Top 10 Best Lawn Edgers in 2019

Whether how big or small of your yard is, one of the simplest approaches to keeping it looking sharp is to spend on a great quality lawn edger. The best lawn edger will help to facilitate your work in the garden a lot since you don’t need to spend much energy. Therefore, you should carefully choose a product that is worth your money.  Here, you can search for the best yard edger by reviewing our list of the Top 10 Best Lawn Edgers in 2019. Read to the end for further details of each product to make a decision.

List Of  Top 10 Best Lawn Edgers in 2019

10. Ryobi ONE+ 9 in.

 Ryobi ONE+ 9 in

Ryobi One +9 is a well made lawn edger that will give you a perfect work with the design of strong and powerful structure. The whole structure is made for heavy duty used. It is designed from a very sturdy and durable materials. This electric edger is additionally made out with 18 volts battery charger with the size of 9 inches.

The edger is built out with the sharp face. Its surface is made with the size of only 1.3 Ah. More than that, the edger of  this Ryobi one+9 in also designs to be adaptable with the 4 positions for comfortable use. Within a package, you will also get a charger as well.

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9.EAST Cordless String Trimmer

 EAST 12-Inch 40V Cordless String

East Cordless String Trimmer is a friendly option for your garden or farm and the worker as well. It is made with the size of 12 inches height. The height is also adaptable which you can just stand or sit in order to use it. More than that, with the power of 40V and its 3 adjustable positions, this edge trimmer can help you to perform your duties very quickly and save a lot of time.

Furthermore, you can find it easy to hold since it is come with a very slight weight. You can also transform the trimmer to edger in just a minute. Additionally, this edge trimmer can offer you the best work with all type of plants in your garden. Aside from that, the battery of this trimmer is also having a good quality which can be used for longer. There is another 2 years guarantee on the product as well.

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Speed up your work with this Black+Decker Besta, a well constructed gas lawn edger that got a highly reviewed in our list. The motor of this edger is designed with the power of 6.5 amp which has capacity to cut or trim through all types of plants including the thick grass, overgrowth and so on. Moreover, the cutting edge’s size is only 12 in which is perfectly for cutting.

Aside from that, it also has the two in one feature where you can easily change from edge to trimmer. What is more special about this edge is that, it is also equipped with a safety feature, namely cord retention feature. This feature will automatically stop the operation when there is any accident.

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7.VonHaus Max Cordless String Trimmer

 VonHaus 40V Max Cordless

A very lightweight lawn edge will work smoothly and only move to the direction that you set. So Vonhaus 40V Max Cordless String Trimmer does the same way. It is because this model of trimmer comes with a very lightweight which is 10lbs, so that you enable to control it easily by using little power to guide.

Adding on that, you would feel even more comfortable to use since the grip is made from a super soft rubber. The cutting line of this grass edger is very sharp, gaunt and adjustable which can move around for 90 degrees.

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6.Worx WG154  Cordless Grass Trimmer

Worx WG154 20-volt

Picking this Worx WG154  Cordless Grass Trimmer is like you are owning the best lawn edge for gardening. This is a convertible edger that you can change quickly to trimmer as you desire. This flexible sidewalk edger can easily control with a simple operation. It is suitable to use in the garden either big or small. With a single cutting line, you can perform well as it is having a rotating head that can easily move. Nevertheless, you can set the cutting path to larger or smaller as you wish. The battery life is also designed for heavy duty used and durable. As it’s having a great quality, it uses only 5 hours to recharge the machine.

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5.BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer/Edger


Here is another trimmer that is worth to review. This BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer/Edger can work through all conditions of sold. The power of the motor is designed with 5.0 amp, which is compelling and suitable to use either at the garden or farm. This yard edger is perfectly designed with the adaptable height which is convenient to use.

Furthermore, the trimmer path is also having a great quality which once can be used for over years long. Despite that, it would offer you a comfortable feel while using, as it only has a slightly weight. Late but not least, this lawn edger also designs with a safety system that can well protect you as well.

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4.BLACK+DECKER Lithium String Trimmer


The Electric edger would be the best alternative for all homeowner or those who has a small yard space. Therefore, this Black+Decker Max Lithium String trimmer is a worth spending edger that you should own one at home. This cordlesss lawn edger can perfectly use either for sideway, driveway and a like. It is designed with the 20V compelling motor with the 1.5 Ah of battery life. Despite the fact that it just flaunts 20 volts of intensity, a battery-worked display enables you to trim any place, regardless of the separation to the closest outlet. In addition to that, it also comes with a very lightweight and would cause any noise to you or your neighbor while you’re working.

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3.BLACK+DECKER MAX Lithium String Trimmer


Here, let’s we introduce to you another lawn edger from Black Decker. It is the Black Decker MAX Lithium Ion String Trimmer. The 20V of this trimmer motor’s capacity will help boosting your work speed. Its entire structure is made for a durable utilized. It is constructed from an extremely durable and sturdy materials.

What is more special, the battery life is super durable as a single charge can be used for more than 18 months. This electric edger is furthermore, made out with 20 volts battery charger with the measure of 1.5 Ah. The edger works with a direct feed spool. Alternatively, its height is adjustable which is flexible with people’s height.

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2.WORX WG Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger


To pick the correct bleeding edge for a small yard, you should choose a straight, nitty gritty sharp edge that can simply deal with the yards space. However, if you have a large space of garden or farm, what you should choose is this WORX Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger that is a convertible cutting edge to trimmer with its 2 in one feature.

You can quickly transform with no any tools needed. More than that, the cutting path of this sidewalk edger can also rotate for 90 degree. Aside from that, the height of this grass trimmer is designed to be flexible for a comfortable use.

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Coming to the very last product in our list, we have this Black+Decker MTC220. This is a electric edger that is suitable for farmer. The perfect size of land to use this edger is 750 ft²  It is designed with a 3 in 1 feature which you can use for trimmer and edger and mower. What is more, you can find it super comfortable to use with the adjustable height, a great size of cutting edge which is from 1.6 – 2.4 inch and a powerful motor. Last but least, it also provides you two batteries to prolong the running time.

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After you have sifted through all the Top 10 Best Lawn Edgers in 2019, we are sure that you now can choose a perfect lawn edger suitable with the size and kind of your garden, yard or farm. These picks are the best of 2019.

And, they all can be purchased online. So, look no further. Get yours fast whiles stocks last.

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