Top 10 Best Keypad Door Knobs In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

House security is very important for every one of us. We can’t see what is going to happen to our house or who will interrupt or sneak into our house when we are away from it. So, most of the time, we always lock our doors when we leave home. Yet, with a small padlock, it is not very safe since it can be easily destroyed by thieves anytime. That is why today, we will introduce some brand new and the best keypad door knobs for securities. Below you will find 10 best brand-new keypad door knobs for your house’s enhanced security.

List Of Top 10 Best Keypad Door Knobs In 2021

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10. Honeywell Safe Keypad

Honeywell Safes

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This digital key locker is a brand of Honeywell electronic, which is manufactured since 2016. This credible company has invented and produced hundreds of technologies that could address any challenges for people around the world. For this keypad production, Honeywell has made this as a high-quality keyless locker for door security for its customers. This kind of keypad can be used not only on our house door but also can be used on any cabinet or locker where we place the important documents. Using this digit keypad, we can set our own password to secure our house as well as our documents from stealing. If someone tries to lock your door or enter the wrong password up to 4 times, it will alarm you with a sound of suspicion.

By purchasing this keypad, you still get the traditional access key which useful for substitute with its digit code. It is very convenient because this type can allow user to place up to 50 different user codes which is very confusing for someone who intend to lock into your door.

9. SCYAN X7SC Keyless

SCYAN X7SC Keyless

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The brand name of this keypad locker is from SCYAN produced in USA. It has its color name Satin Chrome which is similar to silver color as well. This keyless locker comes with its special feature, which is the fingerprint to unlock your door.

So, for this type, you have three ways of locking your door, one by using traditional key, another method is using digit to enter the passcode to lock and unlock and another one is using finger scanning style to break the password of your door.

8. Satin Nickel Door Knob by Kwikset 909

Kwikset 909 SmartCode

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This electronic key knob is a brand series of Kwikset products. It was colored in Satin Nickel, which makes it looks cooler with its design of modern signature style. You can also customize its eight-access pin to set your own password to secure the door of your home. In order to set it up on your door, you can just follow a few steps of its instruction when you do purchase. This can be used for all types of doors because it comes with its small and convenient size.

If you often have trouble forgetting to the lock your door, this Kwikset 909 smart key can be your choice as it has a function to set up an auto locking for you. So, if you are in a rush, you can just access to this feature to avoid any troubles.

7.​​ MiLocks Digital Door Knob

MiLocks TKK-02AQ

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Another model of smart locker for your door is a product invented by MiLocks brand. Just like the other best lockers, this one also has a similar size of 8.2 x 3.1 x 7 inches, which could be used either on your left or your right side of your door. With its shining color of Antique Brass, it is very visible even in the dark.

When purchasing this model, you will get a one-year warranty of its electrical quality plus a lifetime guarantee of its exterior design. It is special because it can contain up to 6 passcodes differently for your trusted member in the house.

6. Keypad Door Knob With Touchscreen by Yale Assure

Yale Assure Lock

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Yale Security produced this keypad with a different design from another model with its modern touchscreen feature along with the physical key. So, by having these two features, you already have two substitute locking style for your door. You can lock and unlock with just one touch or with your traditional key.

Moreover, when purchasing this brand, you will get two keys immediately, so you don’t need to worry about being locked out. This Assure locker needs its battery partner to function, which is the 4AA type of battery that you could find in markets. In 2017, the Yale Assure voted number 1 as a smart locker.

5. Keypad Locker Set by Schlarge Lock

keypad door knobs

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When you think of a good quality keypad locker, please refer to this type of keyless lock. Schlarge lock will bring you a whole new level of security to your house, your cabinet, your office or your garage door. The codes can be easily added and remove when using or facing errors.

It is also designed best for night time using as it has light out mode on its pin codes that you can see even in the dark. This one also requires battery to run its programs but with the right battery choice you will get it well-functioned in almost three years ahead.

4. Keyless Door Knob by Turbolock

keypad door knobs

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Coming to choice number 4, the Turbolock brand has made itself a great product among the top 10. This keyless key knob allows you to enter without a key for sure. It has made the traditional key becomes an old fashion and outdated option. There are only 12 presses displayed in the design of this Turbolock key knob. This one is made out of stainless steel, so it is very easy to clean up.

Once you open it, within only 3 seconds, it will automatically lock that helps you from panic when you are in a rush. For the whole year of its life, you should choose the triple A battery type for this locker.

3. Door Knob Set for Thick Door by Schlage Camelot

keypad door knobs

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At z first glance, this keypad looks almost the same with the number 5. However, this one is a bit older than number 5. It is a Satin Nickel color different from number 5 and can be used for any thick door; for example, on hardware door, gate and thick window as well.

The main material used to produce this Camelot keypad is wholly a metal and it also comes with a flex lock style. Another different feature are the battery partner and manufacturing place itself.

2. Solid Door Knob by MiLocks TKK-02SN

keypad door knobs

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This one is the same but comes in a different style from the choice number 7. This is also coming from the MiLocks company. This door knob is also different in color from number 7, its color name Satin Nickel but it has almost the same features and functionality as number 7 because it could shine in the dark as well. It has the same quality, but this type was produced 5 years after the previous MiLocks TKK-02AQ.

1. Touchscreen Door Knob by Henyin

keypad door knobs

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Here comes to the youngest brand of door knob for this 2020 top 10 list. This one just arrives in 2021, which is the latest model among the previous nine. It comes with a modern technology of touchscreen mode of unlocking. It is designed super fine and very neat. You can also find a hole in front of its hand for unlocking with a key beside the touching codes style. Replace your old door knob with the latest trending Henyin keypad door knob now to strengthen the security of your house.

Buying guide for Keypad Door Knobs

Because the door knob is important for house safety, you cannot buy one just for the sake of buying. To ensure that you will have the right Keypad door knob, we have listed down several criteria when choosing the door knob.

Mode of entry: This is an important aspect to look through because the way to open or activate the keypad door knob should be convenient yet highly secure enough to ensure safety. Besides from keypad, you must look at whether it has other modes such as key, touchscreen, finger scan, optical sensor or voice activate.

Quality and Security: Since door knob protects us from a harmful person or unexpected event, the quality of the door knob should be A-grade. The material and design of the door knob should be easy for the owner to use but difficult for the outsider to access through. It is best to have the door knob with the technology.

Home Automation: With modern technology, the owners do not have to unlock their door right at the place and should be done from other places with the use of technology. Thus, for more advanced options, the door knob should be attached with the wifi system, Bluetooth setup or app that can connect to the smartphone with ease.

Warranty: This is a really essential point when buying a door knob. The customer should look for a door knob that has the warranty attached with it just in case the door knob is broken or damaged. The warranty should be in the electrical system and the mechanical tool itself.


To sum up, keypad door knobs are an essential tool that everyone should have. Not only can it secure you, but also it can make our lives much easier. We hope you have already have one or two keypad door knobs in mind.

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