Top 10 Best Floating TV Stands To Have In 2021 Review

Are you looking for the best floating TV stands? With the new innovative technology today, we bet that you are also looking for the best stand to accommodate your flat TV. Today we will look at the Top 10 Best Floating TV Stands Reviews in 2021 that can display your TV, store your media devices as well as decorating your house at the same time. Read on to learn more.

List Of Top 10 Best Floating TV Stands Reviews In 2021

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10. Woodwaves Floating TV Stand

Floating TV Stand - ECO

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Woodwaves Floating TV Stand, the beautiful stand that comes in mocha color and has a total size of 47.8 x 16.5 x 14 inches. Next, this floating entertainment center product is fully assembled; therefore, you will have less concern about the installation process.

All the essential hardware is attached in the package, so you can mount it on the wall using less time and effort. There is a shelf as well and you can adjust the height and size of it without any problem. This sleek product can accommodate TV along with other audio players.

9. Hawthorne Collections 58″ Floating TV Stand

Hawthorne Collections 58

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The next wall mount tv stand is designed to capture the heart of the users. Hawthorne Collections can withstand a plasma and LCD that weigh up to 75 lbs. There are different compartments for storing other devices too. With the size of the shelf, it is the smart choice for placing Blu-ray Discs or DVDs. Besides this, it is the smart choice for concealing the messy cable from your sight.

The total dimension of this product is 16 x 58.2 x 16.8 inches, and the simple assembly process is needed as well. The good news for the users is the warranty is given.

8. Altra Layton Wall Mounted 47″ TV Stand

Altra Layton Wall Mounted 47

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Altra Layton Wall Mounted is known as one of the reputable floating media consoles. To start with, this product is the right solution for storing the TV in the case that you are living in a small apartment. With the size of 42 x 15.8 x 26 inches, this TV stand can support many types of TVs with a total weight of 70 lbs.

The shelves attached are up to 4 so you can store many devices without any problem. For adding convenience for the users, the back panels can be slided. You can manage the cable as well as access to the outlet with ease.

7. Manhattan Comfort Carnegie TV Stand

Manhattan Comfort Carnegie TV

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Manhattan Comfort Carnegie Tv Stand is a durable product that is very resistant to impact. The material chosen for producing this product is the engineered wood. That’s not all, this floating tv cabinet is built to last and it can hold up to 161 lbs. This is the highly recommended product for storing the TV and other theater-related devices in the living room or bedroom.

The size of it is 71 x 17.1 x 73 inches; therefore, placing a 60-inch TV on it would match perfectly well. For your information, the package of this product comes with brackets for mounting as well.

6. Manhattan Comfort Cabrini TV Stand

Manhattan Comfort Cabrini

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If you are a flat TV owner, then this stand by Manhattan Comfort Cabrini is the one for you. This highly functional TV stand comes with an adjustable shelf and it can support many types of TV without any problem. This sleek product comes in black color, plus the hole and LED lighting are built-in as well.

Since this product allows you to mount, you can save space greatly. Even though you own a small living space; this TV mount can serve you well. The total dimension of this product is 85.6 x 8.5 x 52.3 inches.

5. Martin Furniture IMSE360S Floating TV Console

Martin Furniture IMSE360S

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If you are looking for the wall-mounted tv stand that comes along shelves, then Martin Furniture IMSE360S should be the right choice. First off, it is well produced from the laminated finish; hence, the beauty of it is undeniable. The shelves can accommodate the audio and other devices. The total weight that it can support is up to 120 lbs.

In case that you are concerning about the installation process, can ensure you that it can be done with ease. The company of this product backs the item with a 5 years warranty.

4. Martin Furniture IMAS370S TV Stand

Martin Furniture IMAS370S

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Here arrives another highly practical wall mounted stand, which is the ideal choice for those who wish to own a suitable sized hanging tv stand. This Martin Furniture IMAS370S has the full dimension of 11.8 x 72 x 8.5 inches. With its great features and style, it is a wise choice for using in a small living space.

The weight that it can hold without any problem should be lower than70 lbs. The package of this product comes with the necessary hardware. For your information, you can have the trust on this product as well since it is backed by a 5 years warranty.

3. Manhattan Comfort Cabrini Theater Panel 2 TV Stand

Manhattan Comfort Cabrini

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Manhattan Comfort Cabrini is another TV stand of stellar reviews that has a total size of 85.6 x 16.7 x 67.2 inches. This wood TV wall mount is the ideal product for using in the house as it is the smart choice for decorating your living place. The sight of the messy wires can be eliminated as it is built-in with the wire management hole.

There is also space available for storing the DVD, magazine and more. The TV size that it can accommodate is up to 70 inches. More than just the ordinary floating TV stand, this product carries many features that make it becomes the premium quality product.

2. Ameriwood Home Asher Wall Mounted TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Altra Furniture Wall

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The second-best product, floating media console called Ameriwood Home Asher, carries the total size of 60 x 15.8 x 26 inches. With the creative design of it, it is the smart choice for storing a flat panel TV that has a size of 65 inches. Adding to that, it can accommodate the weight up to 135 lbs too.

If you are seeking for the right solution for displaying your TV, we can guarantee that this product should be the smart choice to make. With the essential hardware included, installing this stand will be a fun DIY project.

1. Wide Wall Mounted Media Console

South Shore City Life 48

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South Shore City Life is large enough to accommodate a 48 inches TV. The size of this product is 16.2 x 48 x 10.3 inches. Next, this wall mount tv stand is thoroughly designed with other 2 open spaces allowing you to store other media related devices easily.

It is also known as a health-friendly product, as the materials chosen are the non-toxic materials. The shelves can be adjusted to suit your need. Plus, each shelve can accommodate up to 10 pounds. With the warranty given, we find nothing to worry about.


Make an informed decision before deciding to get any product for storing the flat TV as well as its media-related devices. With this list of the top 10 best floating TV stands reviews, look no further when you are about to shop for some floating TV stands for your preference or needs. One of our recommended items will serve you well.

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