Top 10 Best Camera Glasses In 2021 Review + Buying Guide

Camera glasses are useful for plenty of reasons. But, most importantly, these glasses with a built-in camera are a convenient spy gear and they let you record your life in style in such a remarkable way. Are you here looking for the best camera glasses for your needs? Let us ease your selection.

After a detailed research, our team has put into play the review of the top 10 best camera glasses of the year. They are offered at a great value and suitable for a number of purpose. Let’s see these outstanding picks below.

List Of Top 10 Best Camera Glasses In 2021

10. Camera Glasses With Earbuds by Forestfish

Forestfish 720P HD

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Forestfish is one of the best, top-rated camera glasses on the market. This pair of glasses’ most essential features are their superb ability in taking photos, listening to music in Bluetooth, recording videos, and pick up phone calls. They are HD glasses with the pixels of 1280 x 720 P; 5.0 MP. It has an easy-to-control button.

They look like regular glasses that nobody will notice that they are glasses with a built-in camera. For the material chosen, it is Swiss Grillamild. It is light like air while carrying great durability. The pair offers UV 400 protection. With the protection it provides to your eyes, the pair is ideal for outdoor activities like fishing, traveling, hiking, etc.

Yet, for operation, be noted that the video recording feature does not work well if power is not 15% remaining or more. Plus, you should take good care of the battery too for long lasting use. These camera sunglasses are backed by a 1-year warranty. And, each package includes a sunglasses case and a sunglasses bag.

9. Camera Glasses by Wiseup


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Another option you should consider is from WiseUp. This pair of well reviewed glasses camera is the best spy camera with the video recording feature of 1920 x 1090 P. Videos are in AVI format. There are pinhold lens equipped at the glasses’ hinge. They are of 3.7 mm. For its memory, there is a micro SD card slot that supports the capacity of 32 GB. But, the pair comes equipped with a 16Gb micro SD card. That lets you save approximately a total of 170 minutes long video.

The unit can operate about 50 minutes per each full battery charge. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the device. The total weight of this glasses is 40 grams only. And, there is a USB port built in as well.

8. Lightweight Camera Glasses MEAUOTOU

Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

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If you want a camera glasses with WiFi, there is a great pick. This pair features WiFi that lets you do live video streaming. Moreover, there is motion detection built-in as well, which will give you notifications on your phone whenever motions are caught. Memory is stored in the Micro SD card by itself. This card supports the capacity of 32 GB maximum. Be noted purchase does not come with any SD card.

With Wi-Fi connection, this glasses can be controlled by 2 different phones. Connecting the glasses to your mobile phone is not a difficult task. The device can work 1.5 hours after each full battery charge. Charging time should be no less than 2 hours. For your information, the item weighs 35 grams.

7. Lightweight Camera Glasses by Kamre

KAMRE Sunglasses

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Kamre is another worthy investment that should be on your consideration list. This pair has great styles and superb functions. It can record videos with great quality video while being able to protect your eyes from the sun. The full resolution of recording is 1080 P. Suitable not just for indoor as well as outdoor uses while you are performing various activities.

The maximum memory it can support is 32 GB. The glasses come with a lithium battery, which is rechargeable and can operate about 1.5 hours before needing to be juiced again.

There is only 1 button, yet it can control all settings. So, operating the camera is made simple. Just about anyone will find the glasses easy to use. Whenever the camera is switched on, video recording will begin. Both Mac and windows are compatible with them. As of craftsmanship, they are made of durable rubber combined with an HD Camera. The package includes a case and a cleaning cloth as well. This pair will not be a disappointment.

6. Camera Glasses by Yaowe

[Upgraded Version]

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Going further, we have this pair of glasses that is of 5.0 megapixels. The pair is well made suited for both indoor and outdoor uses. You can use it during doing sports or traveling with ease. That makes it a great pair to capture memorable moments. The glasses come with decreased brightness and glare compared to most models on the market. So, the sights become almost crystal clear.

You can operate the glasses single handedly. The maximum memory of the SD card it can support is 32GB (mot provided). It has a lithium, rechargeable battery equipped. With 1 to 2 hours of battery charge, they let you record video footage for about 2 hours. Best yet, the pair is backed by a 12-month warranty as well. Also, feel free to refer to the youtube video for detailed instructions on how to use the device.

5. Spy Camera Glasses by Wanlilei

Spy Camera Glasses

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Ideal for both taking videos and still images, this pair of camera glasses from Wanlilei will impress you. They look like a typical camera, making them the best spy camera, too. The glasses have a loop video recording. They come with a micro SD card of 8GB (not many cameras have this). With 8GB, which allows you to record about 10 hours. And, the maximum SD card it can support is 32 GB.

Full battery charging takes about 1 hour only. The lens are of HD 720 P. Videos are saved every 10 minutes. They are compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. What’s more, timestamping on videos and pictures is available, too. This is a handy feature to have if you plan on using the camera to capture memorable footage.

4. Thick Camera Glasses by Datonten

HD 1080P Camera Glasses

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This pair also caught our eye. These camera sunglasses have a resolution of 1920 x 1080P. They do a great job at recording quick moments as they can capture at a high frame rate effectively. You can connect them to PC effortlessly. The design is simple but classic. There is an 8GB micro SC card that comes with the glasses. And, operation relies on only one button.

You can use them while you are walking or driving. The design is simple yet classic. The battery is rechargeable. It lets you record for an hour after each charge. As of warranty, it is one year long along with a free replacement as well. The package includes a glasses bag, too.

3. Camera Glasses With UV Protection by Snap Inc

Spectacles 2

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Up next, we have Snap Inc. Here is a very nice pair of camera glasses which is available in 5 colors for you to choose from. They are all lovely colors indeed. The pair lets you take videos or pictures with just a push of a button. Better than most models, the pair features a camera that resists water, so you can use them while swimming in shallow water without an issue. What’s more, the pair is ultimately designed for Snapchat.

They let you share beautiful moments instantly with your friends via a number of apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, iMessage, etc. The lenses are the spectacles of 2 kinds of lenses. They are tinted and provided UV protection to your eyes, too. Plus, they are anti-glare. Per battery charge, the device allows you to sync more than 70 videos with ease. Get this pair, and you’ll be a happy customer.

2. Camera Glasses by Hereta

Spy Camera Glasses

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Add more fun to your lifestyle with this perfect pair of camera glasses from Hereta. The glasses allow you to snap both pictures and videos. With its ability to connect to PC as a breeze, you can share your moments and gallery with friends and family. There is time stamping on every media, which most customers love. The lens can capture objects in the front only.

As of the battery, it takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. You can view saved videos and pictures by connecting the device to PC through the provided USB cable. They support Windows, Mac as well as Linux OS. A useful glasses box comes along every package purchase as well.

1. Waterproof Camera Glasses by OhO Sunshine

OHO sunshine

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The item that ranks first in our list is from Oho Sunshine. Indeed, the pair has plenty to write about and to adore. They are one of the best waterproof camera glasses, making them the suited pair for outdoor and water sports activities. To protect your eyes, the glasses provide 100% UV protection along with polarized lens. One button controls all sorts of operations, including turning the device on/off and capturing photos/videos.

If you’re a person who likes taking thrilling, fast-moving objects/movements, this pair of glasses is the ideal option. The video/picture is 1080P. The audio recorded is ensured to be clear. A 32Gb micro SD card is provided with the glasses. And, the glasses feel comfortable on your eyes. The timestamp is available as well.

Whenever recording begins, the glasses will vibrate, and the LED light will flash. The pair takes about 1 hour only to fully juice, and that lets you record about 1 hour afterwards as well. You can power the device via USB charging or charging through a power bank. Operating systems that are compatible with the device are Mac, and Windows.

Buying Guides:

Video and/or Photo

Not all camera glasses come with both the ability to snap pictures and shoot videos. The same applies to our collection above. Only a few of these picks above are capable of shooting videos as well as taking crisp still images. So, you can determine your needs. And, shop accordingly.

Pixels and Resolution

The quality of the photos and videos vary due to the camera’s pixels and resolution. For the above options, the pixels/resolutions include 1080P, 720 P, etc. The higher the pixels, the steeper the price as well.

Instant or Live Media Sharing

Not many camera glasses are Wi-Fi enabled. For the ones that are, they let you share media instantly to Youtube, Instagram, or/and Snapchat. Some users may find this feature crucial.

Memory Capacity

The memory capacity of these camera glasses range from 8 Gb to 32 Gb. The memory comes in the form of Micro SD card. Some camera glasses come with a micro SD card of a certain capacity for free. The bigger the memory, the more footages you can record. So, please decide accordingly.

Eye Protection

A number of today’s top rated camera glasses have their glasses equipped with UV protection. They may be tinted or anti-glare, too. Hence, if you use involves using the camera glasses outdoors, do look into this feature.


Most camera glasses are powered by rechargeable lithium battery. They need a certain duration of charging time. And it can power through for certain hours. Thus, know your needs in terms of the camera glasses’ battery power; whether you need to use it for 1 hour, more or less.

Waterproof: Some brands take their camera glasses even further. They make the products waterproof, so you can use it shooting in water when you are swimming or performing other sports activities. If that sounds like what you want to do, consider waterproof camera glasses.

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