Top 10 Best Hybrid Bikes in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guides

We believe that you those who love adventure also love their health as well. With an adventurous soul, you probably want to take your bike to everywhere you go and sometimes, it feels like the bike is one part of your life that it stays with you day and night. However, there are many kinds of bikes you can find on the market and each of them is made to fit different situations or for other kinds of terrains or conditions. For instance, Hybrid Bikes has been a popular type of bike among the biker, especially, to all the adventurous bikers. A hybrid bike is the combination of the road and mountain bike and by this, you can use your bike to its utmost potential and will bring you to another level of excitement with the wildness.

Before reading this article, you might have spent a tremendous amount of time researching on the best bike for yourself. To aid your selection, our team has been researching day in and day out and compiled the top 10 best hybrid bikes in 2019 along with a buying guide for you to choose wisely. Without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got down there.

List Of Top 10 Best Hybrid Bikes in 2019


BEIOU 2016 Carbon

Starting with our first product on the list, we have the BEIOU Carbon Comfortable Bicycle 700C Hybrid Bike. This specialized hybrid bike will take your adventurous sense to another level due to its dual ability. You can ride this BEIOU for a road trip with your squad or you can want to add other challenges to your adventure trip which is climbing up the mountain. This bike will accompany you to everywhere you go and let you enjoy all the great moments with your friends.

Looking at the design, it is finished with 3K glossy which will take you only a glance to realize how beautiful and appealing this bike is. For the construction, this bike is made of BEIOU Carbon Fiber Unibody that is durable and tougher than the normal steel and also withstands  any kind of impact as well.

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9. Murtisol

Murtisol Mountain Bike

Moving on to another top-quality specialized hybrid bike we have here is the Murtisol Hybrid Bicycle with Dual Disc Brake. If you are finding the most comfortable bike on the market right now then this is the one for you. Looking at its construction, this bike is made of a high-quality solid frame along with the premium steel material fit with a mountain bike that create an excellent welding technology and will accompany you to as many places as you want.

If we look at the design, this specialized hybrid bike features with the adjustable seat plus the charming blue color highlight on the bike body which will fit any age of the cyclists. Looking into details, each component equipped on this specialized bike is a high-end one along with superior strength and provide durability which you can use it for many years to come.

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8. Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure Men's

Coming up next, we have the Tour de Cure Men’s Hybrid Bike. Owning this bike is really beneficial for everyone since you can get both a healthier lifestyle and also being a rider as well. Moreover, this hybrid bike also features a comfortable seat with an upright stem as well as handlebars for a comfortable ride and accompany to everywhere you go without getting tired. Looking at its construction, this specialized hybrid bike is made to be lightweight due to its aluminum frame and the suspension fork will keep the bump in check.

Furthermore, the premium aluminum rims with the larger diameter wheels will deliver an effortless ride and you will use less effort when you want to put more speed into the ride. Overall, this specialized hybrid bike will be the best suit for any beginner cyclist who is looking to begin their first adventure soon.

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7. Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback Bicycles

Another top-quality specialized hybrid bike on our list, we have the Diamondback Bicycle landed on number 7. This specialized hybrid bike is made of a high-quality alloy frame for better durability and will accompany you to every place you want to go. Moreover, this hybrid bike also features with a replaceable derailleur hanger which is really convenient for every cyclist.

This hybrid bike also comes with aero alloy straight blade which is the solid steering and allows you to have a comfortable ride with your squad. On top of that, it has the linear pull brakes to ensure your safety in any immediate stop while riding on the road.

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6. Mongoose

Mongoose Men's Banish

Here we have the Mongoose Men’s Banish 2.0 Hybrid Bike. If you are looking to start your journey as a cyclist then this Mongoose will be the one you have been looking for. For the construction, it is constructed with an aluminum frame which is lightweight than the steel frame and allow you to have a more comfortable ride and effortless than those steel frame bike.

For a beginner who just start out their journey, this lightweight hybrid bike will let you ride it tirelessly and probably, it will take you to everywhere you want to go with your squad and explore what the world wants to show you. More on the construction, this bike also features with black alloy wheels which is durable and tough than other wheels created from other materials.

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5. Merax

Merax Finiss Aluminum

Coming up next with another product, we have Merax Finish Aluminum 21 Speed Road Bike. This is another lightweight hybrid bike that constructed from a lightweight and strong aluminum frame which allow you to have a smoother and easier ride. It will also take you to almost everywhere you want to go with your cyclist squad. Moreover, this aluminum is also durable and strong which will be at your service for many years to come.

This bike also features a Shimano shifter and derailleur which are the high-quality components equipped on this bike for reliable shifting and also deliver a comfortable ride on the road. Not just the aluminum body, this bike also comes with an aluminum kickstand that is also lightweight and can reduce the weight of the bike as well.

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4. North Woods

Kent Northwoods

Next, we have the North Woods Kent Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle. If you ever want to live healthier while being a rider then this North Woods would be the best fit for you. It has the lightweight body which will allow you to ride it in a comfortable way of riding which this light body will also let you ride effortlessly in a long distance. If you wonder why its body got so light, it is because of the material used to make it is an aluminum frame. It is not just light but also tough, durable and strong that will accompany you to every place or every corner on earth.

The aluminum frame is the best suit for a road ride and also fit for the mountain ride as well. To ensure that the whole bike is high-quality and can withstand with any circumstances, this specialized hybrid bike also features the 700c alloy rims which will deal with all those heavy-duty adventurous rides.

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3. Schwinn

Schwinn Volare 1200

Here we are at the top third-rated product we have on our list, we have the Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s Road Bike. If you plan on going to the next adventure with your friend where it consists of the road trip and mountainous ride then this Schwinn will be the fittest for you and let you have an amazing adventure with your squad. For the construction, this hybrid bike is made of aluminum rigid fitness frame along with the rigid fork which is lightweight and let you ride on it effortlessly.

With the sturdy and durable construction, this hybrid bike also has the flat styled handlebar as well which is comfortable and convenient to ride on every kind of terrain and situation. Moreover, the alloy linear pull brake str placed on both front and rear of the bike that will not make stopping an issue for you anymore, especially, an immediate stop during the ride.

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2. Sixthreezero

sixthreezero EVRYjourney

Coming up next, we have the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle. To all the ladies, choosing the hybrid bike just a little hard for you since for most of the models, they focus on men. However, this Sixthreezero should be the fit for all the ladies who like adventure bike trip with their family or squad. It is a versatile women’s hybrid bike that comes with 17.5″ swooping step-through aluminum frame. Due to the aluminum body, this specialized hybrid bike is lightweight and let you ride effortlessly and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

It is perfect for a cruise, leisure, and commute rides. For the design of the bike, this is the upright riding style that will let you ride comfortably, especially, the back and shoulder part. Moreover, it also has the foot-forward design that will help you keep your leg a proper extension.

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1. Schwinn

Schwinn Discover Hybrid

Last but certainly not least, we have the Schwinn Discovery Hybrid Bicycle. Bike trip will no longer a problem for you anymore. You can go wherever you want and this Schwinn Discover will take you there. This Schwinn hybrid bike is a comfort to ride and lightweight due to its construction of aluminum frame along with the anatomic grips and dual-density construction. Due to such an amazing spec, this bike will allow you to enjoy your trip to fullest with your favorite people and let you ride it effortlessly.

To ensure to safety and your comfort, this Schwinn hybrid bike is made with Schwinn suspension fork as well as Schwinn alloy crank to make sure that you won’t feel tired no matter how far you ride. It has a contemporary design that fits with the modern trend. Moreover, it also includes the Promax alloy linear pull brake that stopping would not be your issue anymore, especially, in a situation where you need to have an immediate stop.

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Buying Guide

Ask yourself, what do you plan on riding?

If you have a plan to ride this for a Sunday bike trip with your friend or you want to exercise while finding the best place for a picnic and want a bike with lightweight then the hybrid is the great choice for you to choose. Determine what you want to do after getting a bike also important as well since the right bike will serve you to its fullest potential.

Looking at the Tires

Normal bikes usually come with a 26″ tire that you can commonly found on mountain bikes. However, for the hybrid bike, it usually comes with 700c tire standard which is fit with the road ride and mountain ride. So, make sure you ask the seller clearly about the tire before getting one for your own. This would be tricky while shopping, so we advise you to do some researches on the tire before go for shopping.


We have reviewed all the top 10 best hybrid bikes for you, and this review will serve as a guide for you to shop next so that you can choose the best one that will fit with your style and needs. All of these specialized hybrid bikes are made with a lightweight body so that you will not feel tired no matter how far you ride. Grab yours now and let the adventure begin!

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