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Best Baby Snow Suits Reviews In 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

Winter is one of the best season of all time; especially to the kids because they can enjoy the playing with the snow. However, during winter, one of the most crucial thing that everyone will have to make sure if that there are always a good quality snow suit or winter collection in their closet. Moreover, if you have baby in your house, ensuring that you have the best baby snow suits for them. That is because in such low temperature, babies can easily get ill if they are not protected carefully. Hence, we have prepared a list of top 9 best baby snow suits which you can always depend on to make sure your baby is warm and healthy. Let’s see if any of the baby snow suits in our list below match with your interest.

List Of Top 9 Best Baby Snow Suits

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9. Baby Puffer Jacket With Hood by Jojobaby

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Standing as the first one in the list, we have Jojobaby as the top 9 best baby snow suit. This brand is not only popular for its quality, but it is also well-known for its design. Using cotton blend as the main material, this jacket is made to guarantee the warmness when wearing.

To add on, there is also fauz fur that can give extra protection during the cold freezing day. It is also concealed with zipper closer and hand-warmer pocket, so your baby can always feel comfortable wearing it. Available in 3 different color; including pink, black and white, this jacket is ideal for both boys and girls.

8. Extra Thick Baby Snow Suit by M.Y

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On the top 8, we have a beautiful looking snow suit from “M.Y star of the black”. Talking about the material, it is made completely from polyester which is known for its durability and high quality type of fabric. This snow suit is a thicken outerwear that compiles of cotton filling and fleece lining. Not only it can it your baby warm, but it can also break the wind that flow against the suit.

Moreover, it looks very cute and protective too because it covers the body from neck to toe. Also, it has the zipper closure that you can open and close; so changing the diaper is never be a problem, either. Such high quality snow suit is definitely one of a must-have in your baby’s closet.

7. Cute Baby Puffy Snow Suit by Ohrwurm

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Another onesie down baby jacket that is a must-have for every winter for your baby is from Ohrwurm. There are plenty reasons why you should love this one apart from it being among the best baby snow suits. First of all, it is made of high quality materials including cotton, polyester and nylon. They are best-known for great performance with keeping baby warm and comfortable. The design, on the other hand, is also very interesting.

Crafting bear earflaps on the hood, the design is very cute, so your baby can even slay their outfit with this snow suit. Moreover, this snow suit also has the elastic cuffs on the end sleeves; hence, it can protect the cold air from flowing into your baby skin.

6. Super Warm Baby Snow Suit by carter’s

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On the top 6, we have another best snow suit for your baby from carter’s. This carter’s baby snow suit is in pink color; so it is ideal for your baby girls. Made from polyester and high quality filler, this snow suit doesn’t only look cute when wearing, but it can also guarantee warmness and comfort when wearing. Also, its material is super durable; making it washable in the laundry machine without any damage.

Last but not least, this snow suit is also wind and water-resistance, so not only it can protect your baby girls during the cold gloomy day, but she will be highly protected during the rain, too. Furthermore, there are many available sizes, so you can freely choose any size that perfectly fit your kid. So, what else are you looking for?

5. Baby Snow Suit With Insulation by Columbia

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On to the next one, we have snow suit from Columbia as the top 5 best in the list. Now, everyone knows how famous and dependable is product from Columbia, so this one is no exception. Made from polyester that is known for its synthetic down insulation, it works incredibility amazing to keep your baby warm. Besides, it also has the zipper closure in order to add extra warmness when encounter the cold wind during winter. Besides, its fabric is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your body getting soak when in contact with water.

Moreover, it is very helpful because you can always get it washed in the laundry machine, so you don’t have to get your hand freeze by handwashing it in such low temperature weather. On top of that, this Columbia snow suit is unisex. Hence, you don’t have to worry if you will have nothing to do with it once your baby grows up because you can also keep it for your next child.

4. Flexible Baby Snow Suit by London Fog

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On the top 4, we have another best snow suit which is from London Fog. It is ideal for your baby, suitable for both boy and girl, whose age is from 0 to 6 months. This snow suit is designed in two pieces in order to give you more flexibility when wearing for your baby; especially when changing his/her diapers.

Moreover, it has the little hood that fit perfectly which infant in such age, so that you can keep your baby’s head warmer. Also, it has a close end at the bottom of the suit, so there will be no cold air goes and affects your baby. Hence, make the whole body temperature equally warm. With this London Fog snow suit, your kid will stay comfortably during winter.

3. Heavy Duty Baby Snow Suit by Columbia

Columbia Baby

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Another snow suit from Columbia is standing out very beautifully in Peninsula color. This top 3 snow suit is known for its high quality materials, polyester and microfleece. Similar to previous model from Columbia, this snow suit is super soft, cozy and warm. It has everything from wind to water resistant which derived from the use of Omni-Shield advanced repellency, so none of this should be your concern.

Moreover, it also has the fold-over cuffs that is used to lock in body temperature; so you baby will never get cold from such harsh weather during winter. Besides, changing diaper for your kids is also easy with this snow suit because it is designed with diagonal zipper, so you can always easily zip it open and close.

2. Baby Snow Suit With Hood by Franterd

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Second to the top 1 best winter snow suit for baby is Franterd. This top 2 snow suit is very high quality as it made from cotton blend as the filler. Such material is known for its warmness and breathable, so it’s cozy yet not stuffy. Designed with long sleeve, thick hood and zipper, not only it is comfortably soft to wear during winter, but it is also easy to use for any parents; especially in term of changing the diapers.

Besides, it also uses Omni-Shield advanced repellency, so it is both wind and waterproof. Hence, your kids can freely play with the snow while wearing this. It will not make them cold or get sick no matter how long they are outside under the snow. You can even slay this snow suit in many different styles; by attach or detach the hood. Also, Franterd has many different color options. Hence, you can also freely choose any color of snow suit for your baby that match with your outfit.

1. Practical Baby Snow Suit by Wippette

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Finally, on the top 1 best snow suit for baby, we have Wippette. Thousands of users have already chosen this as their baby winter’s outfit and protection and none of them ever complain of question its quality. It is made from polyester fabric as material, so it is very durable; allowing you to use it for many years without any quality defection.

The design though is simple yet very practical. Putting zipper closure at the front, you can easily zip it close or open in just a second. Moreover, it has the attached booties along with fold-over hands, so that it can it your baby warmer in the low temperature day.

On top of that, it has the elastic on the waist part, so you can always fit your baby in that suit for at least several years during their developing ages. Besides, in term of price, Wippette is pricing very reasonably, so every mother can happily afford this for her beloved baby.

Last but not least, this snow suit can also be washed in the laundry machine, so you can save your sweat from handwashing it after use. With all these great points about Wippette, it is hard to deny that this brand provides the best baby snow suit of all time.


If you are looking for a high quality, comfortable and cozy baby snow suits, 9 brands above are definitely what you should look for. They have everything from comparative prices, quality, design and durability, so you can always trust any of them with your baby.

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