Top 10 Best Car Backup Sensors in 2019

For those who are having a hard time with reverse parking, having a backup sensor will be a lifer saver. Backup sensors usually are featured in newer cars but that doesn’t mean old cars couldn’t get this feature. It is installed to avoid unexpected colliding with walls or other vehicles. If your car does not have one, we have picked a list of top 10 best Car Backup Sensors in 2019 for you that all available on the market. Sift through these products below.

List Of Top 10 Best Car Backup Sensors in 2019

Preview Product Price
Rearview Mirror Monitor Video Parking Sensor Kit,car Reverse Backup Radar,Black Sensor with 4.3 Inch Rearview Mirror Monitor Backup Reverse HD Night Vision Camera Parking Sensor kit
$64.99$79.99 (19% off)
SENDOW Dual Lens Dash Camera 1080P 4.5 Inch Touch Screen, in Mirror Rearview Dash Cam Vehicle Backup Camera Car Recorder Loop Recording G-Sensor Parking Mode
$32.99$89.99 (63% off)
Pyle Car Backup Camera Rearview Mirror Screen | Reverse Parking Sensor | 7
Hopkins 20195VA-CL-EN nVISION Ultrasonic Wireless Back-Up Sensor
$79.95$109.99 (27% off)
Rear View Camera 4.3
Backup Camera 4.3
Pyle Car Backup Camera Rearview Mirror Screen | Reverse Parking Sensor | HD 7
PARTIM NX100 Car Camera | Dash Cam Front and Rear - Mirror Recorder DVR with WIFI | Rear View Camera 720p | 4.3'' Mirror | Dashboard Driving Recorder with G-Sensor, Night Vision & Parking Assist
Pyle Backup Rear View Car Camera Screen Monitor System - Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Scale Lines, Waterproof, Night Vision, 170° View Angle, 7
Hopkins 50002 Smart Hitch Backup Camera and Sensor System
$99.98$122.28 (18% off)

10. Rearview Mirror Monitor Video Parking Sensor Kit

Rearview Mirror Monitor Video

This unit comes with 4.3″ TFT color LCD mirror monitor with a built-in warning buzzer. It comes with a buzzer switch to activate the buzzer setting.  DALLUX ultra-thin rear view mirror monitor with 00CD/M2 brightness, it’s the brightest one that can be found on the market. Install the system effort-free by clipping it on to the existing rear view mirror.

When the car reverses, the rear view image is in automatic display in high definition quality. It has 2 channel video inputs, camera and DVD and LCD monitor to help to increase safety for passengers and your family.

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9. SENDOW Dual Lens Dash Camera Touch Screen

SENDOW Dual Lens Dash Camera

SENDOW dual lens dash camera brings you 150° wide viewing angle front camera and IP65 waterproof 120° large perspective rear camera. The mirror dash camera enhances your safety while driving by reduce blind spots and obtain full 4 lane coverage. Nonstop loop recording, provide you with the latest driving track to optimize data by having the newest video overwrite the oldest video.

Once parking guard is turned on, car DVR will come to life and start recording; files are automatic marked for safekeeping. You can just fit over existing rearview mirror, connect red line to reverse lights to active automatic guideline for parking, and plug car charger (only supports 12V power supply)

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8. Pyle Car Backup Camera Rearview Mirror Screen

Pyle Car Backup Camera

Pyle offers you a rugged backup rear view camera with true color reproduction and video output of 1.0V PP-75Ohm. It has a low lux performance and a wide viewing angle at 170°. It comes with 7″ TFT/LCD display, 420 line horizontal resolution and NTSC/PAL video system inside the package. The backup camera monitor can connect to other camera source and has automatic power-on when reverse gear activated.

Both car backup camera and monitor are mountable. For bad weather tolerance and fog resistant, the backup camera is IP-68 marine grade waterproof and has night vision ability. Also, it features an accurate distance scale line display for proper parking and reversing without relying on side mirrors alone.

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7. Hopkins 20195VA-CL-EN Ultrasonic Back-Up Sensor

Hopkins 20195VA-CL-EN

Hopkins wireless backup sensor is built with backup guidance system; perfectly solve the issue of bad car rear view effect. LCD display features smart-zone sensing that shows distance and location of an object which can help reduce incidents and accidents. It can detect objects up to 6 feet away from your transportations.

The only time this sensor is on is when the ignition is on and your vehicle is in reverse, as soon as you shift to drive or park it goes off.  You can drive with confidence with wireless installation from bumper to dash.

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6. Waterproof IR Night Vision Rearview Mirror Backup Camera

Rear View Camera 4-3

This backup camera can be used both in car and home, with 4.3’’ high quality ultra-thin mirror monitor plus a night vision rear view backup camera with 4 parking sensors. This kit is used for 12V vehicle like car, mini-truck or mini-van. It features waterproof IR camera with wide view angle, 6m length video cable and 2 channel video inputs which are easy to install.

When the monitor is turned off, it acts as a normal rear view mirror, and reflector will automatically appear. When reverse gear is on, the system switches from DVD/VCD video to backup camera video. And switch back automatically, when finished to ensure parking safety.

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5. TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Rear view

Backup Camera Dash Cam

This dash cam has two lenses, one front and one rear; these two can be recording and shown by Picture in Picture on 4.3 inch screen at the same time. The default rear camera extension cable is 18 feet and can only be used in cars. When the R gear is engaged, it will automatically display reverse image with great view angle.

And, the parking guide line will help your park safely. With Loop Recording enabled, you will never worry about buying additional card when capacity is full (SD card is not included). On top of that, this dash cam records emergency video when encounter collision, to help you record the unexpected accident.

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4. Pyle Car Backup Camera Rearview Mirror Screen

Pyle Car Backup Camera Rearview

The Pyle PLCM7500 kit features an accurate distance scale line display for proper parking and reversing. The car rear view camera can be mounted to license plate with its slim bar style housing. It has the ability to connect to camera source with dual RCA jacks (Video system is PAL/NTSC).

View your display with true color reproduction at 656x492pxiels and wide angle viewing at 170 degrees. This backup camera is IP-67 marine grade waterproof to endure tough condition. It’s also fog resistant with night vision ability.

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3. PARTIM NX100 Car Camera

PARTIM NX100 Car Camera

PARTIM NX100 Car Camera features the widest dashboard lends with full 170 degrees. Plus, an optimal front visibility of Full HD 1080p and ultimate rear HD 720p, NX100 back up camera kit will be automatically turned on the second you turn on the engine and will be shut down if your stop the vehicle. You can connect your vehicle camera to your smartphone on Wi-Fi to access all the recordings and see the front or the rear view camera screen.

Easy parking with advanced NX100 Park assists every time you park in reverse, with the dual dash cam. With a rear view 4.3 inch DVR automatically turned ON, it will save you time and energy when parking in limited space.

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2. Pyle Backup Rear View Car Camera Screen Monitor System

Pyle Backup Rear View Car Camera

Next, this Camera Screen Monitor System which include a waterproof, night vision-equipped, universal mount color rear view camera (16:9 wide screen) and suction cup mount screen for the inside of your car. This is one of the rear back up sensors that are perfect for moving in reverses when visibility is limited. It equipped with a distance-line mode to show you how far away from objects.

Also, it works as a source of entertainment as well with two video inputs; since you can even use the monitor (7.0-Inch TFT-LCD Screen Monitor) to watch DVDs or video from any other source that outputs composite video.

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1. Hopkins 50002 Smart Hitch Backup Camera System

Hopkins 50002 Smart Hitch Backup

We have come to the last top rated backup sensors kit. For easy hitching and towing, the camera is equipped with smart-zone sensors. The Display is easy to use and switches between modes at the touch of a button. Whenever you get to a certain distance of object it alerts you as well as objects’ direction. It has large, crystal clear 3.5 inches color monitor with static free image. With three included detection zone, this backup sensor kit allows for one person to hitch by themselves easily.

Simply, plug-in installation makes it convenience to use and no splicing required. The system manufactured to bring you reliable use; both the backup camera and sensor are even weather-resistant.

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These backup warning sensors are guaranteed to help you parking with confidence and raise your awareness about your surroundings. Not only it’s a luxury added feature to your transportation, in fact it’s essential for drivers to monitor blind spot as well. Without a doubt, you should own one of these products.

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