Top 10 Best Bunkie Boards in 2019

In this article, we wish to assist you in getting the right Bunkie board for supporting your bed. Bunkie boards which are available on the market these days are different in size, type and features that they carry. When shopping for the perfect Bunkie board for your needs, you should have the right information in hand. Thus, here is a list of the top 10 best Bunkie boards in 2019 that can meet a whole variety of needs.

List Of Top 10 Best Bunkie Boards in 2019

10. Enitial Lab Cushy Drive Dreamax

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Coming first in the list today, Cushy Drive Dreamax is the durable bed board that has the size of 75 x 39 x 2 inches. This incredible product is well-known for the superb quality that it offers. First and foremost, the stability that it provides adds the support on your bunk bed. The ultimate comfort is also given as well since it is produced form the superior grade fabric.

For the sound sleeps, getting this North American made bunkie board is highly recommended. Please also be noted that the height of this product is 2 inches tall.

9. WOLF Split Bunkie Board

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Next, this is the product which is called Split Bunkie Board. First and foremost, this incredible Bunkie board queen size has the total dimension of 52.25 x 75 x 2 inches. For the convenience in transporting as well as using, this product is split into 2 different pieces. The frame of this Bunkie board is well designed with the high-quality wood; therefore, the quality of it is ensured to last for a long time.

For your information, the maximum weight that it can withstand is 100 lbs. Choosing this awesome product is the great choice for using with both bunk bed and daybed.

8. Spring Coil Fully Assembled Bunkie Board

Spring Coil Fully Assembled 2

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Getting the right Bunkie board is hard, so here we wish to draw your attention to the twin board Spring Coil. For the comfort and convenience for the user, this great product is fully assembled, and it is suitable for many types of bed. For instance, this 2 inches high Bunkie board twin is highly recommended for platform bed, bunk bed and more.

With this Bunkie board, it can effectively prevent your mattress from sinking. Besides ensuring that the mattress stays in good shape, this product is well attached with the clothe cover as well.

7. Continental Sleep Fully Assembled Bunkie Board

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With the total measurement of 74 x 39 x 4 inches, Continental Sleep is one of the best bed boards. It carries many great features; first of all, since it is fully assembled, the convenience in using this product is enhanced. The full package of this product comes with 2 different pieces of boards. As the production of this product meets the standard set, this one is guaranteed to carry the superior quality.

Next, this board is thin, so it will not add height to your current mattress. This board is functioned to offer the solid support for all types of mattress.

6. Wolf Twin Bunkie Board for Bunk Beds

Wolf Twin Bunkie Board

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Next, this is the Wolf Twin Bunkie Board that has the total size of 37.5 W x 75 L x 2 H. This product comes with two pieces and it is well protected by the clothe included. For added durability and stability, the frame of this Bunkie board is thoroughly produced from the wood frame.

Its capacity is high; the total weight that it can support is up to 100 lbs. Last but not least, this USA made product is the great foundation for all types of bunk beds.

5. Continental Sleep, Fully Assembled

Continental Sleep, Fully Assembled

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Another awesome brand Continental Sleep introduces a great product that is highly recommended for using with all types of beds.  This one can serve as the support for enhancing the sturdiness of the bed. Please be noted that it is very suitable for using with platform beds, bunk beds, daybeds and more. With the size of 79 x 59 x 2 inches, placing it under the mattress will not add extra height to it at all.

The board is the queen sized one, and it can be split into 2 pieces. Finally, you sure can have the full trust on this USA made product.

4. Zinus Easy Assembly Wood Slat 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board

Zinus Easy Assembly Wood Slat

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Coming next in the list today goes to the one called Zinus Easy Assembly Wood Slat. First and foremost, as the name has already suggested, the assembly process of this product can be done with ease. Plus, since this slat board is only 1.6 inches, you don’t need to worry if it makes your mattress higher than usual.  This full size of this Bunkie board is 79 x 75.5 x 1.6 inches.

There is foam padded tape which is built-in with it as well; hence, this product is noise free. The good news for the user is the company of this product is a 5 years warranty on the item.

3. Continental Sleep Fully Assembled

Continental Sleep Fully Assembled 2

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Our 3rd best product in the list today goes to the one well-recognized as the Continental Sleep Fully Assembled Bunkie Board. First of all, it is a great USA product that has the full dimension of 79 x 39 x 4 inches. This product is produced to work well with various types of beds since it serves as the strong and durable slat.

The surface of it can work to offer the extra support for your bed and mattress as well. For giving extra protection, this board comes with the clothe cover.

2. Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board

 Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock

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Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock is another incredible board that has the size of 1.6 inches. This product is highly recommendation for using if you wish to give the extra support to your mattress. The frame of this board is well produced from wood; therefore, the quality of this board is ensured to last for a long time.

For keeping the mattress in place, the board is attached with the non-slip tape. For your information, the warranty given is up to 5 years.

1. Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board, Full

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board

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Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board, the champion in the list today, has the dimension of 53 x 75 x 1.5 inches. This product is well produced from the top-grade polyester fabric, as a great result, the quality given in return is ensured to be superior.

This user-friendly product is designed to work best with all types of mattresses. With the metal frame, both the sturdiness and durability are given.


You have just browsed through the top 10 best Bunkie boards in 2019. They are sturdy boards. They are also affordable, and come in different sizes for meeting different needs. One of our recommended products will serve you the best. Get yours soon.

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