Top 10 Best Bodyboards That You Should Have In 2021 Review

There are many kinds of sports people do, and one of them might be your favorite, bodyboarding. This is a cool and amazing activity. But your bodyboarding is perfect only if you have your best partner, bodyboards. Here we introduce you with the top ten best bodyboards in 2021.

Either you just take up bodyboarding or you are looking for new bodyboards, one of these bodyboards picks will be your favorite partner.

List Of Top 10 Best Bodyboards In 2021

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10. THURSO SURF 42″ bodyboardTHURSO SURF Quill 42'' Bodyboard

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We probably look for stability and glide when doing bodyboarding. THURSO SURF 42″ bodyboard is made to guarantee the quality of stability and glide that provide you the highest level of enjoyment and excitement in water. The size and shape of this THURSO SURF 42 make you feel most comfortable with the length of 42 inches while the widest point is 21.5 inches and the tail is 17 inches. The nose width is 12 inches and the thickness of this bodyboard is 2 1/8 inches. This is what you need for you.

If we talk about the quality of this bodyboard, it cannot be competed. Made by bottom with the best polyethylene slick, this bodyboard is light yet very strong and it has responsive bottom skin that it can generate the best speed you need.

9. Younger 37 inch Bodyboard

Younger 37 inch Body Board

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If you are a beginner of bodyboarding, this bodyboard is for you. There are handles for you. This Younger 37 inch bodyboard is also for kids as well. The handles allow you or your kids to feel more comfortable. This professional bodyboard is made of the best quality materials to make sure that it can be used durably. It is very light with a slick bottom, plus it is water-resistant that allows you to do tricks on waves more easily.

It must be exciting doing bodyboarding with such best bodyboard. Make your outdoor activity most enjoyable with your friends or your family.

8. Younger 37 inch Bodyboard with Leash

Younger 37 inch Body Board

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This product is also good to use as well with heat lamination technology that makes it light and durable. It is made of a slick bottom with channels and a crescent tail. The Pro Quality leash with a wristband will keep your bodyboard more nearby. This item is ideal for kids as well. With varieties of choices with different colors, you can choose your favorite one for your next surfing funs.

7. Younger 39 inch Super Bodyboard with IXPE deck

Younger 39 inch Super Bodyboard

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This one is known to be a pro board. The quality of this product is best because it is made of out of the best technology such as lamination heat, IXPE deck, ESP core. These make this product light and durable and easy to use. This 39 inch board has a super slick bottom. It also has channels and a crescent tail. All of these qualities make itself to be your choice for your maneuverability and skills. The design of this board is also great and stylish with different colors for you to choose from.

6. YOUNGER 42 inch Super Bodyboard

YOUNGER 42 inch Super Bodyboard

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This is a wider board. You might love this 42-inch board. Lightweight rigidity and strength are the top priority of the quality of this item. It has a super slick bottom with bat tail that it makes your surfing more enjoyable. The 60/40 rails provide better maneuverability. The pro-quality leash with wristband makes it easier for retrieval. This bat tail bodyboard is also designed with style and with three colors green, blue and red for you to choose. This must be one of your favorites for surfing.

5. Bo-Toys Bodyboard

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight

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This board is for all wave conditions. You will find it easy to use with incredible quality that it can be used for a long time. The strength of this Bo-toy bodyboard is also guaranteed because it is made of qualified technology, including EPS core and heat lamination.

High Density Polyethylene or HDPE slick bottom make this product a full function for your surfing activity. It will make your activity of surfing at beach, river, or water-park more fun. You can also choose your favorite color either pink, blue or red.

4. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard

California Board Company

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This might also be one of the best bodyboards you have ever seen. The design of this board is so special that it is to fit your interests and comforts for doing bodyboarding. The deck of this board is molded contour, which makes your bodyboarding more comfortable. There is also a design for arm wells. You can just simply and comfortably place your arms in the locked-in fit arm wells. You might also need superior control and yes, this California Board Company MMAG bodyboard is designed with thumb bulbs for it.

The HDPE slick bottom and its bottom with channels allow you to surf even faster as you wish. You can easily control this board with crescent tail and duel swivel pro-style coil wrist leash. The size dimensions are 44 x 23 x 2.75 inches which is perfect for your bodyboarding.

3. BPS STORM Bodyboard

BPS STORM Bodyboard

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The design of this BPS Strom bodyboard is very cool with a different color. It is not only cool in appearance, but it is also best for its quality to do bodyboarding as well. The board itself is light, which you will feel comfortable to control. It is durable and can perform very great as you control. The slick bottom surface of it can generate high speed.

The great design of this board also consists of EPS core and a crescent tails. Also it included the premium leash as well. This is the product you need for your outdoor activity.

2. Wave Weapon Bodyboard

Beach Attack Pack

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This Wave Weapon professional bodyboard is also one of the amazing and top boards among users. With standard design and high qualified materials made for this board, it makes itself a perfect board for surfing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, you will find this board comfortable to use. The weight is light, but the quality is best, which is durable. The slick bottom surface makes it perform faster and easy for you to control.

1. Lucky Bums Bodyboard

Lucky Bums Body Board

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If you have not decided on the above-mentioned product yet, maybe this one is for you. This is the Lucky Bums Bodyboard that consists of 60/40 rails. The board also has a rear channel and a high-density polyethylene slick bottom. All of these make you easier to control and make itself better maneuverability and speed and strength.

This is also perfect with all condition of waves due to material made on in such as an engineered EPS core. It is also strong for any drops on the sand, making one of the best bodyboards.

Bonus – Premium Quality Snorkel Set With Bag

Premium Quality Snorkel Set With Bag

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Here you are looking at a set of equipment for snorkeling that we highly recommend. The set includes a high-quality glass diving and a snorkel that comes in a waterproof gear bag. The awesome thing about the mask is that it allows you to enjoy the crystal clear view under the sea. The mask features tempered glass design that is impact resistant to ensure safety at its best for you. This mask can also withstand deep water pressure as well, which is absolutely amazing. Plus, with the anti-fog lens, everything is visible right before your eyes for the best snorkeling experience.

As for the snorkel, it allows for easy and convenient breathing while you are under the water. On top of that, it features the high-tech design the keeps the air out until you are ready to breathe in. With it, you won’t have to worry about surprise gulps of water in your mouth while trying to breathe anymore. Everything in this set comes in a waterproof gear bag for easy storage and protection. All the equipment is durable and safe to use, and this is an incredible snorkel set that you should consider. There are 3 colors available, the choice is all yours.

In Summary:
  • Waterproof carrying bag
  • Breathe-easy dry snorkel
  • Anti-fog lens for clear view
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Impact resistant tempered glass lens
  • Flexible and adjustable silicone mask straps


After you have seen these top 10 best bodyboards review in 2021, it might be hard for you to decide which one you should choose since they are similarly good. You can just decide on which one you like most, maybe in terms of size, shape and color of those board.

The quality of these bodyboards is relatively good that it is ideal for your outdoor activity of bodyboarding next time. Use your favorite one for your next and next bodyboarding activity since all of these are durable to use, so you do not need to change your best partner frequently.

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