Best Automatic Dish Washer Detergents Review – Buyers’ Guide

The sophistication of technology nowadays allows humans to invent and innovate a lot of brilliant tools. The tools that could help really help us in many ways throughout our daily lives. One of the inventions that we want to talk about is an automatic dish washer.

Especially to families or businesses that are quite busy, hiring a person to wash the dishes can somehow be costly, using an automatic dish washer could actually ease such concerns. However, it is essential that you use good quality dish washer detergents as then it helps to remove all the dirt and oil left on dishes.

We compiled a list of all highly reviewed automatic dish washer detergents, so you can take a look about their benefits and decide for the right one for yourself.

List Of Top 10 Best Automatic Dish Washer Detergents In 2021

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10. Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pod by Grab Green

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First one on the list, we have one of the all-time popular automatic dish washer detergents, Grab Green. This fragrance-free dishwashing detergent pod is free of dyes and fragrance, leaving the dish no smell or chemical substance left that could affect your health when using. It is super easy to use or store; without worrying about hassling because it has the tough zip closure that you can slide open or close when you need to.

This detergent cleans your dish very well, leaving it to shine and spot-free. When washing, you can just pre-measure the powder pod and let it perform the job by itself. The amount of detergent in the pouch is also a lot that you can use for many dish washing sessions.

9. Automatic Dishwasher Detergent by Presto

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On the top 9th in the list, we have another famous brands, Presto. Similar to the previous one, Presto is any great quality dish washer detergent that does not use dyes or fragrance as its ingredients for a mixture. Instead, 78% of is overall formula derives from premium biodegradable cleaning formula in order to kick off the stubborn foods or stains for a brilliant shine.

Also, it’s important that you know there are some dish washer detergent companies are involved with testing the products on animals during the development process, which could possibly harm those innocent animals. For Presto, none of this has ever happened at all, so you can feel safe and happy using this knowing there was no animal cruelty occur by the brand.

Finally, with the purchase of Presto, there is the satisfaction guarantee; that is, within a year time, if you are not satisfied with Presto’s dish washer detergent, you can always contact the team to refund your full cash.

8. Fragrance Free Dishwashing Detergent by Grab Green

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Another well-performing dish washing detergent is from Grab Green again. As you may already be aware of its special point from the previous top 10th, this Grab Green does even more great works. The perfect zip closure protects the detergent from spilling and hassling caused by a typical zip closure.

Moreover, with only a scoop of this Grab Green powder detergent, it will perform the miracle to you, removing every single spot from your dishes, giving a newly-like dishes for you every day.

Also, because Grab Green detergent are not using any of the harmful chemical as its ingredients instead of all the naturally-derived components, it is super safe; not only to you and your family, but also to the planet.

7. Natural Dishwasher Detergent by Puracy

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Standing as top 7th in the list, it is always so exciting to introduce Puracy. This brand has been known for its achievement in developing a lot of high-performance washing materials, from body, hand, to dishes. Using the 3rd generation formula that carefully developed by professional and highly skilled chemists with more than 2 decade experiences, this Puracy dish washer detergent uses an advanced plant-derived enzyme that is known for its ability to take down all the stubborn foods and dirty stained on the dishes.

You do not need to pre-soak it in the detergent in advance. All you have to do is pre-measure it in a cup and pour it to the automatic dishwasher. The mineral-based water softeners in the detergent will leave your dish crystal clear and shiny. Such results perform on any type of material, such as porcelain, metals, silicones and many more.

6. Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Pack by Finish

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Another favorite automatic dish washer detergent that millions of users can’t stop loving is Finsih Powerball Tabs Mega Pack. This world’s recommended dish washer detergent brands are known for their concentrated cleaning power that is capable of removing all the tough stain, like a long-leftover cup from coffee or tea.

With Finish Powerball Tabs, there is no need to soak or rinse the dishes in advance; it is a one-time cleanup. Besides, Finish can also help to prevent any white spot/film/residue that usually deposits because of hard water.

Moreover, it is very easy to use; no steps requirement. You just have to pour the detergent into a pre-measure cup, and put it in the automatic dish washer. It’s completely harmless and no fragrance smell on your dishes.

5. Ultimate Clean Dishwasher Detergent by Member’s Mark

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At the top 5th, here we have Member’s Mark, which one of the highly-rated dish washers on every review. The latest generation formula of Member’s Mark has put into development this automatic dish washer detergent into presence.

It performs very well with cleaning and removing the most dried, stuck-on foods that can downgrade the look of your kitchen accessories. Also, it helps to eliminate the need to pre-wash the dish before putting into the automatic dish washer, which is also opposite to the original purpose of getting one.

The packaging is super unique, separating a certain amount into each 105 pcs in a transparent box. It is super easy to store or use, even if you don’t have the measurement cup. All you have to do is to determine the amount of dish that you are going to clean, and tears 1 or 2 pcs to the machine and you are good to go.

4. Automatic Dishwashing Powder by BioKleen

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Next on the list, we have BioKleen. Now, in terms of packaging, it is put in a bottle that needs some pressure to open. It’s important because then you can feel safe knowing your kids won’t be able to open and play with it, which could potentially harm their safety. In terms of the ingredients for it, BioKleen is made from the natural substance, making this dish washer detergent very safe to use as it leaves no toxic chemicals on your dishes and other kitchenware.

Instead, it uses the natural oxygen bleach to effectively clean all the mess. Besides, the texture of Biokleen is super concentrated; three time better than typical dishwasher. You can actually use up to 64 loads per bottle of Biokleen.

3. Automatic Dishwasher Detergent by Cascade

Cascade Complete Gel

Standing at the top 3rd, here we have another famous automatic dish washer detergent brand, Cascade. For many years, Cascade has been the top-recommended dish washing detergent in North America. Its long known strength lies in the capability that it cleans all the tough food-cleaning ingredients like coffee, tea, or leftover dishes from a long time ago.

Cascade is made of all the natural ingredient that is safe for using while it can perform the cleaning incredibly. Now, it is worth noticing that although Cascade is perfect for cleaning your kitchen appliances, it should not be used on any clothing like silk, fabric, rubber and many more. For the best performance, please only maintain your using scope to only with dishes, glassware, or pod.

2. Complete Dishwasher Detergent by Cascade

Cascade Complete

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Another dish washing detergent that guarantees sparkles finish on your dish is yet again from Cascade. It has the fresh scent, not really to make your dishes smell weird but to actually make it bad smell like from oil or leftover food that can appear to be gross to your nose.

In terms of its cleaning capability, Cascade unquestionably performs very well, with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. Moreover, it can also rinse away any residues that disrupt the look of your dishes. With a bottle of this Cascade, you can clean up to 78 sessions, so it’s very worth your money spending on such high quality detergent.

Also, because it uses no harmful chemical ingredient, you do not have to worry if it can leave any toxic substance that can be dangerous when you are using it with the food.

1. Automatic Dish Washing Detergent by Lemi Shine

Lemi Shine Booster

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Last but definitely not least, the best automatic dish washing detergent that is outperforming the other brands in many points, Lemi Shine. Used by millions from all over the world, Lemi Shine comes with 3 packs in 1 package. Each 12-ounce pack has designed to be slim, easy to hold around, preventing hassling from falling off when carrying it.

When comparing its cleaning performance, not even a single stain could resist sticking on your dish or glassware because Lemi Shine can actually balance PH level caused by hard water and other minerals; hence, it removes all those stains very effectively without you pre-rinsing or pre-soaking it before putting into the automatic dish washing machine.

Besides, using all-natural ingredients that derive from vegetables and non-toxic chemicals, Lemi Shine is super safe to use on your dishes and other kitchenware. Get your dishes and glassware super shining and clean with Lemi Shine. You will know why people so faithfully love it.

Buying Guide: What is the best automatic dish washer detergents?

Now, as you are already aware of all the top leading brands for automatic dish washer detergents, you may want to start shopping one for yourself already. However, we also prepare some guides to help you choose the best automatic dish washer detergents. Below are a few tips that you can use to consider when purchasing the best dish washer detergent for your needs:


How well detergents can clean and how safe it is to use one is usually concerned with the ingredients that are involved in the mixture. As dishes or glassware usually can be in contact with your body directly when putting the food or pouring the drink in, you will have to make sure that those kinds of stuff do not have any harmful substance is sticking on it, and one of that is from washing detergent.

For some detergent available on the market, particularly the unqualified ones, it is very common that they include a chemical substance for quick bleaching or some dye to the mixture. That could easily result in having them substance stuck on the dishes and other stuff if not properly rinse, and it is very dangerous when you consume it to eat food, so you need to look for any detergent that is free from those toxic chemicals. Instead, naturally-derived ingredients like sea salt or lemon and other types of vegetables are highly recommended.


When purchasing a dish washing detergent, it is also quite helpful to check the amount of it as relevant to how many times/sessions can it clean per pouch/bottle. It is quite handy to know that because it helps you to determine the amount of packs you should be purchasing. This point can also be determined by how often do you wash the dish or eat at home and the amount of dish you are washing every time.

Read Product’s Detail

More specifically, this point refers that you should also read the product detail and check the instruction before making the purchase. The reason for doing this is to check whether there is any special requirement complements to using this. For example, is it a need to pre-soak or pre-rinse the dish before putting it into the automatic dish washing machine? Because if the detergent requires you to do so, you can also consider whether or not you want to involve with such tasks.

A high performing and best cleaning detergent usually do not require such tasks. All you have to do is to put the right amount of it in the automatic dish washing machine and it will do everything in just one time cleaning.

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