Best Hockey Skates In 2021 – Review & Buying Guides

Ice skating is one of the popular games up until present. However, ice skating will never be fun and safe enough without high-quality hockey skates. Owning a pair of good hockey is important because it doesn’t only make your game more enjoyable, but it also ensures your safety while playing. Thanks to the high demand for hockey skates on the market, many hockey skates’ suppliers make outstanding and the best hockey skates with new features, quality improvement and exceptional designs.

However, because there are countless choices in the market, choosing the best pairs for yourself can be a bit of a trick game without any prior researches about the brands or users’ experience.

Although if you haven’t done any research about the brands, you do not have to worry because we have actually done this job for you already. As a result, we’ve had the top 10 best hockey skates that received the highest ratings reviewed by real users, so you can have more confidence in purchasing it.

Check the next part of the articles to find out more what are those top brands of hockey skates are.

List Of Top 10 Best Hockey Skates

10. Hockey Skates by Bladerunner

Bladerunner by Rollerblade

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For the first one in the list, we have Bladerunner. In case some of you are not aware of this, Bladerunner is one of the famous brands known for its products in the footwear specialty. For the hockey skates, Bladerunner has also supplied the best pairs, not only about the design but also about its performance.

First of all, Bladerunner skates can be used for any game, no matter if its non-competitive, competitive and recreational skating. The pairs have up to 4 available size adjustments; all you have to do is simply flipping the lever and adjust the toe cap to any size you want.

Also, because Bladerunner’s hockey skates use lace closure, it gives you absolute comfort when wearing it. Besides, it is made from aluminum frame that is used for making the skate more durable and strong; allowing you to skate comfortably.

9. Modern Hockey Skates by CCM

 CCM Unisex

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Next on the list, we have a high-quality hockey skate from CCM. Now, this modern hockey skate is nicely put in black color, which looks good for everyone at any gender. One of the main reasons why you will always feel comfortable wearing these skates is because CCM uses high quality lace as closure, so the skate can securely wrap around your ankles.

Moreover, it is also known for smooth acceleration, so you can always enjoy the smoothness during the game. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this CCM hockey skate is definitely a must have.

8. Sharp Hockey Skate by RollerGard

Rollergard Rolling

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On the top 8, we have another best pairs of hockey skates, which is the product of RollerGard. As of the special design, the blade will never touch the bottom of the skate so that your skates can always be sharp no matter how long you’ve used the pair. RollerGard is ideal for any skaters with size 9 or smaller because as long as your weight is below 200 pounds, you can always unleash its ultimate performance.

As this RollerGard skate has wheels, you can use it for the skating game anywhere indoor and outdoor. Such durability, multi-purpose performance, and beauty make RollerGard one of the best hockey skates that you should never overlook.

7. Multipurpose Hockey Skates by American Athletic

 American Ice

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Another high rated hockey skate is from American Athletic. Now, for beginners, especially, a pair of this American Athletic hockey skate is everything you ever need to start the hockey game. Still, these incredible quality hockey states are also suitable for intermediate skaters.

No matter if it’s pond hockey, indoor or outdoor, you will always love how American Athletic perform. Any pairs of this one will come with a sidewall injection mold, so even if sometimes it might be bigger than your actual foot size, you can always get it fitted by simply inject the mold in the skates.

Moreover, American Athletic uses a stainless steel blade that allows it to last very long its terms of its peak performance lifespan, so it will be worth every penny you spend with American Athletic.

6. Ergonomic Hockey Skate by PowerSk8r


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On the top 6th, we have another best hockey skates from PowerSk8r. PowerSk8r is put out without just to make it beautiful, but it’s also ergonomically focused in order to give an absolute comfort for users when riding on it. Moreover, PowerSk8r also uses very high quality and strong hook and loop straps to protect your ankle while securing the closure so that you can train or play faster.

There are two sizes of PowerSk8r weights, such as 0.5 pounds (specifically for those whose weights are under 100 pounds and 1 pound skate (for those whose weights are above 100 pounds. With PowerSk8r, you will always have smooth acceleration and stable movement, which adds extra confidence when you are wearing the pairs.

Last but one least, another big reason that pushes you even harder to get a pair of PowerSk8r is the benefits that you will have a 90 days satisfaction warranty. So you can make a purchase and try this hockey skate for 3 months; if you are not happy with how it performs, you can always return it back for a full refund.

5. Hockey Skates With Insulated Line by Jackson Ultima

Jackson Ultima

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Another great quality that thousands of users are wearing and supporting is this nice black hockey skates designed ideally for men from Jackson Ultima. Now, when playing hockey for a little while, you might usually find your foot freezing because of the ice surface. However, such problems will never occur to any pairs of Jackson Ultima because it uses the thin insulated line that is made of cushy foam padding at the upper and the tongue of the skates.

Moreover, such a design also focuses on making these pairs very lightweight; ensure smoother movement to users. At the same time, Jackson Ultima also uses the toughest nylon with color-coordinated trim to give more fabulous details of the skate and leisure blade that are made of stainless steel to ensure the sharpness of the skate, too.

With a pair of Jackson Ultima hockey skates, everyone can enjoy the game without having to obtain professional skills.

4. Premium Hockey Skates by Bauer Vapor Supreme

 Bauer Junior

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At the top 4th, we have another premium brand hockey skate from Bauer model Vapor Supreme. To any hockey skaters, this brand must be very familiar because the brand has produced plenty of such high quality products. For Bauer Vapor Supreme skates, in particular, the product interestingly uses anatomical thermo-moldable skates in order to make sure that any users can fit their foot comfortably into the shoes.

Moreover, for the toughness and durability of the skates, Bauer also uses high quality nylon quart along with liner made from microfiber, so the hockey skates are not only last long in terms of the lifespan, but it also looks very great from materials that assemble it.

What is more special, with any purchase of this hockey skates will be offered with a TPR outsole and handful TUUK light speed pro holder as well as TUKK super stainless runner.

3. Versatile Hockey Skate by Bauer Vapor Xr300

Bauer Vapor

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Next in the list, our top 3 best hockey skates for sales is another high quality and modern designed skates from Bauer again; this time it belongs to Bauer Vapor Xr300. Now, if you are already impressed with the previous hockey skates from Bauer at the top 4th, you are guaranteed to love Bauer even more after knowing this model.

Bauer Vapor Xr300 is one of the heritages of Bauer altogether with the other models like X300R, X50R and XR2. By just a quick glance at the picture of it, you can also tell how premium it is at the outside. Bauer Vapor Xr300 is made for recreational hockey, so you can also get its ultimate performance when bringing to your indoor game.

Likewise, all the materials used to make this pair is also unquestionable because such heritage models receive a lot of careful attention from Bauer, so all the high quality material is compulsory to make such skates.

Finally, there is one more thing to need to know about Bauer Vapor Xr300. That is, the size of this skates will usually fit 1 ½ sizes down from your typical shoe size, so you have to make sure you look at the size carefully.

2. Ice Hockey Skate by Tour Hockey

Tour Hockey

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Coming to the top 2, we have Tour Hockey, which is another well-known brand for ice hockey skates. For this pair of skates, in particular, it is specially made and designed using composite quarter panels. What it does is that it helps support the ankle, so you can always have your ankle firm and comfortable when wearing this.

Moreover, it also uses premium quality foam padding together with brushed lining in order for users to keep their games going longer because there’s nothing painful that bothers them. At the same time, Tour Hockey also uses stainless steel as the blade. It is the most suitable material to use for ice hockey skating because it can prevent any rust effect on the blade while instead, it always keeps the blade sharp and shines even after using it for years.

1. Heavy Duty Hockey Skate by Botas


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Finally, we’ve come to the last hockey skate’s brand that everyone who’s involved in this sport must own at least a pair of it. The brand is called Botas. Unlike some of the hockey skates mentioned so far in the list, Botas is more ideal for active athletes; also, the beginner or amateur players can also use it. For a little detail about Botas hockey skates, at the upper part, the skates are made of resistant synthetic mixed with PA fabric, so it is very tough and durable.

Besides, for the lining part, it is also made from a heavy-duty material called PENAT, while its blade is a product of Botas Icehawk Carbon steel white, making them performing very great for smooth acceleration on the ice or playing field. Last but not least, there is one important thing you need to know about how to take proper care of such premium hockey skate. That is, you should always wipe clean or wash it lightly with normal water (do not mix with anything).

Next, you have to remove the insole and then dry it at room temperature (do not drive under the sun). On some occasions, you can also conserve the blade in order to maintain its sharpness. Play like professionals, play with Botas.


Anyone who is looking to get a pair of hockey skates, you are equipped with enough information. Now you can confidently shop for the best hockey skate for yourself. Let’s see which options we recommend that you like most.

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  1. Buying Guide For Hockey Skates:

    After checking the top 10 best hockey skates’ brands, you also need to check out the buying guides. Although all the 10 hockey skates above are perfect for any players, each of them has unique functions. The same reflects to you.

    When choosing hockey skates, you need to see yourself as a user of the skate per se. That is about everything from your skill level to your game preference. Some hockey skates are made for beginner, intermediate or advanced players. So it depends on who you are as a player; the right and the best hockey skates for a certain individual will be much explained by choosing the right pairs for yourself, too.

    The same goes for choosing the pairs for types of games, including recreational, indoor, outdoor or pond hockey. Most of the high quality hockey skates will identify its own strength for different types of games. On top of this, you also need to make sure about the size of your foot in certain pairs.

    Different from casual footwear, some hockey skates have varied sizes; so it’s highly recommended that you check the product description; especially the guide to sizing part. If not specified, you should always reach out to the support team first in order to confirm what would be the right size for yourself. On the same note, such concern would also work on the weight limit part.

    Although most of the hockey skates don’t have a weight limit, for the ice hockey skates with the blades usually do. Therefore, you have to always check the products detail thoroughly before making a purchase.


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