Top 10 Best Floor Jacks That You Should Have In 2021 Review

Floor jacks might be one of the tools that every driver should have in the car to lift up their vehicle in times of need. Apart from this, floor jacks can also be used to raise every heavy loading equipment. The reason to use this is that you will have the jobs done with convenience and fastness. However, the low-quality ones might mess up all of your works in the middle of nowhere. To help you avoid getting a low-quality floor jack, which could waste a lot of your money, here are the top 10 best floor jacks in 2021 to look at.

List Of Top 10 Best Floor Jacks In 2021

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10. JEGS Racing Car Auto Floor Jack

3 Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Racing Car

A jack tool is what every driver should have in the car to use during times of need. The one from the JEGS brand will help you lift heavy devices with its heavyweight lifting capacity. With a 3 ton capacity, this unit allows you to fix your own vehicle a lot more conveniently. Thereby reducing a lot of bills spent at the mechanic center. It weighs only 58 lbs, which is compact and easy to store, especially to keep in your car.

It has a construction made of aluminum steel to help to handle with heavy things possible and to extend its lifespan a lot longer. Thanks to a 360-degree rotatable saddle, this floor jack allows you to adjust multi positions like a snap.

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9. Pittsburgh Automotive Heavy Duty Floor Jack

3 ton Heavy Duty Low Profile Floor

This portable car jack from Pittsburgh Automotive will travel with you anywhere and help you to handle the fixing at any circumstances. It has a low profile construction, which is able to go under most of the vehicles easily. With a weight of just 100 pounds, this floor jack still manages to lift every 3 ton vehicle with ease.

Constructed with rapid pump technology, it provides fast lifting to every heavy loading that works like a freeze with about 2 to 3 pumps. Besides, it features a universal joint release to offer the best control regardless of any positions it is in. Along the way, it has a heavy-duty foot pedal to help you pump with convenience.

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8. Pittsburg 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack and Jack Stands Set

Pittsburg 3 Ton Low Profile Floor

If you own a truck, you will need a truck jack to help you with vehicles fixing or tire changing. The one from Pittsburg can give you an easy time dealing with all of the loadings that work pretty well. It is a set that comes with a couple of jack stands to help you lift up every heavy object with more possibility.

Its low profile construction offers a better reaching out to the loading point a lot better. Especially, this unit is ideal to use with every lowered car. With a big and heavy-duty build, it is able to handle with 3 ton weight capacity at max even without the assistance from the stands.

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7. Goplus Quick Rapid Pump Floor Jack

Goplus Floor Jack w

This unit comes with 3 ton lifting capacity, but it is also suitable to use as a 2 ton floor jack for every small car. Weighing around 71 lbs, it has the ability to perfectly lift up both small cars and trucks. Its lightweight, compact, and portable construction help to improve storage and save a lot of space for storing in your car.

The construction comes with a safety valve, which is great at protecting overload works. Built with a dual plunger, this floor jack fastly lifts the object up without any harms. In addition, it arrives with swivel rear wheels to enhance ease of positioning during the time of use.

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6. Sunex 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum

One of the best features every user wants to get from a power built jack is its lightweight construction. Weighing only 27 pounds, this product can lift up to 3 ton loading weight with its aluminum construction. This unit lifts heavy weight up from 3.75 inches to about 18 inches high, which makes it easy for you to reach under the vehicle. Built with a thick frame and side plates, Sunex offers better strength and stability to the lifting works.

It also has a built-in chassis torsion, which greatly helps with controlling. Its attached safety valve does a great job at preventing overloading works to ensure that you will not receive any harm staying under the vehicles.

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5. Torin Big Red Pro Series Hydraulic Floor Jack

Torin Big Red Pro Series

Our top 5 here is a product coming from Torin Company. It is a small floor jack that carries many premium features to impress its users. Being able to lift over 3 ton loading weight, this floor jack is strongly constructed of aluminum steel for a great weight withstanding. It comes with a steel caster that can swivel in multi-angle for great and easy positioning.

With a built-in safety overload system, Torin Big Red Pro Series Hydraulic Floor Jack always enables you to finish all the loading works with safe and sound. This product also has a big heavy-duty stance to improve stability during use as well.

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4. Blackhawk Fast Lift Service Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Black

Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack is a high-performance unit that fast lifts every loading weight. It is built with a bypass device system that helps to enhance higher protection on over pumping. Because ultra safety is at the heart of this 3.5 ton floor jack production, the manufacturer has equipped it with a sturdy safety valve on the inside of this jack.

There are also a durable swivel saddle and solid rear caster coming together to provide a more convenient positioning job. Built with a higher rigidity system, this Blackhawk helps to maintain the jack in place and decrease twisting movement.

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3. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ3T is aluminum made floor jack that has a coated stainless steel construction. This floor jack is specifically designed with many superior features to assist you in lifting up your vehicle quickly and easily. Its 3 ton lifting capacity makes it possible for users to use it with both small cars or trucks. Besides, it weighs only 56 pounds, which is easy to lift, transport, and store. Constructed with a reinforced arm, this allows the floor jack to lift with extra strength and faster movement.

At the same time, it has a built-in chassis torsion, which helps to expand durability and longer lifespan. Different from previous products, this floor jack has a dual pump piston to help with a quick vehicle lifting.

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2. Arcan XL2T Black Steel Service Jack

Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile

Coming with a plain black mirror coated appearance, Arcan XL2T Black Steel Service Jack attracts so many users and is also ranked as the top 2 on our list. It is constructed with low profile construction, which enables this unit to reach under every object with convenience. Its compact and lightweight design offers users a very easy time to store and prepare. Although it is very small, its ability to lift heavy vehicles is such a freeze.

This Arcan can lift your car from 2.75 inches up to 24 inches high within a short time. Added with a long chassis about 32 inches, it expands durability and ease of use to the fullest. Arriving with a built-in universal joint, this unit helps to improve stability and keep your objects in place.

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1. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

Torin Big Red Hydraulic

The top product is the top performance floor jack from a well known Torin brand. Designed with many good features, this floor jack is ideal to use with both trucks and SUV cars. Its lengthy neck provides the easiest and quickest time to lift your vehicle up with its 21-inch lifting range. Its small and low profile construction enables this floor jack to reach to any jack point more easily compared to most jacks.

Aside from this, Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack is capable of lifting up to 3 ton loading weight. Thereby helping users to save the cost of buying different floor jack for different vehicle fixing. The swiveling casters of this floor jack designed to assist users in transporting and positioning the unit.

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If you want to fix your vehicle on your own, it is best to look for a floor jack to perform the fixing at home. With all of the floor jacks presented above, all of them help you to lift up every heavy loading weight with its fast movement and its heavy lifting capacity.

The constructions are also made to ensure the most durable and the longest usage while different characteristics designed importantly to offer the most convenient performance. These things are what the best floor jack should have and are what you should look at when looking for the best product.

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