Top 10 Best DSLR Rigs For Camera In 2021 Review

For the amateur cameramen out there, you might face many problems when shooting the video due to the lack of equipment in hand. It might be with sound, light, and much other technical stuff that no one ever understands. Among all of those problems, the quality of the video is the main one. That’s why you need the best DSLR Rigs.

Some professional cameras might come with the stabilization function that will reduce the shaking motion while you are shooting, but it does not completely reduce all of it. That’s why you will need a rig to make sure that your video comes out professionally and attractive at the same time. DSLR rigs will allow you to have a comfortable time shooting the video and, at the same time, produce the best quality out of it.

However, choosing the best DSLR rigs is not an easy task to do so since there are many of them on the market with good and bad quality. Well, if you are reading this article, our team are coming up with the top 10 best DSLR Rigs and we will review them below. Without further ado, let’s get started.

List Of Top 10 Best DSLR Rigs Reviews In 2021

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10. YaeCCC Aluminum Alloy DSLR Rig

YaeCCC Aluminium Alloy

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First thing first on our list, we have the YaeCCC Aluminum Alloy DSLR Rig that this camera stabilizer DSLR allows you to lift it up or put it on your shoulder with its shoulder mount to allow to have a great time shooting the video. With this rig, your shooting process will be a more effective and flexible portfolio and also the quality of the video is also coming out professionally.

Moreover, this rig also comes with the various interface of as well to connect with LCD monitor screen, video light and other equipment as well as to make it convenient for every cameraman.

9. YaeCCC Aluminum Film Movie Kit

Aluminum Film Movie Kit

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Next stop, we have another great quality DSLR rig, which is the YaeCCC Aluminum Film Movie Kit. This DSLR video stability has ¼” mounting holes of the cage that will deliver the mounting space various of camera accessories like preview monitor, handgrips, lights, support rods, sound recorders, and many other equipments.

The height of this matte box is adjustable, which you can adjust it up to 45mm base on the lens of the camera and the rail rod system and that is great for film production. Moreover, the focus finder will let you shoot precisely and operate smoothly to produce the best quality video.

8. YaeCCC DSLR Rig Set System

DSLR Movie Video Making

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Moving up to another high-quality DSLR video stabilizer on our list, we have the YaeCCC DSLR Rig Set System. This DSLR Rig Set System comes with the set of shoulder mount, rail rod system and matte box, which is practical and affordable. The matte box can be adjusted top and side flags to help you get rid of any unwanted lights in your footage. Looking at the quality of the rod system, it is durable to hold your camera stable and enable mounting of the tripod with ¼’ and ⅜” screw thread.

Carry this portable rig comfortably on your shoulder and alleviate the pressure on your shoulder as well to aid the stabilization to your shooting process.

7. ALZO Transformer DSLR Rig

ALZO Transformer DSLR Rig

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Your video will be coming out even more cinematic and better quality with the ALZO Transformer DSLR Rig. This is the frame bracket for your DSLR camera, microphone, camera light, audio recording, display monitor as well as other gear needed during the recording process to aid the additional quality to your video. Looking at its design, this rig has a unique base concept that allows for the unobstructed battery compartment and memory card access.

For its construction, this DSLR shoulder rig has the study and lightweight body since it is made of high-quality aluminum with the weight for only 1.2 pounds that does not add much weight and pressure to your shoulder.

6. Neewer Professional DSLR Rig Set

Neewer Professional DSLR

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If you are looking for a new DSLR rig to replace your old one, then the Neewer Professional DSLR Rig set is the perfect choice for you. This DSLR rig has the gear nylon and abs dial index that can be adjusted 360 degrees. It also has the ¼” female adapter at the bottom of the rig and lens max support up to 77mm.

Due to this design and construction, this DSLR video stabilizer is compatible with all the DSLR camera, and it is the ideal choice for making the video with the movable scene or micro shoot. This Neewer DSLR rig set comes with follow focus, matte box, shoulder mount, C-shaped bracket and the top handle.

5. Ivation Pro Steady DSLR Rig

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Coming up next with the Ivation Pro Steady DSLR Rig. This DSLR rig has a transformable design to fit with any shooting style and allows you to extend your creativity during the shooting process. Looking at the size of this best budget DSLR rig, it can be folded to minimize the size due to its compact design, where it will not consume much space like any other rigs and by that, it also improves the portability and carry it around easily.

All joints and hand grips are rotatable and adjustable which make the shooting process with comfort. To add an additional comfort, this rig also comes with the non-slip rest pad on all hand grips and its rear arm can be extended.

4. Neewer DSLR Rig Set System

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Shooting the video with comfort and extending your creativity, the Neewer DSLR Rig Set has all it takes to provide you the fullest support throughout the shooting process. This rig set system included one shoulder mount, one rail rod system and one matte box. For the matte box, it can be adjusted to the top and side flags in order to get rid of any unwanted light in your video footage.

For the rod rail system, it has the durable construction to hold your camera and enable the mounting of a tripod with ¼” or ⅜” screw thread. With this Neewer, you will have a comfortable time shooting the video with the shoulder mount and it will alleviate the pressure on your shoulder as well.

3. Morrors DSLR Rig Movie Kit

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Here we are at the top third-rated DSLR rig on our list with the Morrors DSLR Rig Movie Kit. This rig is compatible with the industry stand 15mm rods and the bottom plate has a ¼” thread to connect with the tripod, monopod, or any other devices that support the ¼” screw head. Its height can be adjusted to fit with different lens sizes with the diameter from 43mm to 82mm.

2. SunSmart eimo DSLR Rig Set

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Coming up next with the SunSmart eimo DSLR Rig set that eases all the obstacles during the recording process. This SunSmart is made for the heavy-duty task with its construction of aluminum and stainless steel. This rig can also be mounted on standard ¼” thread tripod to transform your DSLR camera to the HD camcorder. The height can be adjusted to fit with different lens sizes and with the diameter from 43mm to 82mm.

1. ePhotonic RL01 DSLR Rig

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Saving the best for last, we have the ePhotonic RL01 DSLR Rig. This ePhotonic has the transformable design for different shooting style and also extend your creativity during the shooting. This DSLR rig easy for shooting as it provides stabilization during video production with comfortable handles. The handles come with the rubber grips that your arms rest while recording. Looking at its design, it is lightweight and compact, which allows the user to easily carry it around.


For those who are looking for replacements for their old DSLR rigs, the DSLR rigs above are the best deals. These DSLR rigs are durable, sturdy, and come with a lightweight design. They will allow you to take your video shooting skill to another level. Do not hesitate to grab your favorite DSLR rigs from us.

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