Top 8 Best Embroidery Machines Review & Buying Guide

Although the high tech merchandised clothing widely available on the market, traditional clothes designing methods still remain popular, especially for those who love crafted works. Talking about embroidery, in specific, having a handful of machines is very important. Nowadays, to make the embroidery work more enjoyable and time-efficient, there are many brands competing in terms of their special unique functions/features, which somehow makes it a bit challenging to find the best embroidery machines in the midst of such a variety. To help you with purchasing the best performance embroidery machines, here we have researched and concluded the top 8 best embroidery machines.

List Of Top 8 Best Embroidery Machines & Buying Guide

8. Professional Embroidery Machine by Singer

SINGER Professional

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Never let the brand name fool you that this SINGER product is something for singing. Instead, it actually is one of the top 8 best embroidery machines in the current year. For those who master at embroidery, this professional machine is for you. SINGER is a Serger machine that employs 2-3-4-5 thread capability. What it does is that it provides a variety of selection regarding stitch options. That means you can use it for every embroidery project.

Besides, it has a feature called self-adjusting tension in which it adjusts the stitches automatically as the embroidering beginning; hence, you can have an even piece of art. As long as the speed is concerned, this SINGER embroiders machine can sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute. Besides, it also possesses the 4 build-in rolled hems, including decorative edges, cover hems, rolled hems and so on, which means when you own this machine, you are automatically own the rolled hems without extra cost.

In terms of energy consumption, it’s pretty efficient, too. This machine also comes with a free pressure feed, so you do have to spend extra bucks for it. Moreover, with any purchase of this machine, you will be offered a 90 days limited warranty from adjustments to attachments while another 2 year warranty is for motors, wiring, electronic component and many else.

It’s not done yet. You will also be offered 25 year limited warranty on the sewing machine head, too.

7. SINGER Quantum Stylish Computerized Embroidery Machine

Quantum Stylist

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Here is another SINGER embroidery machine that wins the 7th place on the list. The machine is super smart, featuring a computer screen display that users can control and select any features/mode for the machine. It is portable and super lightweight, so you can easily bring it around with you.

Besides, it also has many stitches selections; counting from basic, stretch to decorative stitches; hence, your project can be personally done in any way you want. Moreover, this SINGER model is also equipped with an automatic needle threader. What it does is that the threads will be automatically inserted to needle eyes by itself, so you don’t have to deal with the frustration of not being able to insert the thread like the typical sewing experience.

The built-in stitches in a total range up to 600, all nicely placed with 5 Alphanumeric fonts and another 13 1-step buttonholes and its exclusive underplate. Besides, the machine also comes with the mirror imaging and stitch elongation that you can use for more creative possibilities.

This machine can speed superfast, sewing 850 stitches in just a minute. Last but not least, this handful piece also comes with the full box of useful accessories when purchasing one. So you have everything you need the minute you own it.

6. Brother Sewing Model RLX3817

 Brother RLX3817

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Here we one among the best embroidery machines from Brother, Sewing Model RLX3817. Its design is quite compact yet super practical. It’s made of plastic, so it’s very light and easy to carry around. Talking about its performance, it has 17 unique built-in stitches, one of which is a 4 step auto-size buttonhole.

On the machine, there is also light from an LED bulb that shade on the work area, so it helps your eyes with sewing the objects even in the dimmed light condition. This machine also has a jam-resistant feature that prevents the thread from jamming in the sewing feet and thus protects you from the frustration you would have from such a problem.

Moreover, with any purchase of this, you will also be provided with 4 different type of sewing feet and arm used for sewing cuffs and sleeves; all without any extra charge. In addition, there is also a 25 year warranty and a lifetime support throughout phone call with professional customer service.

5. 1034D Embroidery Machine by Brother

Brother 1034D

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Next on to the top 5th, we have with us Brother 1034D Model embroidery machine. Now, there are many special points about this machine. First of all, it is super dependable, especially with your embroidery project. It has the high performance 3/4 thread serger that is responsible for delivering professional edge finishing, ideal for a wide fabric. You can sew differently designed with this machine, too.

Moreover, it has the 22 built-in stitch that goes with 4-3 thread overlock, rolled ham or ribbon lock stitch. Doesn’t matter whether what type of fabric you are going to sew on, thin or stretchy, this machine will work just fine for you. Basically, you can work every single project with this machine alone.

For beginners who are not used to sewing before, Brother has got your back. You can actually learn to use this very fast with the instruction video and printed manual that are included in the package. It comes with every other accessory that you may need, too.

After purchasing, the machine then gets warranted up to 25 year with lifetime support, so if you need anything, Brother will also be to help.

4. Embroidery Machine With LCD Display by Brother

Brother Computerized

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Another sewing machine that is from Brother also sits on the top 4th in the list. This model is the computerized type of machine that you can easily navigate the sewing modes and stuffs on its smart backlit LCD display. Interestingly, it has up to 110 built-in stitches that work perfectly with any crafting projects.

This Brother sewing machine model also possesses the automatic needle threader system that you can use with just a simple touch of the lever. You will never encounter the shock from not being able to insert the thread to the needle eye anymore.

Besides, the machine is also capable to auto-size up to 8 different styles of buttonhole; in case you want your buttonhole to be a bit extra than the typical one, just leave the work to this machine. In order to protect the machine from getting spoil when using it, it then comes with a hard case and a big table, so even when you are not using it, you can simply just store it safely in the case.

3. Compact Embroidery Machine by SINGER

Computerized Sewing

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The last SINGER brand that won the place in the top 8 best embroidery machine belongs to the Singer 7258 model. Among many different brands in the market, this SINGER sewing machine is not only pocket’s friendly for consumers, but its performance is also tremendously unbelievable.

First and foremost, this sewing machine equips up t0 76 different decorative stitches, which you can easily select anyone you desire by simply pushing a button that manifested on the LCD screen. On the same note, you can also set the length, width or tension on that screen.

Moreover, it also is both automatic needle threader and is jam-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about such a headache caused by a typical sewing machine. Besides, this machine is also packed with many bonus accessories that you would find it useful for your project; without paying any extra cent. Coming with a 25-year warranty, you can always reach out to SINGER’s team if you have any problem with using it.

2. Sewing & Embroidery Machine by Brother

Brother Embroidery

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Coming on to the second top best embroidery machine, we have this Women’s Choice Award-winning, Brother Sewing Model PE800. With this model, you will always have unlimited design options in your hand. First and one of its special features is the built-in memory and USB port. It is super useful in a way that you can always store your [ordered] projects or your custom design for future reference.

Moreover, it has an exclusive 5”x 7” stitching field that can be used for larger designs like lettering and so on. Likewise, there is also a larger color LCD screen that you can use to navigate the thread colors. In the machine alone, there are up to 138 built-in embroidery thread; among that, there are even 11 lettering fonts that comprises of English, Japanese and Cyrillic.

On the same note, up to 10 frame shapes and 14 border styles are also available in this machine. If these feature don’t convince you enough that this machine is one of the greatest tool, this PE800 also features editing tools for extensive designs like rotating, mirroring or size adjusting mode, too.

1. Embroidery Machine Set by MDPQT

Mini Speed Sewing

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On to the last one, which is also the top 1 best embroidery machine, here we have this reasonably-priced, compact and lightweight MDPQT. One of the special points about this product is that it is very light and super portable as it weighs only a few pounds; how can you not stand to own one of these little useful tools for yourself?

Despite its size, its durability and practically shall never be questioned. As this machine is ideal for personal use, it is perfect to have one at home or in office; especially if you are a beginner or you want your kids to start learning how to sew. It is super safe and easy to use, as there is no complex rule on this. MDPQT comes with a box full of accessories from external power supply to 25 different colors of sewing threads and many more.

What’s also great about this sewing machine is that it has the built-in lamp inside that, so you can still see the sewing line very clearly even under an inadequate light source. In terms of speed, you can actually choose how powerful or speedy you want it to sew by just levering the switch. Furthermore, there is also an extension table coming along with this machine; hence, you can use it to maintain stability while sewing, that is quite important for your project and your personal comfort.

For the power source, you can actually use it in two ways; putting battery or connect it directly to the power outlet. For using with battery, it is the most suitable when you are traveling, and somehow it can be challenging to find the power outlet, so even in such a situation, you still can sew anything. Knowing all these points that you can actually get from owing this MDPQT, it must be hard to resist that this is not the best sewing machine.

Buying Guide: What Is The Best Embroidery Machines?

Here are the guides that can help you more with your decision to purchase the right embroidery machines. This guide will be very helpful, especially if you are a beginner. Having said that, there are a few points you may want to consider before buying embroidery machines, including:

Price relevant to your skill

Raising this point into a discussion, it refers to the fact that your choice of sewing machine should reflect on the price per se and your personal skill in using one. In other words, if you a beginner or someone who only seldom uses the sewing machine, it would be best to consider a less professional one as the price is relatively cheaper and you may not explore many advanced modes/features to its fullest potential, too. In contrast, if using a sewing machine has always been a part of your life or your earning, it is absolutely needed that you are looking for the professional one that has every features contributing to making your projects done faster and more efficiently.

Always check the details and ask for instructions or special features on spot

Each sewing machine tends to have slightly different features or how to function, particularly the computerized sewing machine ones. For anyone who never used the computerized version, it is also recommended that you seek some instructions from the expert because bringing it homes because sometimes it will be a lot more efficient to know which function is where, so you never have to deal with the frustration when you get it home (although most of them usually come with paper instruction in the box).

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