Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards In 2021 – Review & Guides

Are you looking to purchase some high-quality electric skateboards? Here is an ultimate list of reviews of the best electric skateboards you may find in the market.

List Of Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards In 2021

10. Portable Electric Skateboard by Voyager

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Dreaming of the perfect outdoor activity with an electric skateboard, you can have it with Voyager, the top 10 best electric skateboards reviewed for 2020. There are several points of why Voyager is rated this high. First, it has a long-range power that can speed up to 7 miles per hour. Besides, it is super portable; thanks to its lightweight design, this electric skateboard weighs only 9.5 pounds.

Moreover, this electric skateboard integrates a smart wireless controller that you can easily set the speed with it to choose the mode (fast or slow depends on how expert you are with riding one). To add on these benefits, Voyager also has the IP55 rated water-resistant property that allows users to be able to use it during the wet condition like raining. Voyage is ideal for anyone, from kids to adults, as it can stand up to 200 pounds in terms of weight.

9. Electric Skateboard With Great Speed by Evolve Skateboards

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Next in the list, we have Evolve Skateboards. Staying on the top 9, there are many things Evolve Skateboard can offer to its end users. Talking about speed, this four-wheels electric skateboard can speed up to 18.5 miles per hour, so if you are an expert skateboard rider, you can definitely slay your ride experience with this brand. Furthermore, with this electric skateboard, you can use it to go up the hill by using GT mode or go on the terrain surface (like grass, concrete or uneven ground).

To ease with the control of this as well as to select the preferred mode, there is a magnetic trigger control that you can use to set the acceleration or brake, which data are all displayed on the LCD digital screen. Lastly, this electric skateboard is designed using an ergonomic concept that uses a rubber over-mold in order to give the best hand comfort for users.

8. Electric Skateboard With Two Riding Speeds by Koowheel

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Getting better and better, here we have Koowheel 2nd generation electric skateboard. With this Koowheel, you can choose two riding speed mode; that is between Advanced mode (24.8MRH) and Normal Mode (18MRH). In order to unlock the speed limit, you just need to click the remote button for 5 times constantly. Move to the material used, to ensure the elasticity and toughness of the board, Koowheel is produced using 7 layers of Canadian Maples Panels, so the user can have more traction while riding without worrying about getting spoil on it. Depends on what type of surface you are riding on, the maximum speed can range up to 24.8 miles per hour.

This high performance electric skateboard is powered by the battery which you can actually replace one to another in no more than 15 second. Knowing you can always get 100% cash back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product after purchasing, you can now sit back, relax and start order to try one immediately.

7. Versatile Electric Skateboard by SkateBolt


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On to the next one in the list that has been reviewed among the best electric skateboards in 2021, here proudly introduce SkateBolt. From the flat surface to climbing the hill, SkateBolt never fails to perform. For cruising up, you can actually enjoy up to 18.6 miles per hour with a full charge. More specifically, with the dual motor, SkateBolt can easily climb up to 25-degree steep hill in 25 miles per hour speed, which is incredibly unbelievable. This electric skateboard is both durable and stable. It’s made with 8 layers of sturdy Northeast maple that allows it to be capable of standing the weight up to 280 pounds.

What’s more special is that this skateboard is also equipped with the 2 red taillights, so you feel safer taking it for a ride on the road, especially in the dimmed light condition. Turning to the remote, its remote has a ring attached to it so you can securely use it to set the speed modes and other functions. Topping with the purchase, you will also get the 6-month warranty with the repair service provided by the team in LA.

6. Powerful Electric Skateboard by PHOENIX RYDERS


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Positively reviewed, this PHOENIX RYDERS electric skateboard is claimed to perform very sophisticatedly. Its powerful motors allow this electric skateboard to speed between 18.6 miles up to 22-25 miles per hour with the 2 speed mode. As a result of using 8 layers of high-quality northeast maple, it can stand the weight pressure of up to 275 pounds. You can use it on any surface; it’s also capable of going up the hill. Moreover, for the safety of the user, this skateboard also attached with a red LED taillight to reminds other vehicles at the back about your existence.

Besides, with the remote control, you can also easily control the mode, the speed, the brake and get update with the status of battery. Finally, this authentication-qualified electric skateboard also offer 6 months warranty on the product quality and reparation.

5. Ergonomic Electric Skateboard by VOKUL

VOKUL V1 Electric

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This top 5 best electric skateboard is quite special that it is self-claimed to have both high performance and affordable price, which they actually proved it and earn a lot of users’ supports. Using the 7S2P 4.4Ah lithium battery, it can speed with up to 13 miles per hour for cruising while it can also go up to 10 miles with a full charge. With VOKUL, you can go ahead and conquer everything without worrying about getting stuck in the terrains like a hill or uneven surface.

Besides, it also has the ergonomic wireless remote that is designed for a safe grip while you are commuting with the skateboard on the street. You can set or change to any modes in just a tip of your fingers. Like other electric skateboards, this VOKUL skateboard offers 6 months warranty that spans for all types of manufacturing defects, except wheels and grip tape.

4. Sleek Electric Skateboard by teamgee


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Move on to the next one, which is also the top 4 best electric skateboard, teamgee. With only 0.59 inches thick, this UL Certified electric skateboard is ranked as the thinnest one so far. Though the board is super thin, this doesn’t affect the quality of the skateboard at all; it can easily hold the weight of up to 200 pounds. Its high performance dual-motors allows user to speed this up to 22 miles per hour. You can also comfortably change the speeds, redirection, or revising the skateboard with no effort by using the easy-to-use remote control that has everything you need to know display on the LCD screen.

3. Heavy Duty Electric Skateboard by DIYE

DIYE Electric

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Moving on, here at the top 3 best electric skateboard, there is DIYE that is super heavy-duty and durable. The design is super simple for everyday practical use. It is super lightweight and portable, as you can easily carry around when you reach your destination. Besides, this DIYE is also made for scratch protection. As riding this on the street would definitely encounter some harsh surface or road condition that will get the board scratched easily, DIYE uses the high-quality material to make it more resistant to those scratch, so you can always have a new skateboard with you.

2. Premium Electric Skateboard by Spadger

Spadger Electric

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By just a quick glance of its appearance, you already get a “wow” feeling from it. It looks nothing like a typical e-skateboard because the design made it super premium and attractive. For the quality and safety of the user, it used 85% explosion-proof material in order to prevent any explosion or fire that occurred when using this. Aside from the strong power of the motors, this skateboard can also generate the speed up to 23 miles per hour. Moreover, it has built-in magnetic steel that allows an immediate stop as you brake when you encounter any obstacles at the front. Besides, it has a smart LED lamp and DSP technology audio speaker that allows you to ride while listening to your favorite song. There are also multiple modes you can select. Last but not least, this Spadger skateboard also offers a 1-year warranty on any mechanical defects.

1. Electric Skateboard With Powerful Motor by Maxfind

Maxfind Electric

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Finally, we’ve come to the last one, which is also the Top 1 best electric skateboard that everyone has obsessed with, Maxfind. There are countless things Maxfind can do. In terms of speed, the powerful motor can generate up the top speed of up to 23 miles per hour and 30% grade hill climbing. Also, with the stiff deck flex, it allows users to remain stable in the midst of high speeding. The simplicity of this also made it very practically useful. Nothing is complex, so you don’t need specific knowledge about this to be able to use one. There are two modes that you can choose through remote control. For maintenance, all its parts can be repaired at a very low cost, so none of these should be your concern. Still, Maxfind offers 6 months warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Buying Guide

There are a few easy guides that you may also want to check out if you are looking to purchase an electric skateboard in the near future.

1. Speed limit

Different brands usually have different maximum speed capacity. If you are a pro, you may want to look for those who higher speed as bearing to ride on a low speed can’t really optimize your comforts and user’s experience. However, if you, instead, is a beginning, this speed limit won’t really be a concern for you.

2. Weight

Weight can also be another important point to look at. There are always certain weights that a particular skateboard can stand. Once you are purchasing one, you will have to make sure if the one that you are currently looking at, can actually stand your weight. This is important because if not, the skateboard cannot generate its full potential, and it would even easily damage the skateboard without notice.

3. Battery capacity

Since most electric skateboards are run by battery, which means there must be some sort of capacity of how long it can last after a full charge. It is important because if the battery is empty in the middle of nowhere, you cannot refuel like it’s run by gas or petroleum. Depends on the actual use, which is up of individual users, you may want to clarify the battery capacity before the purchase, too.

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