Best Garlic Presses For Kitchen In 2021 — Products Review

Cooking may be a hobby, a profession, or a delightful daily duty for the family for some people. There are nowadays several devices that facilitate the art of cooking and improve the taste of our food. This article brings you the top 10 best garlic presses in 2021. You will discover how this kitchen utensil can chop garlic gloves easily for different functions. At the end of the article, have a look at our buying guide that will help you choose the best garlic press for your needs.

List Of Top 10 Best Garlic Presses In 2021

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10. The Pampered Chef New Improved Garlic Press

The Pampered Chef

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This new Pampered Chef garlic press has been improved from the previous model for a more convenient daily use. The new design helps keep the hands clean and smell free. Cleaning garlic presses after use has always been troublesome but this new press comes with a little brush that allows you to clean the little holes if they are clogged with garlic.

You can also use it to push all skins to the back or to the side. Not only this garlic press facilitates mincing and chopping, but its compact and small size makes it very easy to store. Very useful, modern and easy-to-use, it is not surprising that this new Pampered Chef press is one of the most used today.

9. Heim & Elda Garlic Press

Heim & Elda Garlic

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The Heim & Elda Garlic Press is much appreciated for its durability and strength. The press is made of rust-proof stainless steel. The garlic peeler tube made of silicone and the brush for cleaning are both FDA approved. Modern, it has been designed with human body engineering mechanics so that it can mince even unpeeled garlic and peeled root ginger. As such, there will be less wastage when using the Heim & Elda Garlic Press.

You do not have to worry about tiring your wrist when squeezing the garlic for the crusher comes with big and comfortable handles adequately designed so that one can squeeze almost effortlessly. In addition to that, this amazing garlic press set comes with a 3-years guarantee.

8. Joseph Joseph 20037 Garlic Rocker Crusher

Joseph Joseph

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This Joseph Joseph 20037 garlic press will delight you with its design and utility. Do you dislike having your hands smelling of garlic after mincing it? This nicely press made of stainless is what you need. It has been smartly designed to facilitate the crushing and mincing of garlic.

Moreover, you can get rid of the garlic odor by rubbing your hands with the presser. You will not have to struggle to clean it after use as all the holes can be cleaned by putting the press under the tap. It also goes well into the dishwasher.

7. Garlic Press Professional Heavy Soft-Handled Crush Garlic

Garlic Press Professional

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This garlic press is one of our most used presses in 2021. Pressing and mincing garlic will have never been so easy. Made of zinc alloy, it is very light and strong. It does not rust with time. Thinking about the comfort and easiness of the users while mincing garlic cloves, this press has a practical non-slip handle.

Similarly, the handle can be extended to 160 degrees for more comfort in placing the garlic. Additionally, it can be easily washed by placing it under the tap or into the dishwasher. This is definitely a garlic press that is convenient for daily use.

6. ZYLISS Susi 3 Garlic Press “No Need To Peel”


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The Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press, commonly known as the “No Need To Peel”. This is one of the best garlic presses you will ever find. Its main plus-point is that users do not have to peel the garlic, thus saving time while cooking. Put the garlic in and get your fresh garlic minced on one side and the skin on the other side. Moreover, it is of high quality; it is made of sturdy cast aluminum.

Another feature that every user appreciates is the built-in-cleaning tool that makes cleanup very easy. The lightweight, the ergonomic handle will surprise you as it allows you to press garlic or ginger with little effort. So many features that will make you adopt the Zyliss Susi 3 forever!

5. OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

OXO Good Grips Soft

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The OXO Garlic is another of our favorite garlic presses in 2021. It has a very large garlic chamber that allows users to put more garlic for pressing. If you find it too tiring and time-consuming to peel off the garlic before, the OXO Press is what you need. You can almost effortlessly press the garlic past its skin.

Made of die-cast zinc, it is a durable press that you can use daily. Cleaning the OXO garlic press is easy as a pie. Swing the handles reversely to remove the tiny bits of garlic that are clogged in the holes. Additionally, you can just pour water right after use to clean the garlic press. The OXO is a comfortable kitchen tool that you will enjoy using every day.

4. ORBLUE Garlic Press

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This Orblue Garlic is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is definitely a food-grade kitchen tool allowing you more than garlic mincing. It is a sturdy press that allows you to crush peanuts, chop nuts, and also mince ginger. Moreover, thanks to its heavy-duty and oleophobic make-up, mincing both peeled ginger and unpeeled garlic cloves is also possible. Designed ergonomically, it allows you to press and squeeze the handles with comfort and the least effort. It can be cleaned by simply placing it under running water or into the dishwasher.

The Orblue Garlic Press is rusting and corrosion-proof. One little bonus with this amazing kitchen gadget is that it comes with a ‘peeler rocker’ that gives you the option to just peel the garlic without mincing it. Definitely, the Orblue Garlic Press is a value deal!

3. QUQIYSO Garlic Press

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Made of stainless steel, the QUQIYSO Garlic Press is one of the most used garlic presses in 2021. With its sleek and modern look, it is also compact in size and lightweight, which makes it very easy to use, as well as, does not require a lot of storage space. You will love using it every day; it has been designed to facilitate the process of crushing, chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing garlic with the least effort.

There is also a peeler that comes with the press. Its parts are detachable and are easily cleaned. You can clean it up by putting it under the tap or into the dishwater. Get your QUQIYSO Garlic Press and enjoy this wonderful gadget that will help you save time when cooking.

2. LOMONI Garlic Press Premium

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This Lomoni Garlic Press Premium is adequate for all kinds of kitchen. Made of stainless steel, you do not have to worry about rust. It will help you save time when you are cooking as you do not have to peel off the cloves before pressing them. Another interesting feature of this garlic press is that it comes with a convenient cleaning brush.

Cleaning your garlic press will have never been so easy and quick. You can also wash it by putting it under running water or in the dishwasher. To add on, if you are having any trouble with the product, you can contact the customer service, which is available 24/7.

1. Honsen Garlic Press

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Save time while cooking using the Honsen Garlic. Its food-grade silicone roller peeler helps you peel off the skin from the garlic cloves and keeps your hands free from the garlic odor. The handles are very soft and comfortable; they are made in non-slip rubber for ease of use when squeezing the garlic. Made of stainless steel, the Honsen Garlic Press will not let you down. It is sturdy, durable and not easy to rust.

Moreover, with the Honsen Better Guarantee, if you are having issues with it, you can contact the Customer Service for a repair or replacement or just to share your experience using this.

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  1. Buying Guide

    After reading this article, you know the top 10 best presses in 2021. Garlic, as well as ginger, is fantastic to give greater taste in cooking. A garlic press is an indispensable tool that helps save time when cooking. If you considering buying a garlic press, below is a buying guide that will help you make a better choice.

    Amount of Garlic: If you are a professional and mince a significant number of cloves every day, you should get a garlic press that has a big chamber and allows you to press the maximum of garlic in only one squeeze.

    Durability: Secondly, if you are looking for a garlic press that will be frequently used or for long-term use, you should opt for one that is sturdy and made of high-quality stainless steel.

    Ease of Use and Clean: Knowing how easy it is to use the garlic press is fundamental. If you do not spend too much time in cooking, a garlic press that also allows you the peel the cloves at the same time is very convenient. Moreover, you should enquire about how easy it is to clean the press after use.


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