Top 9 Best Charging Backpack Reviews in 2019

Typically, a backpack is used to carry stuff, especially when you need to bring a lot of things with you to anywhere you go. Yet, in these days, backpack is technologically updated to have another function as a power bank. So, it becomes easier and more convenient because you are not only able to bring many devices with you, but you can also charge them along the way. If you are interested to own one, you can check this review of top best charging backpacks as a guided information.

List Of Top 9 Best Charging Backpack Reviews in 2019

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Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port Waterproof School Bookbag Travel Backpack for 15.6 Inch (Colour Flowers)
Tocode Unisex Laptop Backpack for School & Travel, Fits 17'' Computer Durable Casual Anti Theft Backpack Travel Bag, with USB Charging Port and Headphone Jack, Waterproof Large Compartment Daypacks
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Laptop Backpack,Swissdigital Busniess Travel Polyester Backpack with USB Charging Port and RFID Protection Fits Under 15-Inch Laptop and Notebook for Man, Black
$65.99$159.99 (59% off)
Fashion Laptop Backpack Contains Multi-Function Pockets, Tocode Durable Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port Stylish Anti-Theft School Bag Fits 17.3 Inch Laptop Comfort Pack for Women & Men–Black I
YOREPEK Travel Laptop Backpack, Extra Large College School Backpack for Men and Women with USB Charging Port,TSA Friendly Water Resistant Big Business Computer Backpacks Bag Fit 17 Inch Laptops,Black
Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack, Business Laptop School Bookbag with USB Charging Port, Water Resistent Bag for Men & Women Fit 15.6 Inches Laptop Grey
$31.99$59.99 (47% off)
Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft College Backpack with USB Charging Port and Lock 15.6 Inch Computer Backpacks for Women Men, Casual Hiking Travel Daypack (A-Black)
Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft Travel Computer Bag for Women and Men, Slim Water Resistant College School Bookbag with USB Charging Port Fits UNDER 17 In Laptop & Notebook by Mancro (Grey)
Travel Laptop Backpack,Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port,Water Resistant College School Computer Bag for Women & Men Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook - Grey
$29.99$49.99 (40% off)

9. Charging Port School Backpack by DACHEE

Laptop Backpack

The very first smart backpack that we would like to introduce is a charging port school backpack from DACHEE brand. This DACHEE is one of the best charging backpacks that ranks number 9 in our review list. If your preferable design is floral printed, DACHEE will definitely become your favorite. This trendy charging backpack is designed using 15 different floral printed fabric, you also have 15 options to choose. The design of DACHEE is best for both young girls and ladies.

Aside from the design, with DACHEE you can charge your phone when it suddenly dies along the way or somewhere you cannot access to electricity. The dimension of this USB backpack is 15.8 x 12.1 x 3.4 inches while its weight is only 1.04 pound. Another special feature of it is that both straps of the backpack are attached with massage cushion that provides you comfort even when the backpack is heavy.

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8. Unisex Backpack with Charger by Tocode

Unisex Laptop

Let’s take a look at another smart USB backpack that ranks at the 8th place of our review list. This is a unisex backpack from Tocode that is specially designed for both girls and boys because the outlook of the bag is not too girly or too boyish. The size of Tocode is big enough that a 11-inch laptop can be fitted in. And if you need a backpack that has many pockets, Tocode will be your ideal choice because this unisex backpack has 3 main big pockets, 11 inner small pockets, plus 2 side pockets, and at the back there is also a hidden pocket to keep your valuable stuff safe from thief.

Another special feature of Tocode is that you can connect power bank to the internal cable of the backpack in order to charge your phone. On top of that, Tocode will also ensure that you can connect to your music along the way without opening your bag because it has external port for earphone.

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7. Polyester Backpack with USB by Swissdigital

Laptop Backpack

Moving to our number 7 item, that is a backpack with USB charging port from Swissdigital brand. In case you need a backpack with charger for a short time traveling or business trip, choose Swissdigital and you will never regret. This travel backpack can be opened up to 180 degree, so you will not find it inconvenient when you pack your stuff. More than this, Swissdigital has a large capacity and many pockets that allows you to pack more stuff in an organized manner. This backpack is attached with 20 pockets and 3 compartments with many hidden pockets that can keep your belongings safe.

In addition to that, with its USB charging port, Swissdigital will give you a more convenient experience in your travelling because you can have an easy and quick access to charge your phone or other electronic devices like Amazon kindle, laptop and ipad and various other devices.

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6. Stylish USB Backpack by Tocode

Fashion Laptop

Let us introduce our 6th rank item, that is a stylish USB backpack and it is also from Tocode brand. If you are looking for a unisex backpack that you can use for both travelling and school, this Tocode is the best option for you. Tocode has come with 3 different designs for you to choose, including grey, overall black, and black with grey highlight. The design is pretty cool and up to date. By the way what makes this backpack special and different from others is that its size can fit up to 17.3 inches laptop.

Not only that, This Tocode trendy backpack is attached with an external micro USB port and also a standard charging cable that allow you to charge your electronic devices in a more creative and convenient way. Generally, only suitcase has password lock, but surprisingly this Tocode is equipped with a password lock as well, so you can feel more secured to keep your valuable stuff inside this backpack.

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5. Multi-function USB Backpack by YOREPEK

Travel Laptop Backpack

Here comes another extra large backpack for school and travelling that falls into our review list in the 5th rank. This cool backpack is from YOREPEK brand and it is backed by a one-year warranty on quality, so you can trust the durability of this USB backpack. YOREPEK has a fashionable design with six different colors that is easy for to choose based on your favorite color. Moreover, YOREPEK is usable for both men and women.

More importantly, this USB backpack is very light in weight that will not add more burden to you when you carried a lot of stuff. More special than that, it is also designed with multi-panel air flow and attached with back padding that provide you extra back support and allow you to feel comfy although the bag is heavy. Additionally, YOREPEK has a built-in external USB port that gives you a convenient charging experience without opening your backpack.

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4. Anti-theft Travel Backpack by Oscaurt

Oscaurt Anti-theft

Right now, we would like to introduce you another awesome backpack with charger from Oscaurt brand. Oscaurt is a very popular brand that receives a lot of good feedback from customers. The design of Oscaurt is so nice and fashionable that it is suitable for your daily lifestyle. More than that, the design is not only for men, but women can also use it. This backpack comes in 3 colors for you to choose which are black, grey, and dark grey.

Moreover, Oscaurt can fit with any laptop size up to 15.6 inch and its main compartment is 180 degree adjustable that is easy for you to pack and find your belongings. In case you carry it on rainy day, you do not have to worry that your stuff will get wet because Oscaurt is water resistant.

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3. Water Resistant USB Basckpack by Tzowla

Tzowla Business

The 3rd place goes to Tzowla that is also one of the famous brands. Tzowla comes with an anti-thief design that it is attached with a fixed password lock and strong meta zippers that can protect your valuable stuff when you queue or travel. Furthermore, Tzowla is made of high quality water resistant fabric that can keep your belongings from being wet.

On top of that, even your bag is heavy, this bag can reduce your burden and make you feel comfy because it has wide padded shoulder strap. So, Tzowla is perfect for school, business, and travelling. Also, you can charge your electronic devices and listening to music along the way easily. This smart backpack also has multiple divider pockets that can keep your stuff in a well-organized manner.

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2. Slim Smart Backpack by Mancro

Laptop Backpack

Now, we would like to introduce our number 2 product that is a slim, smart backpack from Mancro brand. Mancro is also one of the well-known brands that is commonly used by many people. It comes with 7 different colors for you to choose. In terms of the size, Mancro can fit with any laptop that has the size under 17 inches.       This USB backpack has 3 major compartments, 9 inner small pockets, and 2 sealed side pockets that allow you to keep your stuff separately and in an organized way. In addition, it has a built in external USB charger and a charging cable inside that give you a more convenient experience to charge your phone.

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1. Durable College Backpack by MATEIN

Travel Laptop

Finally, it is time to announce our first place item, that is durable college USB backpack from MATEIN brand. Its design comes with both plain and pattern that is best for your daily lifestyle. There are many pockets, so you can put a lot of stuff separately. More than that, you will feel comfortable when you carry it because it is tagged with an airflow back design that can make your back sweat lesser and MATEIN can also relieve stress on your shoulder because it has foam padded shoulder straps.

Besides, this backpack is made of water resistant fabric, so you will no longer concern when it rains. Additionally, you can charge your phone or listen to music conveniently while walking or traveling because MATEIN is equipped with a USB port.

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As you can see, all of the smart USB backpacks that are reviewed above are all top best charging backpack in 2019. Therefore, do not wait any longer, select one among the ten in order to gift yourself the greatest and trendiest charging backpack ever to upgrade your daily lifestyle to be more convenient and modern.

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