Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos In 2021 Review

Whether you are a professional gamer or a beginner one, the need for gaming gears is endless. One of the gears that are most important are keyboard and mouse. Below are the top 10 best gaming keyboard and mouse combos that come from popular brands in 2021. All of them are well selected and highly recommended gaming keyboard and mouse combos on the market, which we believe will let you enjoy your gaming even more. Read on to find out more.

List Of Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos In 2021

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1. HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo

HAVIT Rainbow Backlit

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The top product goes to HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo. By just hearing the name, you already know that its backlighting system comes with RGB coloring, which makes the keyboard shine colorfully. It is also adjustable, which you can manage on the brightness or dimness using the controlling keys.

Looking at the mouse, you will see that it features a spider web exterior design that glows in blue color. This is very eye-catching, especially during the dark. Both the clicks and scrolls are highly constructed based on user-friendly design. Therefore, it makes the controlling on mouse very convenient for any of its users.

2. Redragon S101 Gaming Mouse Keyboard Combo

Gaming Mouse Gaming

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Here, allow us to take you to see another product from Redragon, which is known as Redragon S101 Gaming Mouse Keyboard Combo. This is one of the most colorful sets on our review list that features RGB backlighting with dim adjustment features. You would definitely love how silent the keyboard feel because it is made of top quality rubber and plastic.

It creates a very ergonomic feel on fingers and allows you to keep going with your entertainment or working without disturbing anyone at all. This one also has up to 12 anti-ghosting keys that are ideal for multiple pressing. Other than that, there are another 8 keys highly designed for quick controlling as well.

3. SportsBot SS301 Blue LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Set

SportsBot SS301 Blue

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Coming to the top 3rd product on the list, you’ll be totally amazed by that one special feature it brings. Different from previous products mentioned, this one features a very sleek over-ear headphone that comes in a set with this keyboard and mouse combo. The headphone also provides full bass surround sound to any action of your games as well. Other than this, the keyboard and mouse are highly built-in LED backlighting system that can be adjusted in styles and colors.

More importantly, this product has 104 keys in total that are all constructed with quality standards. Among all keys, SportsBot SS301 Blue LED Gaming Keyboard also provides 10 keys for volume adjustment as well. The mouse itself is also very attractive. It comes with scrolling buttons in which you no longer need to scroll but click.

4. TeckNet Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

TeckNet Gaming Keyboard

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TeckNet Gaming Keyboard and Mouse is another sturdy product to introduce next. This product comes with built-in LED light that can be turned on or off or adjusted. This allows users to choose any colors that suit perfectly to their gaming gears. The keys are made very comfortable and very precise to see. This way, it helps users to quickly recognize each key for convenient typing.

The backlighting itself remains super shiny even when you turn on inside the darkroom. Anti-ghosting is one of the superb features that users like about this TeckNet. This is because it has no problems at all when you need to hold multiple keys at once, which is best for gaming.

5. BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

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This is a very cool gaming keyboard and mouse combo that comes from BlueFinger Brand. It has so many attractive points to look at. First off, you may want to look at the mouse itself. It is nicely sketched with amazing art making it look super duper professional for gaming. Furthermore, when you click on the right button between the right and the left clicks, the color just changes to blue, purple, green, and so on.

The keyboard is made ergonomically which responds smoothly after each type. Using durable plastic and rubber, this set of keyboard and mouse would stay from years to years.

6. Redragon K552-BA Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Redragon K552-BA Gaming

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Another sleek gaming keyboard and mouse set to look at next is also a product of Redragon. This one brings you the mechanical feel when you type on the keyboard. The keys themselves are very quick responding, which allows the typer to type as fast as possible. Its LED-backlit glows colorfully and can always be adjusted up to 10 brightening levels.

Moreover, the keyboard itself comes with an anti-ghosting system that still works pretty well when users type so many keys at once. It allows users to press up to 87 keys simultaneously without any interference. This makes it easy for gaming, including PUBG, Rule of Survival, etc. it perfectly goes against water splashing and slipping, which is very convenient to use.

7. Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

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This one from Cooler Master is also the top seventh best keyboard mouse combo that has received a lot of admiration from users. It comes with a very simple and very compact design that looks good with any kind of screens. The RGB backlighting works great at brightening up to 6 zones on the keyboard. The backlit lighting system of this keyboard can be adjusted up to 8 effects, which is very cool.

This product also has USB 2.0 ports that enable users to inserts other devices conveniently. Other than this, Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo is greatly resistant to water splash and does not build up heat either.

8. ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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If you are currently searching for the best gaming keyboard under 100 USD, let’s take a look at ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. As you already know that ASUS has been providing computing supplies for years and received a well-known reputation in so many countries. Thus, you need not doubt on the quality of this combo set. The keyboard is highly designed to fit both professional working and entertaining gaming.

Like previous products, this one is attractively designed in a backlit RGB lighting system that brightens your keyboard and mouse every time they are on use. Perfectly built in with macro F keys, it enables users to conveniently and quickly control the keys. On the mouse, you will also see built-in ergonomic rubbers on both left and right clicks. This is to ensure that the users can pleasantly hold it.

9. Redragon Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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This is another high-quality mouse and keyboard combo from Redragon. It looks very sexy with any laptop as it comes in red color and features dragon drawing on the mouse. This set does come with a free mouse pad that is eye-catching textured in the red dragon style. Apart from this, it has all 104 keys that are perfectly built with RGB backlit. The lighting can be easily adjusted, which only requires you to click a few keys. It has a very well built mechanical construction that is suitable for any gamers and provides the fullest gaming experiences to each of its users.

This product also goes perfectly with various computer operating systems, including windows 10, 8, 7, Wind, or even Window Vista. Regarding the mouse, it features an ergonomic design that offers a very comfortable touch on hands. The wire system is also nicely covered with grand fabric so that it would not go damaged very fast.

10. MageGee Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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This product from MageGee is the best wireless keyboard and mouse ranked the 10th place on our review today. It comes with backlit RGB lighting that keeps running on the mouse and keyboard during the time of operation. What is more, the RGB lighting can be adjusted in many manners, including weak lighting, brighter lighting, 7 dazzle breathing coloring, and completely off. It also features a smart function that helps to save a lot of the energy used.

Both the mouse and the keyboard come readily with a sleep mode which automatically shut themselves off after 10 minutes long of no operation. Furthermore, the keyboard is highly equipped with elastic membrane materials to make it flexible. Both the keyboard and mouse are highly resistant against water.


From the first to the last product reviewed, you have already seen that they are the products of very famous brands of gaming keyboard and mouse combos on 2021 market. Not only are they equipped with breathtaking designs, all of the gaming keyboard and mouse combos above also carry remarkable features that totally catch your attention and cater to your needs. Get yours.

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