Top 10 Best Infrared Thermometer Reviews in 2018

Infrared Thermometer is a measurement product to track temperature. The product is good because it could measure temperatures in different conditions. People of many professions could use the product to test temperature at conditions such as fire, concrete, water, etc. Awareness of temperature is important so that you could address problems are you trying to solve. Here are the top ten best infrared thermometer reviews in 2018.

List Of Top 10 Best Infrared Thermometer Reviews in 2018

10. Reed

REED Instruments

Reed is a good infrared thermometer. The product has a built-in laser pointer so that it could identify a target area. The ratio between distance and spot size is 30:1. The product could measure a temperature range between -58 to 2498ºF. There is an internal memory so that it could save up to 20 data points. The package includes type K thermocouple probe, battery, calibration certificate and carrying case.

The thermometer could measure and track minimum and maximum temperature, averaged temperature as well as differential readings. There is a trigger lock so that you could monitor temperature continuously. The product also provides an ability to set low/high audible alarms. There is an auto-off function and low battery indicator as well.

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9. General Tool

General Tools IRT206

General tool is ergonomically designed and rugged for general uses. You could switch on and off for laser sighting. The thermometer could track a temperature between -4 and 605°Farenheit. The product’s emissivity is fixed at a rate of 0.95. The resolution for infrared thermometer is 0.5°F/0.5°C.

The laser product is lower than 1mW power output. General Tool has a weight of 5.9 ounces with its three-dimension size as followed; 10.5 x 6 x 1.3 inches. It has the size of a gun while a 12V battery is required. The product comes with a white color.

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8. IR Resolution

220 x 160 IR Resolution

IR Resolution comes with a display screen of 3.2”. The screen could show visible light imagery and thermal detection. The light imagery has a resolution of 220 x 160. There are five different colors that you could consider including Red, Iron, Rainbow, Black and White, Cold Color, and White & Black. A SD card of 4GB is included; therefore, you do not need to buy an extra SD card.

The product is highly recommended for professionals in various situations including fire-fighting, home inspection, traffic, archaeology, electronic manufacturing and farming. The product weighs 0.83 pounds so that it is easily portable. The grip is comfortable and lightweight. The product comes with a two-year warranty.

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7. Klein

Klein Tools IR5 Dual

Klein has an optical resolution of 12:1. The product includes features such as auto-scan, dual-laser targeting, high/low alarm, max/min/avg/diff, auto power-off and backlit display. You could drop protection to 2m. The measurement range is between -22-degrees to 752-degrees F. A 9-volt battery is included in the package while the battery life expectancy is 10 hours for continuous use and if the backlight and laser are on.

Klein’s emissivity is adjustable. There is an accuracy bias of +/- 4-degrees F or +/- 2-percent for above-freezing temperature. For accuracy below freezing, it is +/- 4-degrees F plus 0.2 degrees. Klein weighs one pound. The product has a three-dimension size as followed; 5.8” x 10.7” x 3.2”. One Lithium ion battery is required.

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6. Etekcity

Etekcity 2 Pack Lasergrip

Etekcity has a three-dimension size as followed; 11.2” x 8.3” x 3.5”. It weighs 12.8 ounces. The product comes with yellow color. The grip is easy to handle while there is a screen display so that you could see the temperature. There are three buttons on the thermometer.

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5. Dewalt


Dewalt could measure a temperature between -20°F and 932°F. The measurement is non-contact so that you could easily use the product over accuracy and distance. There are two LED indicators including cold (blue) and hot (red) for alarm so that you could locate trouble spots in a quick way. There is a data storage for average, min and max temperatures.

The emissivity is adjustable so that accuracy could be improved for a wide range of materials. Dewalt weighs 4.59 pounds. The product comes with a three-dimension size as followed; 12.8” x 11.5” x 4.4”. A 12V battery is required to power the product. The thermometer has a three-year warranty.

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4. Amprobe

Amprobe IR-708

Amprobe could measure temperatures in a quick and accurate way. You do not need to touch the object since the product uses a laser pointer. Amprobe could be used for various purposes including outdoor grilling, food preparation, automotive diagnostics, electrical troubleshooting, HVAC service, fire prevention, industrial maintenance, hobbyist applications, home thermal leak detection and so on. You could save much of your energy bill as you could identify air leaks in windows and doors.

The product could measure a temperature between 0F and 716˚F. The accuracy is +/- 2%. The product could also test temperature output for cooling and heating systems. The emissivity is fixed at 0.95. The product weighs 11.2 ounces.

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3. Taylor

Taylor Precision Products

Taylor cold measure both surface and internal temperatures with infrared thermometer and combination probe. Taylor could track a temperature between -67 and 482 degrees Fahrenheit. The emissivity is adjustable while the dark reflective surfaces could be read. You could also lock the last temperature displayed by holding the setting. The probe stem is made of stainless steel with five-inch length.

Step-down tip helps to make small punctures so that juices could be retained. You could also clean the product easily as well. There is an auto-off so that you could ensure a long-life battery. 2 AAA batteries are required.

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2. Raytek

Raytek MT6 Non

Raytek could measure a temperature between -30º and 500ºC. The distance to spot is 10:1 while 80% of energy is circulated. The max and current readings are instant. The display is easy and large to read. There is a single dot laser for sighting system. The design is compact and durable. The product is powered by 8V Alkaline battery. Raytek weighs 11.2 ounces.

The three-dimension size is as followed; 8.5” x 3” x 6.3”. The temperature measurement is non-contact so that you could easily spot cooling system as well as identify engine misfires. You could also use the product to check for A/C performance and verify the operation of catalytic converter. The accuracy is +/-1 degree C. The accurate thermometer is durable because of a protective boot.

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1. Fluke

Fluke 62 MAX

Fluke has a ratio (distance to spot) of 10:1. There is a laser sighting so that you could pinpoint the measurement area. The max/min temperature as well as differences between the two come in display. The infrared thermometer cooking provides a good accuracy, adjustable emissivity, temperature range and dual lasers so that the size of measurement area could be marked. The fluke equipment is reliable and rugged.

The emissivity of the surface is what the thermometers rely on. The selectable range is from 0.1 to 1. The product with EMS setting of 0.95 is good to measure temperature at concrete, fired clay, glass, formica, rubber, masking tape, sand, soil, water and floor tiles.

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A good thermometer has several qualities. First, it could test temperatures of various conditions. Second, the measurement is non-contact so that you could easily point laser temperature gun to track the temperature. Third, some products could have protective cases so that they could be durable. There are more to say. You may contact us shall you have any questions.

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