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Top 10 Best Kitchen Ceiling Fans in 2020

Fans can be used to replace air conditioners in certain circumstances. Some high quality fans do not only produce great cold air, but they also adds an extra cool look to your living room, kitchen, or other places you place them. Among all types of fan, a kitchen ceiling fans soars in popularity for having various contemporary designs and offering great functionality. In this article, we have come up with the top 10 best kitchen ceiling fans in 2020 that can also used not only for the kitchen but also for the living room, bedroom, office, and store. Check them about below.

List Of Top 10 Best Kitchen Ceiling Fans in 2020

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10. LuxureFan Industrial Retro Ceiling Fan

LuxureFan Industrial Retro Ceiling Fan

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LuxureFan Industrial Retro Ceiling Fan enhances your home decor in both traditional and modern way. It is a kitchen ceiling fan with light that helps lighten your kitchen or living space. Totally coming with 5 Edison light bulbs, it replaces the ceiling lamp while also provides additional fan. The fan arrives with 5 wooden blades to maximize air ventilation within the room which is great.

The fan speed is available in 3 levels including high, low, and medium to meet users’ requirements and expectation. Coming with a remote controller, this allows users to turn it on/off or adjust speed levels anywhere they are.

9. Hunter Fan Snow Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan 44

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We believe that you know how much a white ceiling fan could complement the decor of your kitchen. Hunter Fan Snow Ceiling Fan is one of the best ceiling fans for kitchens that is nicely finished in white color. It fits to most of home decoration as the bowl of the light bulb is a white glass. It has 5 blades that are perfectly constructed to boost its performance in blowing cold air inside the room.

Another convenience of this ceiling fan is that users can turn the fan on without having to turn the light at all. Hunter Fan Snow Ceiling Fan allows you to finish the installation within a short time as the assembly is almost finished from the box.

8. Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan

Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fans with Lights

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Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan is one among those small kitchen ceiling fans with lights that you should have a look at. It comes with remote transmitter to assist your every time usage for fan or light turn on/off. The fan has 4 curve constructed blades to increase performance of air blowing. It is also equipped with 5 light bulbs which are good sources of light to brighten up the whole room. There is also a bird cage bowl constructed to enhance higher protect for coincident falling of the light bulbs.

Moreover, the bowl itself offers additional decoration to the ceiling fan as well. Available with 3 speed settings, this fan is capable of chasing hot air and replacing back the cold light within all low, medium, and high speeds.

7. Fanimation Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Studio Collection

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Fanimation Ceiling Fan comes with an exterior cage design that gives a very unique look to your ceiling. The product is highly built with a light kit of 4 bulbs that offer enough brightness to the living space. It is ended up with a bronze coat to ensure that the look is forever new. The fan itself has a solid build which maximizes a great performance and a long lasting lifetime.

Thanks to the AC motor, this fan offers 3 air blowing speeds which you can control with a handholds remote. Fanimation Ceiling Fan features lights dim which is nice to install on the ceiling in the kitchen.

6. Casa Vieja Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan


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Casa Vieja Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan carries out a lot of modern ceiling designs for kitchens. This fan has four 28 inch blades that nicely move to ventilating air within the room. The blades have silver finish which look great to most of ceilings. They are also easy to clean and do not fade in color either. The motor of the fan is nicely coated to ensure that it delivers the best performance for a long period of time.

The product has a built in light kit that is securely covered with a white opal glass bowl which better complements the entire construction of the fan.

5. Westinghouse Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

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Westinghouse Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan does not comes with a normal light bulbs like others. It is, however, nicely constructed with three sport lights to enhance the light source. The three blades of the fan are perfectly made for high level of airflow which deliver up to 4662 cfm.

Moreover, it features a top quality 3 capacitor steel motor to increase its moving and blowing performance. Westinghouse Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan has a total measurement of only 48 inches. Therefore, this item fits in every ceiling space.

4. Hunter Fan Company Bengal Ceiling Fan

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Hunter Fan Company Bengal Ceiling Fan is another trusted ceiling fan you should look at. This product comes with a powerful motor that works great at delivers the best air ventilation yet keeps the whole place in a very silent mode.

This fan is suitable to use with both small and large room as it does not produce sound pollution. Furthermore, it can also be adjusted for different speed levels ranging from low, medium, to high to meet your needs. Being built with 2 light bulbs of 60w, this ceiling fan offers more than enough brightness to your kitchen or living space.

Hunter Fan Company Bengal Ceiling Fan comes with a low profile design which is lightweight and compact enough to be easily assembly anywhere you want.

3. Hunter Fan Company 52090 Watson Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company 52090 Watson

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If color is one of the factor that you consider when you buy a ceiling fan, try to look at this product. Hunter Fan Company 52090 Watson Ceiling Fan offers a new contemporary look to your living room or kitchen with its wooden finish appearance. Even if the fan arrives with 5 short and small blades, it is capable of producing cold air and moving away all of the hot air. It also operates silently which does not affect your private time at all. The fan has a built-in motor that can be reversed for ease of direction changing.

Hunter Fan Company 52090 Watson Ceiling has the light kit that is covered with a white glass bowl for additional decoration and protection.

2. Westinghouse Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan

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Westinghouse Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan is one of the new ceiling ideas for kitchen. It is suitable to install with a 80 sq room. The six blades of the fan maximize the air ventilation which keeps the whole room cold and fresh. The fan comes with a couple of lights that are placed inside a white glass bowl for a new contemporary look.

With a powerful motor, it provides 3 speed choices for users to choose including low, medium, and high. While producing a very strong performance, Westinghouse Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan consumes a very little energy which is truly the best product to own.

1. Westinghouse Petite Single-Light Indoor Ceiling Fan

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Becoming the top candidate on the list, Westinghouse Petite Single-Light Indoor Ceiling Fan carries out many extraordinary features. First off, the product has a white color appearance which already looks great and suitable to any kinds of decors. It does have 6 sturdy blades in total that are good at blowing strong and cold air for the room. The blades feature pine finish which makes washing and cleaning easier for users.

Although it does not come with many light bulbs as other products, it has a single big mushroom lamp that lightens up the whole area. While delivering you an ideal airflow of 2027 CFM, this ceiling fan uses only 46 watt which saves a lot of your electricity bills.


It is true that a fan is used to blow cold air within an area it is located. However, there are many fans that do not work to meet your expectations whereas others work beyond your expectations. From product number 10 to the top one, these kitchen ceiling fans feature the best performance and durability in addition to a very long term usage. Therefore, choosing any one of them from the list is definitely going to satisfy you.

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