Top 10 Best Foldable Drones To Have In 2021 Review

If your drone is not that small enough to put in your back while you have to pack many things for your long trip, you might never have the chance to capture the favorite moments of your life. However, with foldable drones, your dream will be possible. You can possibly save your luggage space by simply putting this foldable drone in your pocket. But, foldable design is not enough. This article will show you the best drones that can be folded up into the portable package. Let’s get to know these top 10 best foldable drones reviews altogether.

List Of Top 10 Best Foldable Drones Review In 2021

10. Potensic Foldable RC Drone

Potensic Foldable RC Drone

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We are going to kick off our review with this Potensic foldable drone model U29S, the best portable drone in the market. U29S is a lightweight mini pocket drone that is much easier to carry around. Thanks to its 120-degree lens high definition HD camera, it is capable of capturing the photo and recording the video up to 720P.

This drone with HD Camera comes with WIFI feature that allow you to transfer your shoots and videos well to your phones. There are 3 different speed modes and there will be alarm if your drone flies off your range. Perfect even for the beginners.

9. Wingsland S6 4K Pocket Drone

Wingsland S6 Pocket RC

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Wingsland S6 is another best portable and foldable drone that will fit well in your pocket. It can shoot in 4K at up to 30 frames per second, offering you the best quality output ever. This is a WIFI controlled drone, which means there will be no controller included yet you can display or enjoy the live video on your smartphone instead. There are three speeds for controlling, including slow, medium or fast speed.

Under 1080P resolution, this foldable drone 4K features the image stabilization letting you crop in on the image and try to stabilize things. Wingsland S6 will always be safe to fly since it will land automatically when the voltage is getting lower or when losing the connection.

8. FuriBee FPV Mini Drone

FuriBee FPV Mini Drone RC

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By just simply fold the blades manually, your FuriBee H818 portable selfie drone will be as small as palm-sized. You can capture the beautiful pictures and record every moment of your family gatherings with its built-in FPV 720P HD camera, which will be stored and previewed through your mobile app by WIFI function.

There are 3 speeds mode which can be switchable enables any players at any levels fly and practice the flying skills easily to be at your professional level.

7. Dwi Dowellin D7 RC Drone with Camera

Kingtoys Foldable Drone

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Carry this one to wherever you go with ease for its foldable design packed with the handbag package from Dwi Dowellin D7. The D7 collapsible drone will hunt your photo and video flying with it up to 720P camera. Your drone will be stable under the altitude hold function that enables you to get your images in great quality. The aerofoils and blades can be folded, making it smaller and provide safer shelter for him.

It also comes with headless mode meaning no position adjustment needed before taking off. Designed with one key to return function, it will always find its way back home with capability of preventing itself from dropping during flying.

6. Arris Foldable Quadcopter Drone

Quadcopter Drone with Camera

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This handheld drone by Arris is so small and light in weight that you can always put it in your pocket and go everywhere with you. This quadcore drone will capture all of your moment with its 2.0MP 720P FPV camera and the result will make you impress. You can take pictures, video or even transmit real-time viewing through your phone with ease thanks to its built-in WIFI feature.

With G-sensor mode, your drone will follow your direction and return back to you easily under one key to return function. This one has longer flying time for up to 10 minutes after 120 minutes charging time.

5. Aurelio Tech RC Foldable Drone

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Mini in size, yet you will be pleasantly surprised by its speed and flying performance. This Aurelio Tech mini foldable drone comes with a 720P camera, which is capable of capturing high quality photos and videos under a 120-degree wide-angle. Anyway, you can just view your capture through the application in your smart device with ease as it is well equipped with WIFI connectivity.

Extended up to 15 minutes flying time, you can enjoy playing with your drone much longer yet if it’s gone too far or the battery is about to go off, just simply press the return button. Stable your flight and get your stunning captures with this sleek design foldable drone.

4. DoDoeleph Syma X56W Foldable RC Drone

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Capture every moment of your trip with this ideal foldable mini selfie drone from DoDoeleph Syma. The X56W allows you to enjoy real-time viewing from your smart devices through fantastic applications connected between your device and your drone via WIFI function.

Coming with gravity sensor mode, your drone will always follow your phone direction together with altitude hold function that could make your flight take off or land much easier and more convenient than you have ever expected. Fold this drone, put it in your pocket and feel free to enjoy your flight later on.

3. Force1 Foldable Drone with Camera

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The Force1 F11 phoenix is a high-end pocket drone with a camera perfect for both kids and adults. Featuring WIFI feature, you can simply shoot images, record your video and watch it live on your mobile very perfect offered by its 720P FPV RC camera.

This drone can balance your flight super well in additional to altitude and headless mode easier for kids and less effort for adults. There will be a remote control that will help your drone to lift or land faster deliver the happy flight ever.

2. TOZO Q1012 RC Drone

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Check out this TOZO W1012 X8tw drone RC Quad copter if you are looking for something light to go with you on your trip. With a foldable design, it is very comfortable to bring anywhere you want. They offer the simplest button on it, which could possibly help the beginners to get through to their next level with three different speed options for you to choose.

Plus, this drone also has the altitude control button that stabilize the drone to shoot the high quality image and video. At the range of 80 meter, you can controlled it through your app much better than 100 meter. Full charging time is 80 minutes with 8 to 10 minutes flight time.

1. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone

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HS160 or the new shadow model from Holy stone is absolutely compact yet offers the best flight experience ever. This one comes with an FPV 720P HD camera, which allows you to watch your flight, shoot and share directly from your phone via WIFI feature. 2 powerful batteries are included in the set in order to flight longer, safety to charge and easy to store.

Featuring foldable structure, you can transform this mini drone to a brick-like drone to fit well in your pocket, making it easy to carry around.


After going through this best foldable drones review list, buying a drone will be easier. You can’t go wrong with any of these foldable drones. Any of these picks above will go everywhere with you to capture your fun time with your family or friends. It simply perfectly offers high-quality results and consuming little storing space. With so many foldable drones crowding the market, these are the well-performing drones worth your time to consider.

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