Top 10 Best Hanging Room Dividers In 2021 Review

Are you sharing the room with your friends and in need of private space? Or do you want to block or reduce sunlight from shining into your room? Then, you will need to find an attractive and heavy-duty hanging room dividers. Yet, choosing which one is the best hanging room dividers is a tough decision is. But don’t worry. We have got your back. In this article, we are introducing to you some of the best hanging room dividers with its distinctive features. Let’s not waste more time. We shall start now.

List Of Top 10 Best Hanging Room Dividers In 2021

10. Lchen Hanging Room Divider

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Have you ever imagined your room divided without building any wall? This Lchen room divider is a newly made of wood-plastic panels with a size of 11.4×11.4inch and thickness 0.2inch, and make this product look very attractive.

It is easily assembled and applied to any kind of wall. You can use it to separate your room space for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. The package includes 4 hanging room divider panels which are easily connected to one another.

Designing your home with this Lchen hanging room divider will make your home look simple but in a very great way. Moreover, it is safe with water and fire resistant and environmentally friendly. For your information, this product comes with a warranty of 5 to 10 years. Your product will look like a new one after washing up.

9. Lchen Hanging Wood Room Divider Environmentally Safety Panel

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Another style of Lchen hanging room divider is designed with redwood and fashion patterns that look more stylish. It is suitably used for decorating at home, office, or hotel. It will make your place’s environment better and fashionable. There are 4 hanging screens that can be easily applied and connected. Each piece has a size of 15.3×7.48 inches, 0.2inches thickness, and 0.45lb weight.

Just follow the instruction and tips; you will get your hanging dividers in less than an hour. Moreover, when there are any dirty dots, please doesn’t worry. It can be easily removed and cleaned.

8. Kernorv Hanging Room Divider

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This Kernorv hanging room divider’s color is black that makes it look very modern. Especially, it is designed with 48 small photo frames for 12 hanging partitions. 3 of them have the size 9.5x6cm, and other frames have a size of 13x9cm. You can decorate your room divider with your favorite pictures. You can use it to separate not just your bedroom or living room but also a dining room and study room.

If you wish for the easiest installation and safety room divider, please think of Kernory in which environment and safety PVC are thought of. For your information, this product comes with a warranty of 18 months.

7. Kernorv DIY Room Divider Partition

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Another style of Kernorv room divider is modernly designed with cloud patterns, which make your room look more classic, beautiful and fresh with its white color. Use it to decorate both at home and working office. There are 12 hanging screen dividers included in its package. Each panel has a size of 11. 5″ L x 11.5 “W and thickness of 0.2”.

Easy to install and maintain. What you need to do is just following the tips. You can get your beautiful room divider in a very short time. It is made of the wooden-plastic panel, which is worry-free in terms of health and washing up.

6. E-life Technology 10pcs Acanthe Hanging Screen Partition

E-life Technology 10pcs Acanthe Wood

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The great idea of E-life Technology is producing this kind of room divider. You can use this item to create a separation within rooms in your house. Easily assemble and apply to the wall or ceiling. Connect hanging sheets from the ceiling through the screw and connect one panel by hook. Each piece has the size 15 “x15″, and the thickness 0.2,” which will not let it to fall down easily or if it falls down; nothing will be broken.

The environment friendly and safety product with no chemical substances. There are 10pcs in one package, which can freshen up your room environment with its fantastic pattern.

5. Lchen Hanging Room Divider

Lchen Hanging Room Divider

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This lchen hanging room divider is a very creative item. It allows you to separate a large room into many parts that only need a very little space. It is made of wood materials and covered up with high quality color plastic. This makes the product looks very nice and easy to remove any dirty dots.

Moreover, it is stress-free in assembling and connecting all pieces of panels. Just spend around 20 minutes to finish the installation. If you wish to have your private space, this Lchen product is quite a suite. For your information, this product comes with a warranty for 5-10 years.

4. RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Kit

RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight

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Have your apartment or dorm divided by another model of freestanding room divider kit from RoomDividersNow, again. This model comes to you with another standard size, 9′ tall by 7′ to 12’6″ wide, covering an adequate space of your room. With just a simple set up, you can now creatively have a wonderful living area.

Significantly, its well-made curtain with stone white color, this product is durable and eye-catching for everyone. Last but not least, the installation kits such as tripod stands and hanging rods are made to be study and adjustable.

3. RoomDividersNow Freestanding Adjustable Room Divider Stand

RoomDividersNow Freestanding Adjustable

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Want to recapture your personal space? Here, RoomDividersNow can help.

This brand has designed freestanding adjustable and heavyweight hanging dividers to solve your problem. This model comes in medium size with the capacity to divide up to 12’6″ to 25′ wide with its highest quality curtain.

These lovely dividers are constructed to be simply installed, requires no drilling; it comes with 3 tripod stands and 2 hanging rods. With these stunning room dividers, you can always stay in your comfortable space.

2. RoomDividersNow Premium Hanging Room Divider Kit

RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight

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So the brand that has made its product to the top 2nd is RoomDividersNow. This is the heavyweight room divider kits that will give you the perfect space you would love to. Featuring the dimension of 9′ tall x 3′-4’8″ wide, this wonderful divider will give you the best solution to privacy and light reduction.

Coming with the firm color, midnight black, it will perfectly block the light and others can’t visualize what you are doing, and your room will look even more classic. For your information, the installation kits, such as hanging rods and support brackets, are included.

1. RoomDividersNow Premium Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit

RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight

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It’s time to reveal the number 1 hanging room divider from RoomDividersNow. Now, you can divide your room or create your own privacy with this best hanging sheets from the ceiling. Crafted from the premium quality of ceiling track and roller, this kit allows you open and closes the curtain at a breath.

Moreover, with the excellent quality curtain, this divider can decrease the light from exposing in and create the best form of privacy.

Not to mention, the curtain is made of polyester and comes with the color of stone white, making this divider exceptionally beautiful. Last but not least, the ceiling track has the construction of aluminum, making these kits strong and durable.


Now, we have already recommended you the top 10 best hanging room dividers from different brands of unique features. It is your moment to decide which among hanging room dividers is the ideal for you. We bet any of these picks will never disappoint you.


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