Top 10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders In 2021 Review

As a busy pet owner, you still want your pet to stay healthy and eat at a specific time since you might get home late from work unexpectedly. With automatic cat feeders, you will be at peace knowing that your pets are on a nutrition schedule. This is a list of top 10 best automatic cat feeders reviews to help you out. Read on to find out the right feeder for your cats and/or dogs.

List Of Top 10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders In 2021

10. Automatic Cat Feeder – Food Dispenser For Cats

Automatic Cat Feeder

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First off, this automatic cat feeder from Petdiary helps your pet to have a consistent dietary plan. It allows you to store 2.8L food inside the removable food tank, makes it easy to clean as well as a long time to refill. And, there is also a removable food tray (dishwasher-safe). The lid is secure tightly with screw as pets tend to steal food from normal containers easily, and a non-slip mat makes the feeder solid, prevent from falling.

You can control your feeder anytime and anywhere from your smartphone, with programs like 1-6 per meals a day and dispense from 1-5 portions (12ml/portion)

9. Crown Majestic Platinum Series Dog & Cat Automatic Pet Feeder

Crown Majestic Platinum Series

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Crown majestic auto cat feeder has up to 4 times flexible feeding times per day, so your pet will not be starved. It’s easy to get started with the pet feeder, programming your feeding times is only a few clicks away with flexible feeding schedules. It also has the flexibility by keeping each meal in portions. Designed to use with all types of Dry kibble and can be powered by 4AA batteries or the supplied power adapter.

You can always switch between the power sources as a backup. For your pet’s safety, the automatic cat feeder is constructed with friendly Abs material and stainless steel. Also, there is a removable unit as well.

8. PETAMO Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic Cat Feeder

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With this smart feeder, you can feed your pet an additional time anywhere with the application. Remotely set time to feed your pet automatically or manually feeding your mobile instantly. It has food measurements ranging from 10 to 100grams per serving. But, you can cater the meal to your pet’s specific dietary needs.

It is only suitable for dry food and food should be within an inch. A smart feeder will devise an appropriate feeding schedule to ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of the right food at the right time. However, you can personalize food portions and automate your pet’s meal schedule too.

7. WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder

WOpet 7L Pet Feeder

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WOpet automatic pet feeder is great for portion control and establishing eating routines. You can now conveniently feed your pet, whether you’re home or away. It can feed your pet according to the time and quantity you preset. It can last to 4 days and be programmed to open 4 different times.

Set up 4 daily distribution alarms, by picking your portion size and unity dispenses dry meals. It dispenses from 1-39 portions per meal. And, it runs on 3 D batteries or DC power cable that comes with it.

6. Amzdeal Automatic Cat Feeder

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This auto cat feeder provides a flexible amount from 1 to 39 portions per meal (5g/portion) allows giving 4 meals a day. You can set the food amount by the control panel. This cat feeder can record your voice for 12seconds to call pets for meal. It’s a safe product for your pets; bring your pet happy feeding experience. You just need to adjust the program for the first time using it; it will memorize the setting mode in your last use.

You will be satisfied with its smart function. The food dispenser applies advanced infrared detection technology to prevent food from spilling and stuck in the hole.

5. 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

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The 6L capacity provides up to 4 meals a day with each meal dispense from 1-39 portions (each portion is around 10-12g). You can adjust the portion size and unit dispenses dry meals. The built-in voice recorder and speaker, allows you to record your voice in 10 seconds to call your pet when it’s meal time.

This system can fit any different shapes of dry food, but the food cannot be exceeding (1x1cm). Otherwise, the food may be stuck in the hole. It requires D batteries (not included) 3 pieces or USB power.

4. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic

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You can control this smart feeder using your smartphones and keep track of your pets’ meal. You can set up to 12 meals to meal schedule and the feed now option allows you to feed your pet outside normal feeding times. Furthermore, the slow feed option allows the food to dispense slowly over a 15 minute period. Meals can be dispensed from 1/8 to 4 cups for your pet’s feeding needs. For convenient cleaning, lid, hopper, bowl and bowl holder are top-shelf dishwasher-safe.

It is made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. Also, the lid is secure tightly to prevent food sneaking. The power adapter is included and operated with an optional battery backup (requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries.

3. OUTAD Automatic Pet Feeder With Voice Recording

OUTAD 5.5L Automatic Pet

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OUTAD programmable pet feeder has a large LCD control panel that is simple to set and read. It displayed the current time, meals programmed, meal size and meals served. The food compartment is see-through and tight enough to keep foods dry and fresh. Also, this best cat feeder is made from ABS plastic materials, which make it resistant to impact and heat.

As it is see-through, you can tell when to refill, just remove the lid and refill up to 5.5L. You can record voice recall to call your pet when it is meal time. The feeder is easy to clean, with just warm soapy water and a cloth.

2. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser For Pets

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

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This automatic food dispenser makes feeding hassle-free for pets’ dietary health and wellbeing. It is one of the best automatic feeders for cats that could dispense from 1-10 portions per meal, each portion is 24ml and can be set up to 4 daily distribution alarms; just simply pick your portion size and unit dispenses dry meals. The magnetic lock lid has a blue light-up LCD clock and displays for easily adjustable settings.

This timed pet feeder runs on 3 D batteries or DC power (included inside the package) cable to the outlet. The 1.14gal capacity feeder is fully customizable, so it’s great for the entire animal family.

1. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder


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Lastly, it is an automatic cat feeder from PetSafe, which has a digital timer program up to 12 meals a day with flexible meal portions from 1/8 cups up to 4 cups. One of the special features is the anti-jam conveyor system dispenses dry and semi-moist foods of different shapes and sizes. The hopper is capable of holding 24 cups of dry food, while the bowl (stainless steel, which is more hygienic than plastic ones) holds 5 cups of food.

And, this pet-proof dispenser helps keep out praying paws and locking lid helps to keep food fresh and secure. For cleaning, you can disassemble some parts, which are dishwasher safe.


We hope this list of the top 10 best automatic cat feeders helps you answer to your problem to pick the right feeder. Not only will it be useful when you’re away from home during feeding time; moreover, it’s a good choice for your pet if it’s on a restricted diet for weight loss and health in general. So, get one to assist your busy lifestyle.

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