Top 10 Best Ionic Air Purifiers in 2021 + Buying Guide

If you want to live healthily, then getting an ionic air purifier is a must. However, they are not so easy to identify whether which one is worth buying or not. That’s what makes us want to create this list that contains only the best of the best. In this read, we will be showing you the top 10 best ionic air purifiers that you can buy. Read more to learn about them. Be beware that it is not air purifiers for smoke or mold.

List Of Top 10 Best Ionic Air Purifiers in 2021 + Buying Guide

10. Ironic Air Purifier by OION Technologies

OION Technologies

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The very first ionic air purifier that we are going to do the review on goes to OION Technologies. There are many great features that can be found in this smart and innovative product. The energy consumption of this product is as low as 7.5W; therefore, it is well recognized as the environmental-friendly purifier. The special feature of this product is, it can effectively remove the small airborne particles.

With this superb iron air purifier in the house, we guarantee that the problem with odor, dust, mold and smoke can be eliminated. The operation process of it is very quiet, so it will never disturb your sleeping time at all. More than just sanitizing the air around you, it can ensure that you get the restful sleep all night too. The size of this incredible product is 5.5 x 6.5 x 17 inches, while the technology that it adopts is the high-end one.

9. Air Purifier & Ionizer by hOmeLabs

 hOmeLabs True

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If you are looking for both ionic air purifier and ionizer in the right item, you are coming to the right place. First of all, this superb product is known as hOmeLabs Air Purifier. This product adopts the newest technology, such as HEPA air filter that can remove almost 100% of the airborne particles. We also highly recommend you choosing this product to eliminate the dust mite and pet dander particles from your living area.

For ensuring the convenience in placing it, the total size of this product is only 6.7 x 6.7 x 7.5 inches. With the size and the adorable shape of it, you can place it everywhere you want, for it will also enhance the beauty of your place. It is good to notice that this purifier works great in the area of 50 sq.ft.

For effectively removing both small and large particles, this product offers 3 purification processes. The quality of it last for a long time too, as illustration, it can be used for 700 hours without any concern.

8. Odor Eliminating Air Purifier by Plixio

Plixio Portable Odor

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Here arrives the odor eliminating air purifier from Plixio, and it is designed to have the total dimension of 4.5 x 2 x 4 inches. This affordable option is sleek and compact, making it the right choice for using in the office, room, bathroom and more. The weight of it is light too, so it is very easy to change its place. The greatest feature of this product is, it is made for neutralizing the bad odor in your place.

At the same time, it can even eliminate airborne particles in the air too. It is known to be a safe and easy choice to get clean air since it is 100% free from chemicals. This user-friendly product allows you to adjust the ozone output too. For your information, you can easily set it from 10 to 50 mg an hour.

It is suitable for placing in the office and room as it produces no noise at all. If you are suffering from allergies, this product is recommended.

7. Versatile Air Purifier by Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

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The next incredible device that you should seriously get is the air purifier from Best Choice Products. This product aims to offer the best for the users in terms of quality and price. First and foremost, the materials used for constructing this product are stainless steel and wood. The wood cabinetry of this product comes in an attractive cherry color, making it go perfectly well with all types of decoration in your house.

For giving you the full control over its setting, you can choose the ion level for your room with ease. This way, it ensures that you can effectively reduce the airborne particles in your place. The special point of this smart air purifier is, it can keep your room free from dust all the time. If you have been living in the polluted air, now is the right time to get this product. The size of it is 12.5 x 11 x 15 inches.

6. Durable & Sturdy Air Purifier by Envion

 Envion Therapure

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If quality and durability are the things you look for in an air purifier, then we bet that ionic air purifier. Envion brand will give you what you want. This high performing product is designed to have a size of 7.5 x 28.5 x 9.5 inches. This purifier guarantees to eliminate up to 99% of the pollutants in your house. It is also known to be the ideal choice for those who suffer from flu and allergy. More than this, this product is great when dealing with the odor and airborne germs in your room.

Better than other choices, the cleanness provided by this product is 3 times better than the regular models. The capacity of this product is suitable for working in the room that has the size of 500 sq.ft. As the quality and feature sof it are great, you will never have to worry about germs anymore.

5. 3-In-1 Air Purifier by hOmeLabs

hOmeLabs 3-in-1

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Moving on, this one is also perfect for using in many places ranging from room, bathroom, office and more. This is this hOmeLabs air purifier, and it is known to be a 3-in-1 product. Better than other regular products that only purifies the air, this incredible device is built-in with 4 purifying stages. Besides this, the HEPA feature actively filters the air and promote better air quality. This way, you will be able to breathe better even when you are suffering from allergies.

With the use of this product, the problem with the small airborne particles which can’t be seen by eyes will be eliminated. The size of this superb ionic air purifier is 6.7 x 6.7 x 7.5 inches. On top of having great features, this device promises to work quietly, you can also choose the setting from low to high power easily. The maximum coverage that it can work well is 50 sq.ft.

4. Sleek Air Purifier by Gideon

 Gideon Mini Plug

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We have spotted another reliable brand, Gideon, and it is here to introduce to you a great way to get the fresh and clean air. First of all, this product has a total dimension of 3.5 x 2.3 x 8.3 inches. If you order this product, you will get a lot of benefits from it. This product is known to be a suitable air purifier for using in the room. Next, it can also produce ion that can greatly improve the air quality in the house too. This way, the problem with the odor, smoke, bacteria and more can be greatly reduced.

It is also well recognized as a user-friendly choice for using in your family too. You can choose to place it anywhere you want as it operates in the silent mode all the time. Last but not least, this air purifier is highly recommended for using in any 150 sq.ft area.

3. Sturdy & Elegant Air Purifier by Biota Bot

Biota Bot Air

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With the adoption of true HEPA technology, this product is known to be the best air purifier. Biota Bot offers up to 7 purifying stages for cleaning your living place. The first great feature of this product is, it can effectively filter the airborne particles which cannot be seen by eyes. It is known to be the ideal choice for eliminating allergens, pollens, textile fibers and more. If you choose this product, you will only get the fresh and clean air all the time.

We know that these features aren’t enough to make it becomes the best one; therefore, the UV sterilizer is found in it too. This feature is designed for dealing with the harmful bacteria in the air. For ensuring the safety of the user, it can automatically run and shut down based on the timer you set.

2. Compact Air Purifier by Clevr

 Clevr Wood Ozone

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Clevr is an expert in controlling the air in your place. This air purifier can eliminate odor and create fresh air in 30 minutes. It is suitable for placing in a place that is full of smoke, cooking smell, and more. More than this, it is featured to kill the bacteria, which is very harmful to your health too. Better than other products, the coverage offered by this product is up to 3,800 sq.ft. For the convenience of the user, this device allows you to adjust the setting and mode with ease.

The size of this product is 12 x 9 x 8 inches; therefore, it is suitable for using in home, kitchen, garage and more. Having this compact product in your house is the right way to improve air quality. On top of having great features, you now use it with confidence as the warranty lasts for 1 year. For safety purposes, you are recommended to read the instructions before using it.

1. Portable Personal Air Purifier by Wein

Wein Travel Pair

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Coming as the last product on the list today, this one is known as Wein Travel Pair Bundle. The product is great for being the personal air purifier in your house as it comes in an adorable size. The total dimension of this product is 7.2 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches. Next, it is also known to be the costless way to deal with the bad air too. This product is not attached to any filter at all; therefore, you can use it without any concern. For ensuring the silent operation, this model is designed to have no fan at all.

It is a great choice to consider if you are looking for a way to clear the air. In terms of quality, this product is built to last since it is attached to solid platinum. Please be noted that the airflow of it is 100 feet per minute. Last but not least, this product is made in USA. This is no doubt among the best ionic air purifiers you can find.

Buying guides


The first advantage that we should try to get from the ionic air purifier is the size of it. It is highly recommended to choose a compact product as it can go well with all types of decoration in the house. More than this, a large and bulky air purifier is an eyesore since it blocks the view in your house. Many new models available on the market these days come in the size that is perfect for placing on the tabletop, desk, corner and more. Though some products are designed to have a small size, the capacity and durability of it are ensured to be great.

Filter or filter less

The next thing to consider is the design of the product itself. They are differences between the products with the filter and the one that comes without a filter. First of all, the benefit of owning the air purifier is you don’t need to clean it. While other types of air purifiers suck the airborne particle and trap it, a filterless product doesn’t go through this process. It allows you to use it without concerning so much about the maintenance process. Such a product is great for using in the room.

Cost effective

Equally important to the first two things mentioned above, it is also a wise choice to look for the product that gives the best result in a costless way. The purpose of using the ionic air purifier is to cut down the cost spent on changing the filter. On top of that, you should also think of the energy that this device consumes too. For making sure that you spend your money only once, take a closer look at the design and the feature of it.


The last yet important thing to consider is the coverage provided by this product. In order to avoid picking the product that isn’t suitable for your place, you may need to check the capacity of the product. More than this, choosing the air purifier that works well in your targeted place will ensure the perfect result.

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