Top 10 Best Kitchen Sets For Kids In 2021 Review

When it comes to gifts for the little ones, there are many choices to choose from. One of them is a kitchen set. Kitchen sets for kids allow boys and girls to play together with an interactive game with one another. Having this kind of toy inside your house, you will also be able to distract your kid from spending most of their time with the iPad and start to enjoy playing with other kids in the neighborhood. Since this kind of toy costs the parent a lot, you should choose the best one that your child will enjoy the most. Below are our top 10 favorites, and we believe these kitchen sets for kids are awesome to have. Without further ado, here’s a look at the top 10 best kitchen sets for kids in 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Kitchen Sets for Kids In 2021

10. Lenoxx Childrens Toy Electronic Kitchen Set

Lenoxx Childrens Toy Electronic

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Start with the first toy food set on our list with the Lenoxx Children Toy Electric Kitchen Set. This food toy set is made for 2 people that they can enjoy playing together by pretending to cook with each other and also serve as an interactive game as well. This food play is also the best last minute gift for your kids’ birthday. Moreover, it also equipped with the refrigerator along with 9 simulated vegetables and fruits; also, the door opens too.

It also brings along 44 accessories with pot and pan-fried food sound to make your kids feel like they are actually cooking the food. Looking at the measurement of this food play, it comes in the size of 30″ x 16″ x 16″ that will take only a little bit of space inside your house.

9. Step2 Fun with Friend Kitchen Play

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

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Let’s move on to another product, here we have the Step2 Fun with Friend Kitchen Play which will accompany your kids to have fun with their friends rather than spending most of their time playing with the iPad. This food play comes with the simulated electronic stovetop burner as well as the working light and sound that will make them feel like they are actually cooking in the kitchen.

Moreover, this food play also has a pass-thru design that allows your kid to play a game of restaurant with their friend happily. Your kiddos and their friend also have a place that they can pretend to cook the food and to boil the water as well.

8. Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen Playset

Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen

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Surprise your kid with the Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen Playset for their upcoming birthday or the last minute Christmas gift. Just like the other Step2 kitchen set, this one also has the simulated electric stove burner featuring working light and sound to make it feel like real cooking and attract your kid to play with it for hours rather than looking at the electronics device all day.

To make it more realistic, this cooking playset is designed with the real brick and subway tile in order to enhance the creative role play among their friends. Moreover, this cooking playset also features the storage baskets and cabinets to help keep things organized after the fun time ended.

7. Giantex Wood Kitchen Play Set

Giantex Wood Kitchen Play Set

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If your kid’s birthday is around the corner and you haven’t thought of what you should give them as a gift for their special day, then the Giantex Wood Kitchen Play Set may be the perfect choice for you. This wooden play kitchen has an adorable wood design that is perfect for your kids to play with their friends and pretend to cook big feasts together.

This kind of toy also provides role-play fun for hours for your lovely kids. To make it feel more realistic, this food play comes with the realistic details that include all the essential kitchen equipment such as a stove, pot, sink, working door, and many more gadgets for them to play.

6. Teamson Kids Wooden Little Chef

Teamson Kids Little Chef

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Coming up next is the Teamson Kids Wooden Little Chef; this one will surely surprise your child on their special day. This wooden play kitchen comes with the realistic details that contain most of the essential kitchen equipment such as the cabinet, oven, and microwave in order to enhance their creative idea and let them play for hours happily.

For the size of this wooden play kitchen, it has the size of 21.5″ x 11.625″ x 38″ that will not take up too much space inside your house. Looking at the quality of this wooden play kitchen, it is made of safe and sturdy wood and eco-friendly as well.

5. Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset

Step2 Best Chef's Toy Kitchen

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Another great quality kitchen set for kids on our list is the Step2 best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset which will entrain your kids every day. This food play comes with the clicking knobs on the stovetop as well as an oven to make it more realistic for your kids to enjoy playing it. Moreover, this food plays also feature the working over, door, refrigerator, counter space and many more accessories that your kid will definitely love it.

To ensure that your kids play happily, this kitchen playset also features with the stove burner with fun light and cooking sounds where they can pretend play the cooking and feel like the actual kitchen.

4. Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set

Naomi Home Kids Gourmet

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Next up is the Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set that comes with the realistic design to make your kiddos feel like they are actually cooking a big feast for the whole family. This kitchen playset comes with 4 burners with active knobs as well as the oven along with the window and slidable over the rack. Due to all of these features, you can kids can pretend to play a restaurant game with their friends happily.

Looking at the refrigerator equipped on this kitchen play, it comes with 1 shelf with ice also the water dispenser graphic and freezer with the chalkboard for some note down.

3. Little Tikes Cook ‘n Smart Kitchen

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn

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Here we are at the top third kitchen playset on our list, the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Smart Kitchen. This food play is an interactive kitchen that recognizes the accessories and also responds to kids’ activities. Moreover, it also appears to have a kitchen’s mobile and tablet app that uses with Bluetooth technology for educational purposes. It offers pre-schooling learning along with the game and other fun activities.

To make it more fun, this kitchen playset is equipped with the fun sound effects and featuring over 40 accessories for chopping food and many more.

2. KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright

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Moving up to another kitchen playset for kids here, we have the KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen. It has the convenient storage above and below the sink for your kids to store their stuff. That simply makes them feel like they are actually cooking. Moreover, it also has a removable sink for easy cleaning as well.

For the size of this kitchen playset, it is large enough to fit many children to play at once. So your kids will be able to enjoy playing this toy with all of their friends for hours.

1. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

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Saving the best for last, we have the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen. This kitchen playset has a compact and sleek design that makes a great addition to any play areas. To make it more realistic, this kitchen playset consists of cabinet door opens along with the storage inside. It even comes with the working microwave and oven doors, which is super cool.

There are also many additional accessories as well, such as coffee pots, plates, cups, forks, and many more. We are sure that your kids will totally be playing with this set.


For those who haven’t found the perfect for their kids’ special occasion, these kitchen sets for kids above might be the perfect deals. These kitchen sets for kids will spice up their mood and bring their creativity to the next level. Do not hesitate to get one soon while these goodies are available for online purchase.

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