Best Handmade Leather Wallets In 2021 — Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking for a present for your significant other, family or yourself? Then handmade leather wallets would be the perfect gift. Why? Because it’s durable, classy, good-looking, and manly than a normal wallet. However, since there are many handmade leather wallets sell in the market, you might find it difficult to pinpoint your favorite that will fit your personality and interest. But don’t worry, our teams had already done the job. After a detailed research, we went through and put together the top 10 best handmade leather wallets we could find.

List Of Top 10 Best Handmade Leather Wallets

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10. Water Resistant Wallet by Bellroy Hide & Seek

Bellroy Hide & Seek

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Bellroy Hide & Seek features an astonishingly slim profile. These leather wallets are made from Venture-weave polyester as well as leather. It’s water-resistant and has RFID protection. RFID( Radio-frequency identification) protection can prevent thieve from stealing your credit card information.

With this bi-fold leather wallet, it can fit up to 12 cards and flat bills. It sizes 3.3inch tall x 4.5 inches wide. It comes with a variety of colors. This wallet is designed to get better with age so after a few days, it will settle in and shape to its purpose. If you want a wallet that won’t make your pocket look big, choose Bellroy Hide & Seek. It also comes with a 3year warranty.

9. Leather Wallet by Vietnamcreations


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Vietnamcreations leather wallets come with countless styles and colors to choose from. It made from varieties of materials. On the surface, it made from crocodile or alligator leather and on the inside, it made fully from cow leather. Some of these handmade leather wallets are also made of ostrich leather. Likewise, these wallets also have RFID blocking to protect your cards or passport information from thieves.

This handmade leather wallet from Vietnam comes with different sizes and designs. With it two large cash pockets, you can insert 25-30 flat bills easily. It also has a cardholder which fits up to 6 cards and 2 ID frames. Though it doesn’t have a warranty. You can rest assured of its quality. It is top-notch and you won’t need another wallet for years.

8. Neat Leather Wallet by Polare Original

Polare Men's RFID

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Polare leather wallets are high-quality products made from USA and Italian leather. It made from Italian cowhide leather both inside and outside. These wallets also block RFID readers from reading your RFID cards to protect your banking or privacy information.

This slim bi-fold handmade wallet has two different sizes to choose from. One is 3.7-inch-tall x 4.5 inches wide, which is suitable for Euros and Yens bills. Another one is 3.46-inch-tall x 4.13-inch-wide and it’s suitable for US dollars. Both wallets have 6 card slots, 2 bill pockets as well as money pocket. With its tough stitching and high-quality material, you can be guaranteed of its durability. Plus, it also comes with a 1-year warranty.

7. Vintage Leather Helmet by Rustic Town

Wallet for Men

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Rustic Town handmade leather wallets might be the ideal wallets you’re looking for. It made with 100% leather by Indian craftsmen. Its quality is top-notch. Not only the quality but the design and the dark brown color look luxuriously suitable for both leisure and business lifestyles. It also equipped with RFID blocking so you can feel secure and safe from unauthorized RFID scanners.

These handmade leather wallets have a coin pocket, which is rare for a bi-fold wallet. It also comes with 5 card slots,1 ID window,2 flat bill compartments, 1-coin pocket, and 3 business card pockets. It is 3.5-inch-tall x 4.7 inch wide. With its clever design, your pocket won’t look bulk up with the wallet because of its slim profile. It also designs to get better with age, so it will be a long time before you’re feeling the need to replace it. It comes with a gift box which is perfect for a present.

6. 100% Cowhide Wallet by Secret Felicity

Secret Felicity

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Secret Felicity leather wallets are made from 100% cowhide imported from Italy. These handmade wallets inspire from Italian masters. It comes with 4 different colors.

These wallets offer a large space for your bills and cards. It has 8 card slots, 2 ID window & Photo frame, 2 cash pockets and 1 big bill section. The wallet measurement is 3.4-inch-tall x 4.8 inch wide. With its size and design, it will fit perfectly to your hand and your wallet with full comfort. Comes with a gift box that is perfect for gifting on any special occasions.

5. Bi-Fold Leather Wallet by VASCHY

Leather wallet

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Vaschy bifold wallet made with vintage cowhide, which makes the wallet get better with age. It comes with two different colors (brown & coffee) that is suitable for both leisure and business lifestyle.

Vaschy handmade wallet designed with 6 cards slot and one bill compartment which can fit US, Canadian, and even UK currency. Above the card slot, there’s a button to keep the wallet look slim in your pocket. Its measurement is 3.5inch tall x 4.7inch wide.

It’s the perfect gift for your love one or for yourself. If you don’t like what you bought, don’t worry there’s a one-year warranty.

4. Vintage Style Wallet by JJNUSA

Personalized Minimalist

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JJNUSA is a United State Handmade brand that uses Hermes’s sewing method. These wallets are designed specifically for the minimalist who dislike many compartments. It made from leather that lasts well with age.

With this brown bi-fold handmade wallet, people won’t even notice you have the wallet in your pocket. It’s ultra-slim and easy to open. It fit perfectly with your hand. On the surface of the wallet, there’s an Italian embossed flower design on the wallet, making it look luxurious and beautiful. You can gift this wallet on any occasion toward anyone. Even though this wallet is designed for men, it somehow popular with women too because of its gorgeous design. Its size is 8.6cm x10.5cm when folded and 17.3×10.5cm when unfolded. Suitable for those who like to carry around lots of cards and a few bills.

3. JJNUSA Minimalist Dark Brown Wallet

Personalized Men's

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Here is another one of the JJNUSA minimalist card holder wallet. Similarly, it is made of leather and has the same measurement. It has a dark brown color and a basic design which isn’t fancy like the last one. In this cardholder, there are 5 pockets that could fit a few flat bills and 3-10 credit cards.

For your information, JJNUSA also take order for personalized design for these kinds of wallets. So, you can ask them to design the style you had in mind and they will make it happen.

2. Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy Leather

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With this wallet, traveling will become twice easier. Each compartment fits the necessary things for traveling, such as passport, flight ticket, travel document, cards, flat bills, and even a small pen. This wallet made from environmentally certified leather and come with five different colors. It also has RFID blocking to protect against unauthorized RFID scanner from stealing your personal information.

It measured 3.8inch tall x 6 inches wide. There’s a section for standard size passport except for German or Irish Passport, tickets, flat bills, and cardholder that can fit up to 10 cards. As the name suggests, this travel wallet is perfect for those who travel frequently. Its quality is top-notch and very convenient. It can be called one of the best handmade leather wallets for men.

1. Hill Burry Men’s Leather Wallet

Genuine Leather Wallet

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This handmade leather wallet designed with high-quality cowhide leather with a vintage style. These wallets feature 2 bills compartments, up to 9 card slots, 2 additional pockets, one zipped pocket, and one-coin pocket that can be open or close with a press button. It designs to fit everything you need in a single wallet and allow quick access to those items.

It’s suitable for daily lifestyle as well as traveling.

This is the All in one wallet that is the total opposite of minimalist type. Its measurement is 3.9-inch-tall x 4.9 inch wide. Whether it’s a gift for your significant other or yourself, you won’t disappoint with this multipurpose wallet.

After giving out several small tips and a detailed review of these high-quality handmade leather wallets, I hope you can find your favorite in one of them. Choosing a wallet is like choosing a long-term partner so pick wisely or you’ll regret it.

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  1. Buying Guide : Leather Wallets

    RFID protection: RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. Normally, you find this in your RFID based credit, debit card, driver license, passports, and transport passes. A specific type of theft has aroused call RFID skimming who could read and duplicate your personal information from your RFID cards. That’s why in order to counter this problem, RFID-blocking wallets are designed to keep your personal data safe and secure.

    Wallet size: Before making a purchase, you need to consider which size do you want first. Some wallets aren’t good at containing large currency, so it will cause inconvenience later. Be sure that the wallet you’re going to buy a match or bigger than the currency you’re holding.

    Coin pocket: Do you need a coin pocket? There are a few wallets that design with coin pocket, making it much easier for those who spend coins regularly. You get easy access to both your bills and coin easily in a single wallet.

    Travel Wallet: If you’re a frequent traveler, I suggest choosing a travel wallet. I guaranteed it could save you a lot of time in managing those important traveling necessities like your passport, tickets, credit cards and your money.


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