Top 10 Best Compact Microwave Ovens Review & Buying Guide In 2021

As people nowadays are getting busier, routinely cooking is getting rarer because people have less time to focus on it. Still, in order to consume healthy food that taste like a freshly cooked dish, having a microwave oven can actually help a lot. Comparing to the past where microwave ovens are made more focused on heavy cooking person, the recent innovation has introduced one of the most useful kitchenware which is compact microwave ovens. It would be even more useful if you go for the best compact microwave ovens.

Paralleling to the demand, the supply of compact microwave ovens is quite overwhelming because there are many brands try to compete to gain the market share and popularity by inventing more smart features, stunning design, or competitive prices and so on. Hence, getting one for yourself can be a bit of a challenge.

To help with it, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best compact microwave ovens that are highly reviewed and satisfied to use by many users all over the world. Keep reading to find out all the top ten brands.

List Of Top 10 Best Compact Microwave Ovens

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10. Compact Microwave Oven by BLACK + DECKER


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First one in the list, we got one of the most famous brand known for its high quality products, BLACK + DECKER. In this discussion about BLACK + DECKER’s product, its top rated compact microwave oven belong to EM925AB9 Digital model. Designed with stainless steel at the outside, it looks super premium; and it goes perfectly with any of your kitchen’s look. Talking about its functionally, on the other hand, BLACK + DECKER’s EM925AB9 Digital microwave oven can be used to cook anything from making the popcorn to baking pizza and from melting the frozen vegetable to warming the leftover foods.

This 900 Watts microwave oven has up to 10 power setting which you can easily control on its large LED screen display. Moreover, it also has the child safety lock that can prevent your kids from opening and get burn from it. What’s more special is with any purchase of this, you will receive one year warranty, too.

9. Stainless Steel Microwave Oven by Farberware

Farberware Classic

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Next in the list, we have Farberware; a premium quality classic stainless steel with compact design. With only 1.1 cubic foot, this 1000 Watts microwave oven can definitely fit everywhere easily. Besides, its powerful heat is divided into 10 power levels which allows you to freely set anything from 10% to 100%; depends on what meal are you cooking or warming in it. By default, this microwave oven is set for 6-minute Express Cooking mode with another 30-Second control added. On the screen, there are also 6 One-Touch modes for cooking functions where you can bake, warmer or cook something.

Moreover, Farberware also comes with keypad lock that can protects kids in the mid of unsupervised use. Besides, the rotating glass in this microware is also removable, so if you want to clean it, you can easily do by just taking it out without requiring extra tool. And similar to the previous brand, Farberware also offers one year limited warranty on this compact microwave oven.

8. Retro Microwave Oven by BELLA

Bella 900-Watt

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For any ladies out there that are looking for a compact microwave oven that looks more quite stylish and décor-able, BELLA is the one you might always want to own. Unlike most microwave oven in the market, BELLA uses red, black, and chromed handle as the design, so it gives fresh feeling to have it in your kitchen. Its size is also reasonably smaller; measuring only 0.9 cubic feet, so you can store it effortlessly in the kitchen. With 900 Watts of cooking power, you can always adjust it to any level you want; even within mid-cycle. This is helpful because you can always determine how hot you thing will works perfectly for your food.

Like other microwave ovens that has been introduced, BELLA also has 6 One-Touch cooking mode, so you can cook everything in it. Aside from that, there are also 2 automatic selections for defrosting; you can choose between time and weight to defrost your vegetable, meat, or food. Last but not least, there are also express cooking function from 1-6 minutes in this tool, too.

7. Compact Microwave Oven With Retro Style by Nostalgia

Nostalgia RMO7AQ

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Another compact microwave oven for those of you out there who adore aqua color; here we got Nostalgia RMO&AQ Retro Style. With the size of 0.7 cubic foot, this 700-watts compact microwave oven provide perfectly enough power to cook or reheat the food. For this microwave oven brand, cooking becomes super convenient because it has up to 12 pre-programmed cooking mode along with timer and express cooking function, so you can also make the best food for yourself and your beloved one with this.

Moreover, Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro Style also has own the rotating glass carousel that is super helpful for the food to be cooked evenly. This brand is completely dependable and important to have one in your kitchen.

6. Countertop Microwave Oven by Sharp

Sharp Microwaves

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With several decades of innovating and development many useful technological tool; when it comes to microwave oven, we can definitely never forget to mention this leading kitchenware form Sharp. No matter if you compare in term of price or functionality, Sharp has it all. With Sharp compact microwave oven, you can enjoy cooking or getting your food done with a very easy press. For even cooking or heating, this microwave oven is made with removable 10” carousel that keep rotating until your food is well-cooked.

You can also use the Express cook function to get your cooking up to 6 minute without having to navigate anything else along the way. For this Sharp compact microwave oven model, it is in white color, so for those of you who want to look for a matching white kitchen look, this can always be a useful decorative tool.

5. Sleek Microwave Oven by Commercial Chef

Commercial Chef

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Known for a great kitchenware developer, Commercial Chef comes back strong again with its compact counter top microwave oven. Looking ultra-premium in black gloss color, this microwave oven is unbeatable for its durability and functionality. You can always count on this when it comes to preparing snack or getting your leftover food warming up.

Likewise, this 0.7 cubic foot compact microwave oven is designed for user’s comfort as it always maintains the simplicity and basicness of operation which you can easily control. With this Commercial Chef compact microwave oven, you can also use speed or weight to defrost the foods faster, too.

4. Mini Microwave Oven by Daewoo

Daewoo KOR

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On the top 4, we have another compact microwave oven that comes from leading Korean electrical device company, Daewoo. With a very unbeatable team for research and development, Daewoo has produced this classic yet practical compact microwave that wins many people’s heart. The cook menu is very simple and straightforward. There are 4 auto-cook menu and 5 heating level which you can easily press on; then, you can take for time for something else because Daewoo will make sure you have a perfect meal with it. In addition, you can also defrost with Daewoo with its two ways options. Though its size is only 0.7 cubic foot, but the service delivering capacity is not something you should question about Daewoo.

3. Stainless Steel Microwave Oven With Digital Display by Toshiba

 Toshiba EM131A5C

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Another world’s leading electrical devices developer wins special place in the list and what we are talking is Toshiba. Looking very premium in black stainless steel exterior, this 1100 Watts power microwave oven is also known for its large 1.2 cubic feet capacity. With this handy tool, you can set power up to 10 level with the pre-programmed sensor menu that allows you to cook your dishes like pizza, potatoes, and so on. Also, everything is readable on its big digital display that as the straightforward control panel. All the cooking functions can be set with the One-Touch start.

What’s extra special is that you can even set this Toshiba microwave oven to power saving mode which is economically beneficial to you. Moreover, with very few microwave ovens that can perform this, with Toshiba, you can actually set the sound to go off, so you can relax and enjoy waiting your food without having to listing to annoying heating sound.

2. Microwave Oven With Voice Control by AmazonBasics


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Second to the top best compact microwave oven, here we have Amazon Basic Microwave. For the last few years up until presence, Amazon has been competing many world’s leading advanced technological and electrical company by invented many brilliant tools for household uses. AmazonBasics Microwave is no exception. With only 0.7 cubic foot for its size, this super compact microwave oven is very easy to use and to place anywhere in your kitchen. Built for simplicity, it is made to make cooking becomes easier. This Amazonbasics Microwave is also made to be compatible to be navigate by just asking Alexa; Amzon’s smart speaker.

Besides, this high-tech compact microwave oven also uses Amazon Dash Replenishment function that can automatically reorder popcorn when you run low so that you can know when to add more. In addition, it has everything you can imagine; from 10 power levels options, timer, turntable, to child protection lock. With Amazonbasic Microwave, you can just sit back and enjoy your food when it’s ready.

1. Compact Mini Microwave Oven by Comfee


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Finally, the best of the top best compact microwave oven confidently belongs to Comfee. This Comfee EM720CPL-PMB is the number 1 best seller of all time; online and offline. Using black stainless steel as the exterior design, it makes this microwave looks very high quality. It can actually be a great decoration tool in your kitchen, too, when you are using it. Anyway, talking about this Comfee’s function, whatever the other microwave ovens in the list has, Comfee owns it all. Capacity of up to 700 watts, you can personally set the power up to 11 level along with clock and kitchen timer. Moreover, using eco mode, Comfee becomes super pocket-friendly although it already is even when it’s in a normal mode.

Furthermore, besides the Express One-Touch cooking mode, you can also set other pre-programming cooking function its large LED screen. Moreover, Comfee also feature the mute button on its microwave oven which you can press to silent up to annoying sound. Last but definitely not least, you will also get one year limited warranty upon the purchase of this practically high performance compact microwave oven. Having said with the above reasons, this is no more question on why Comfee deserves to be Top 1 best microwave oven and why this is a must-own for your kitchen.

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  1. Buying Guides of The Best Compact Microwave Ovens

    Now, to complement with the top best products, we have also prepared some tips to help you with purchasing the right compact microwave ovens for yourself. First and a must-make-sure point that you have to do before making any purchase is to check your kitchen space. It can be as simple as measuring the space that you prepare to put it because you do not want to buy anything that would not fix to the space you are having. Although these microwave ovens are compact in size, there are still some slight different in term of each product’s sizes.

    Likewise, you should also ready the product description and how capable it can be before making the purchase. For instance, if you usually cook a lot and you demand heating power of microwave oven to be quite high, this type of information is very important that you need to scan through the product description and see if the product is going to achieve or response to your actual demand. Also, as mentioned in the above statement, microwave oven can also be a perfect tool to complement your kitchen look.

    Therefore, aside from its practicality, if you want, you can also choose the right color that would situated well in your kitchen theme. That way, you feel even grateful and mentally enjoyable cooking in your kitchen.


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