Top 10 Best Fog Machines To Have In 2021 Review

Fog machines are a great tool in providing denser foggy effects creating the spooky atmosphere as well as adding flavor to your parties or light shows. Most fog machines can be used either indoor or outdoor events. Getting the best fog machine to fulfill your demand can be the most difficult task if you spend less time doing research. Below is the information you need about the best fog machines available in the market, so be ready to find the best fog machines altogether.

List Of Top 10 Best Fog Machines In 2021

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10. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1000 Fog Machine

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1000 Fog

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Hurricane 1000 fog machine by Chauvet DJ is a light fog machine that can produce a thick burst of fog up to 10,000 cfm in just a couple of minutes. This powerful chauvet fog machine has a 0.26 gal tank capacity combining with its advanced fluid sensor, making it a force to be reckoned. This LED-illuminated tank will check out the fluid levels to always deliver perfect operation and, at the same time, checking on the heater status to make sure the pump is not overheated, thinking of your safety first.

Operating this fog machine is effortless thanks to its included wire remote or timer remote feature and the manual fog button.

9. Chauvet DJ hurricane H1200 Fog Machine

CHAUVET Hurricane H1200 Fog

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We are happy to give you a review of the Hurricane H1200, portable machine from Chauvet DJ. This H1200 is really compact and actually packed like a punch. This handheld smoke machine will produce a thick white cloud of smoke, making the stage show alive. The timer remote is a perfect option as you can set the time for it to do puff so it will keep fogging without starting it again.

With a 1 liter tank, this H1200 will produce unscented fog at 18,000 cfm output, which will be ready after about 2 minutes heat up. The LED-illuminated tank will tell you about the heater status and fluid levels in order to enhance the quality of the fog produced and prevent overheating. Bring your light show to live, consider this Chauvet DJ H1200.

8. Chauvet DJ Geyser T6 Vertical Fog Machine


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Chavet DJ also has the vertical fog machine available on the market as well, like this one, the Geyser T6. Besides its lightweight and portable size, this professional machine will get you the pyrotechnic-like effect with no toxic chemical needed.

Easily control the machine with 3 control options available including the wireless remote for long distance use, the timer remote for easy setting when to stop the smoke and the push button made in different colours.

7. Chauvet DJ Hurricane H1301 Pro Smoke Machine

Chauvet Hurricane 1301

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Your venue will be filled with the thick burst of fog in just a few minutes if you are to choose this Chauvet DJ Hurricane H1301. This comes with an incredible tank that could hold up to 3.3 liters of fog juice heating up quickly in just 5 minutes. It will produce the fog output for up to 20,000 cfm and you can always check the amount of the remaining fluid showing by the LED-illuminated tank.

Its advanced fluid sensor will shut the machine off automatically to prevent the pump from overheating. Plus, you can control this smoke machine by the manual fog button on it or the timer remote included letting you use this with ease.

6. American DJ VF1000 Fog Machine

American DJ 1000W 1 Liter

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If you are looking for a fog machine that is great for moving around to different places with you often, this American DJ VF1000 should be the frontier. This is the 1000 watt fogger product that is light in weight for easy carrying. It comes with a high-efficiency heater block and the Electronic Thermo Sensing feature to get the best heating levels you want.

Protecting the pump will be effortless as it will be automatically shut off when the fog fluid levels are low, thanks to this. With just 6 minutes warm up time, the VF1000 is always ready to provide the fog on your demand.

5. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1000 Fog Machine

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1000 Fog

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This compact and lightweight product, the Hurricane 1000 from Chauvet, will keep your show much more entertainment, producing the dense fog output up to 10,000 cfm. With a quick heat-up time, you can also keep the operation on and check out the fluid level and the heater status easily by the LED indicator on the machine. Far or near, the operation will be effortless with the wireless remote and the manual fog button included.

4. Chauvet Hurricane H1301 Fog Machine

Chauvet Hurricane H1301

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Create the perfect atmosphere for your stage show with the best smoke machine from Chauvet Hurricane, the H1301. This H1301 smoke machine will provide the high output of fog as it owns the large tanks in addition to its timer remote on this product for easy controlling from the distance of 100 feet.

The H1301 water-based machine can heat up the fluid quickly, which means you do not have to wait for so long to get it ready. The two LED indicator will tell you when the machine is ready to go or the machine is heating the fluid.

3. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1000 Compact Fog Machine

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane

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The Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1000 is a lightweight and small product for easy portability. This machine is capable of getting a thick burst of smoke rolling warming up in just 2 minutes. There are wired, or wireless remote included letting you operate your machine from a distance together with it Always Ready features offering the amount of fog demanding. Feel comfortable controlling it with the manual fog button attached to the fog machine.

2. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1101 Fog Machine

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane

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This smoke machine by Chauvet DJ hurricane owns several safety features making it the best one on the market. It is designed with an advanced fluid sensor acting as the low-fluid indicator so that you can always check out the level of liquid fog in your machine. This is the water-based machine that is equipped with a tank large enough to hold 1.3 liters of liquid fog and requires only 5 minutes to heat up to produce up to 8,000 cfm smoke output.

You can control your this easily with the manual fog button or the wired remote included in the set. Come with automatic shut off feature to prevent itself from overheating, this 1101 fog machine is perfect at filling the medium-sized room with fog in minutes.

1. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1301 Fog Machine

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1301

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We are on our last of the best product for today’s article. This Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1301 is the really cool product that comes with the huge tank. It is capable of holding about a half-gallon of fog juice so that you do not have to worry about running out of the fog fluid at a gig.

Plus, it comes with a timer on the control so you can simply set up at any interval you want. Besides advanced fluid sensor, your pump will be protected from overheating. It is done by automatically shut off features available in the machine.


The review on the top-rated fog machines above will help when you are seeking for the best. With one of these items, you can throw a party and decorate the stage on your own. Brand, features and durability are what to consider in order to purchase the high performing one. Just simply choose one of these fog machines to get your venue filled with fog.

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