Top 10 Best DSLR Sliders For Camera In 2021 Review

Camera sliders are one of the essential tools needed for the best video and photo shooting. Camera slider provides smooth filming despite plots that require the video takers to shoot the action of the moving items, objects, or person. With a camera slider, your shooting will look more professional with less motion and shaking. If you are looking to purchase one, this article is for you. The article will lessen your burden to find one of the best DSLR sliders that fit with your camera and works perfectly great. The article will review the top 10 best DSLR sliders in 2021. These DSLR sliders are durable, functional, and work super great.

List Of Top 10 Best DSLR Sliders Reviews In 2021

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10. COOCHEER Camera Slider

COOCHEER Camera Slider

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This one is a 19mm track rail, allowing users to shoot video with stably and professionally smooth sliding. The camera rail also features an agile and easy adjustment for both its legs and height according to the users’ conveniences. The slider is made of aluminum alloy that is super durable and lightweight. It is also easy to bring along anywhere. The camera rail can also hold any cameras up to 17.5 lbs and allows the camera to slide on a distance of 80 cm. The rail is also designed with an attachment screw, which allows users to set tightness of ball head and tripods of different sizes, and threads that are practical for having other accessories mounted on it as you wish.

COOCHEER is a perfect option for YouTubers and filmmakers for shooting slow motion and videos.

9. A&J Camera 11″ Video Track Slider

A&J Camera Slider 11 Mini Video Track

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This one is perfect for video and photo takers. It works perfectly as a parallax camera slider. The slider features tracking and panoramic shooting that keeps focusing on the target and be able to take 0-by-120-spherical pan-shot photography despite the users have to move their camera. The slider is also small and portable. Its sliding length is 28cm, while its weight is just 538g, which is pretty convenient to tag along anywhere you go.

With this one, you can take your shooting to another expert-like level, either to use the slider to take a video of your items or objects or person from far to near as well as left to right. This one supports both smartphone and GoPro.

8. A&J Camera Slider

A&J ANJMVSL80 Camera Slider

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If you are looking for a slider that is functional and needs little time to set it up, this one is built, especially just for you. This camera rail offers a stable, high-quality, and smooth shooting. It is made of aluminum alloy that is really durable and long-lasting and super precision bearing. Its design is also useful, for its base has a screw thread that you can link to your camera and its bottom has screw holes to attach to any tripods. The length of its slide is 29 inches, and its capacity can hold up to 22 pounds.

With its 4-rubber wheels, now the users can dolly their filming more professionally. The wheels are also removable and the slider fits to smartphones and any cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Sony.

7. Zecti 15.7” Portable Carbon-Fiber Camera Slider

Zecti 15-7 Portable Carbon Fiber Camera

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This one is a perfect slider for advertising, wedding, short filming, and video shootings. Zecti is made of carbon fiber with aluminum alloy, which offers super great quality and durable to use for a long period. Zecti features a big plate for easy connecting to any device. It is also designed with middle and ending screw holes that can attach to the tabletop, light stand, and tripod at any angles as you desire. The slider is also portable, affordable, and lightweight.

It also comes with a carrying bag that is suitable for going on a trip anywhere. Zecti also produces noiseless sliding giving you the best experiences with sliding shooting.

6. Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider

Kamerar 31 Fluid Motion Video Slider

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Lightweight, sturdy, smooth sliding, with modern-looking, is included in Kamerar Slider. This one comes in black, highlighting slightly red. It is a motorized camera slider. The slider is designed with 6 rollers and belt drive system, accelerating superior smoothness and produce quiet sliding movement. Its legs are also adjustable for any height and angle shooting. Its sliding length is 31 inches. With this one, you can control over your camera sliding movement precisely, consistently, and stably, for it features an additional handle and flywheel counterweight system.

5. Neewer 23.6 inches Camera Track Slider

Neewer 23-6 inches-60 centimeters

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This slider works great on the ground as well as attaching with the tripod. The slider is also built with 4 balls bearing providing smooth movement and barely scratching. It also features threaded holes that allow users to shoot their videos vertically and horizontally and professionally or you can also take 45-degree shooting. With this one, you can adjust its legs within 8.5 cm to 10 cm. To lock the leg position securely, the slider is also built with locking knobs and a great gear-shaped joint.

Neewer is pretty affordable, convenient to carry, and cozy to store and bring with you anywhere. This one is a perfect companion for shooting any kinds of videos.

4. pangshi 24″ Slider Dolly Track

pangshi 24 Camera Slider Dolly Track Glider

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A great sliding with 4-roller bearing for noiseless motion is Pangshi Slider. This one also features rubber feet and high precision design, which makes it durable, offers stable sliding movement, and convenient to posit it on any kind of surfaces. The slider is also lightweight and consists of adjustable legs for easily altering its height according to camera weights.

Pangshi is also designed with male thread to attach with camera and ball head, and female threads for mounting two tripods. Pangshi is pretty affordable and beneficial to use.

3. Neewer 39″ Track Dolly Slider System

Neewer 39 1m Carbon Fiber Camera

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Neewer is always beneficial and never fails to satisfy its users. This one is pretty practical to use for shooting vertically, horizontally, as well as in 45 degrees. The slider has threaded holes to make sure the degree shooting is possible and the camera is held tightly. It also comes with adjustable legs from heights of 10.5 cm to 13.5 cm. Neewer also has ball bearings and is made of carbon fiber for stable and smooth sliding movement with less abrasion. Its legs are also made with gear-shaped joint and secured knobs to lock its position.

Carrying bag will be also included for your convenient to bring it along anywhere. Neewer is always your best shooting companion.

2. Neewer Portable FilmMaker System

Neewer Portable FilmMaker System

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Neewer is a perfect shooting companion you can ever find. This slider works great despite having to use it continuously for long hours. The slider features an ergonomic design. It is pretty lightweight and super supportive for mobile and camera shooting. With this one, you can shoot your film from any angles and adjust the height and position as you desired. The slider is also made with the capacity to be placed with video-taking series of accessories.

1. IMORDEN 40″ Ball-bearing Slider Track

IMORDEN 40 100cm Camera Slider

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This one offers a smooth slide with stable footage and less corrosion, for its rail is made with 4 rolling bearings and Chrome Coated shaft that can posit on any kind of ground stably. On the slider, it also has mounting holes with several mounting choices, which allow users to attach to one/two tripods according to your wish. This one is also compatible to use with iPhone and GoPro. IMORDEN can also be a great gift concept for film-taking lovers.


Having a camera slider would be a plus to your shooting technique and a good camera, for it helps balance your move during the shooting and make it less shaking, and more expert-like. The article has just introduced to you the top 10 best DSLR sliders in 2021. You should consider buying one and experience your shooting to another extra level. The above DSLR sliders are the best, work great, and will fit your needs and expectations.

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