil sharpener.

In Summary:
  • Compact and portable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Heavy duty shavings reservoir
  • Auto-stop blade operation function
  • Premium stainless steel helical blade

Bonus – Assorted Colors Push Pin Magnets

Assorted Colors Push Pin Magnets

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By: Power Pins

Why tacks when push pin magnets can work so much better and safer? This is a pack of high-quality push pin magnets that you can use anywhere from school and workplace to home and more. The pack contains 50 magnets, and there are 4 different colors that you can use for various projects. The awesome thing is that each magnet alone can hold up to 11 pieces of paper, which is simply great. It does not push holes into the paper and wall, and it is so convenient to use.

All the magnets are bright and vivid in colors, which is easy to use and notice. Also, they work great on any metal surfaces like fridge, whiteboard, and many more. The best part is that you can even hang your key on them, and they can hold up really well. These super cool magnets come in a compact box for easy storage and use. These push pin magnets are strong and very easy to use, and they receive 5 stars reviews from almost everyone. Cute and high quality, this option will not let you down.

In Summary:
  • Strong and heavy duty
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Work on any metal surfaces
  • Comes with 4 bright and vivid colors


With this list above, have you found the right art sets for yourself yet? These art sets picks are also known to be the right choices for gifting anyone who needs to express their creativity. If you like any art sets here, don’t wait too long since these products are the hot selling items.

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