Top 10 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2019

All basketball players understand the pain of carrying a basketball around. That’s when a basketball backpack comes to play. This product not only keeps your basketball in shape while you’re on the go; it can carry other belongings like books, and laptop with ease and in style, too. While we’re at this topic, shall we look at the top 10 best basketball backpacks in 2019?

List Of Top 10 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2019

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G1-Tech Basketball Backpack, Soccer Backpack, Football Backpack, Computer Backpack Laptop Backpack with USB Port, Headphone Pouch and Ball Holder with Basketball Net for Women/Men - Grey
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Nike Hoops Elite Varsity Basketball Backpack
HaloVa Travel Backpack, Large Capacity Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port, Waterproof School Bag with Basketball Mesh Exercise Fitness Backpack for College Student Men, Gray
KEYNEW Basketball Bag Football Travel Laptop Backpack with with Card Organizer on Shoulder Strap,Luggage Strap,USB Charging Port fits 15.6 inch Laptop Casual Hiking Daypack
Casual Laptop Backpack College Backpack with Basketball Nets Headphone Port & USB Charging Port Sports Bag School Bag Bookbag Travel Daypack Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop Notebook (Black)
Athletico National Soccer Bag - Backpack for Soccer, Basketball & Football Includes Separate Cleat and Ball Holder (Black)
Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack with Ball Compartment
Soccer Backpack - Basketball Backpack - Youth Kids Ages 6 and Up - with Ball Compartment - All Sports Bag Gym Tote Soccer Futbol Basketball Football Volleyball
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Victoriatourist Extra Large Expandable Laptop Backpack 3 Compartments Fits MacBook Pro 16-inch Laptops and Ipad/Surface (15.6, Black)

10. G1-Tech Basketball Backpack

G1-Tech Basketball Backpack

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Bringing a basketball along with you requires a nice backpack. G1-Tech Basketball Backpack is probably what you’ve been looking for. The outside of the bag is attached with big mesh; therefore, you can keep your ball easily. For the convenience of the users while traveling, there is a charging cable built-in with this product as well.

You will be less concerned about your losing belongings too since the bag is designed with an anti-theft feature. With this backpack, you can keep your items safe. The shoulder straps are made from mesh as well, so the back pressure can be lessened.

9. Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

Skateboard Backpack Basketball

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This is another awesome backpack brand, Ronyes Skateboard. First and foremost, more than just a normal basketball backpack; this backpack is designed for keeping a skateboard, too. The backpack comes with many compartments, allowing you to organize and keep your items easily.

Another great feature of it is the fact that it is waterproof. For the convenience in storing the basketball, this is designed with mesh. And, both the waist belt and straps can be adjusted. The total dimension of this basketball carry bag is 13 x 20 x 6 inches.

8. Nike Hoops Elite Varsity Basketball Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Varsity Basketball Backpack

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The awesome Nike brand has invented a lovely basketball backpack called the Nike Hoops Elite Varsity Basketball Backpack. First of all, the material chosen for the production process is polyester. There are pockets and zippers at the internal part of this bag; hence, the convenience is storing small items is enhanced. The bag is of high durability, too. Last but not least, there is also a handy compartment for keeping your shoes, too.

7. HaloVa Travel Backpack

HaloVa Travel Backpack

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Here, we’d like to introduce to you this HaloVa Travel Backpack. The carrying capacity that the bag offers is very large; you can comfortably keep your items as well as your basketball with ease.  This elite basketball bag is highly recommended for male students.

For added convenience in travelling, the backpacl is also designed with a USB port. The size of this product is 20 x 13 x 3 inches. There are also many compartments in this bag too, so you can store different items easily.

6. KEYNEW Business Laptop Backpack

KEYNEW Business Laptop

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Coming next in the list today, KEYNEW is the business laptop backpack produced to add style to the users. With the stylish design, the backpack is also the excellent bag for keeping your basketball too. The 2.0 USB port is attached with this product, so you can charge your devices while you are traveling with ease.

For the user’s added comfort, the bag is designed to be very light in weight. Plus, there are hidden pockets; therefore, the safety of your belongings is enhanced. Last but not least, this product is suitable for keeping a laptop, too.

5. LUKATU Casual Laptop Backpack

Casual Laptop Backpack College

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The LUKATU casual laptop backpack is a great laptop backpack and basketball backpack all in 1 product. The capacity that it can carry is large. It is suitable for storing a 15.6 inches laptop. As this product comes with many compartments, we bet that you can sort the items into different categories with ease.

Unlike most backpacks on the market, this one is also designed with a USB port. This backpack can also be used while you are performing outdoor activities as well since it resists water and snow.

4. Athletico National Soccer Bag

Athletico National Soccer Bag

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Shout out to all the basketball players out there; this Athletico National Soccer Bag is the next one on the list that we wish to draw your attention to. First off, the compartments given are quite large, so the bag is the perfect product for keeping various kinds of balls. Please be noted that there are 7 compartments included; therefore, it is suitable for carrying to school too.

With the great material such as nylon fabric, the durability of the bag sure lasts for a long time. The good news for the users is, in the case that you are no satisfied with the product, the company is willing to give a refund, too.

3. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack

Hard Work Sports Anirollz Mochi

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For the 3rd best item, this is the basketball bag that receives many positive reviews on the feature and quality that it offers. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack is the incredible product that comes with a special compartment for keeping the basketball. Besides offering the ball compartment, this user-friendly product comes with other compartments for storing shoes, book, laptop and more. Plus, the item is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

2. DashSport Soccer Backpack/Basketball Backpack

DashSport Soccer Backpack

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DashSport Soccer Backpack is a bag that carries a large capacity. It is a great product that you should get for doing outdoor sports. For storing soccer balls, the backpack can keep up to 5 balls. There is also available space for keeping the water bottle as well.

The quality of this product is ensured to be great since it is constructed from the 420D nylon. More than this, for adding the convenience in storing small items, there are pockets inside the bag. Carrying this bag during the rainy season is also a wise choice as it can resist water well.

1. Victoriatourist V6020 Expandable Laptop Backpack

[Update Version] Victoriatourist

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The champion in the list today goes to the Victoriatourist V6020 Expandable Laptop/Basketball Backpack. First and foremost, this is the expandable backpack that comes with 3 compartments. Its interior quite roomy; hence, you can store various products easily.

Plus, it is also suitable for keeping any laptop of 16 inches. For the comfort for the user, there is a pad attached. As a result, carrying the bag for a long time will not give you any strain on the back at all. The size of this product is 14 x 10.5 x 20 inches.


We have just listed 10 bestselling basketball backpacks worth buying in 2019. They are durable bags. They are also well designed, affordable, and come in different sizes for meeting different basketball players’ needs. Get yours today.

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