Top 10 Best Leather Duffle Bags For Men and Women Review In 2021

Long for the best leather duffle bag that is practical in size, suits your storage needs yet does not compromise on style? We’ve got your back. Recently, our team has looked into some of the top-rated and well-reviewed, high quality leather duffle bags for both men and women. These leather duffle bags are well-designed and can cater to a whole variety of purposes. From desks to dinner companions, we have rounded up them leather duffle bags all here. Take a look.

List Of Top 10 Best Leather Duffle Bags For Men and Women Reviews

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10. Leather Duffle Bags by Iblue Leather

Iblue Leather Carry On Bag

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Iblue Leather is a much-loved leather duffle bag for everyone coming in L size. It is more than big enough to contain all your essentials. Materials and components chosen to craft the bag are tough nylon, genuine leather, studded bottom, durable zipper, and more. As you can see, the bag zips fully closed and from the top, both from the left and right, and the studded bottom gives the bag extra protection for its bottom. Indeed, zippers are prone to open accidentally. To prevent that, the bag features a patch on all sides of the bag. And, its handle gives a good grip while the shoulder strap is very handy. It can be worn in multiple ways — over-shoulder or crossbody.

If you intend to use the bag for traveling, the bag is good for packing your belongings for 3 to 5 days. Built with pockets, you can neatly organize your outfits, belts, shoes, keys, wallets, phones, etc. It is also a versatile bag you can use, not just for traveling. You can bring it along as a business bag, gym bag, or just for casual day-to-day use since the bag can fit a laptop nicely. Indeed, it’s a great premium gift for your friends or family as well.

9. Sdiyabolo Gym Duffel Travel Bag

Gym Duffel Travel Bag

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If you want a leather that its price does not break the bank, here is an option for you. This one comes in 3 colors for you to choose: black, brown and black/brown. Its practical size is perfect for going out and about, traveling, gym, or daily use. Featuring plenty of pockets and layers, you can store devices as well as other belongings according to its type in a tidy manner. Specifically, there are 1 main compartment, 1 pocket at the front, a separate shoe compartment, 2 pockets on the side, and a net at the back.

You can carry the bag in multiple styles — shoulder bag, backpack or just carry it around. The shoulder strap can be adjusted easily. For the bag’s craftsmanship, PU leather is chosen, making the bag waterproof and durable. And, the zipper is not any less durable. On the exterior, you will find the bag easy to wipe clean. Our last comment is that this one is a high-quality duffel leather bag that is hard to find.

8. Case Elegance Bucksaw Travel Leather Duffel Bag

Bucksaw Travel Leather

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Add a sophisticated appeal to your outfit by pair it with this premium quality leather duffel bag. This is one of the best men’s bags with heavy-duty pockets for storing your laptop (of up to 15″) and cables. There are also other special pockets that are made for keeping the essentials during travels like — a passport, a wallet, a phone, etc. Featuring the herringbone material on the inside, you will love the inside of this bag.

The fabric chosen helps hide any dirt or scratches that have stained the bag. And, for the outside, it is cow leather, unlike its competing products which use buffalo skin or leather alternatives. And, over time, the bag gets even softer; looks even better and more vintage. To top it off, the bag is finished with bronze.

All things premium — including the zipper, hook buckle, and other hardware. Coming in medium size, in addition to being a great work bag, the bag is good for storing enough stuff for a long weekend getaway. You can wear it in many ways (carry or wear on the shoulder) along with the adjustable strap. This strap features a suede-like material lining for an added premium look.

As of easy access, the bag has a wide opening that zips to the end, and for things like keys are phone, the small outsider compartment lets you take the stuff in and out without an issue. The stuff will not fall out as well — thanks to the magnetic closure attached. To clean, you can just wipe the leather. For customer’s peace of mind, the item is backed a 10-year warranty.

7. LeatherFocus Leather Travel Luggage Bag

LeatherFocus Leather

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Another bag that represents a great value is this one from LeatherFocus. The bag is available in 3 classic/vintage colors: brown, dark brown, and black. To give off a unique look, this bag will arrive with some wrinkles or scratches, partially because of the type of leather chosen and the leather oiliness. For the handles, they are the rolled top ones that have an ID tag, and an adjustable strap. Both the tag and the shoulder straps can be taken out.

Inside the bag, there is a main section for the bigger stuff, padded pockets for the smaller stuff like a tablet, 3 other mini pockets for keeping your phone, wallet, cards, etc., and a small zippered pocket for coins and loose change. The bag is great for business purpose, travel as well as sports. And, indeed, this is a great, high-quality gift for your friends or family on special occasions.

Customers also commented that the bag has a lovely new leather aroma for the every first few uses. Yet, for those who may not like the smell, they are leave the bag open for a few hours for the smell to go away.

6. Aaron Leather Leather Travel Duffle Bag

Leather Travel Duffle

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Here, we have the top-rated Aaron Leather. The bag comes in 3 colors as well — brown, hickory brown, and walnut brown. This bag from them is tough, handmade from 100% leather (genuine buffalo). The thread used is a high-quality one along with strong zippers, brass buckles, and great cotton lining. Attached to the bag, there are an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and handy carry handle atop. Plus, there are metal studs found on the bottom of the bag to minimize scratches and prevent the bag from slipping.

The compartments are plenty – 1 big compartment, pockets with zippers on each side, a phone pocket, a pen pocket, and a slot of cards. If you want to gift your traveler friends something useful and thoughtful, this one is a great option. The bag can stand the test of time as well as wear and tear very well. This one indeed is a well-made and well-designed leather duffle bag offered at a great value.

5. Rustic Town Leather Travel Duffel Bag

Leather Travel Duffel Bag

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This one is an excellent option for those looking for genuine leather. The bag is made by Indians. It is strong enough for you to bring along to all sorts of journeys. The tough zipper is resistant to break, wear and tear. For added sturdiness, the bag features a thick cloth lining. When used over time, the leather gets softer and softer.

The bag may look small, yet it had plenty of storage space. This one has more than enough room to keep your belongings for a weekend getaway. It features 2 pockets on the outside, 1 zippered pocket on the inside, 4 card pockets, a spacious slot for your laptop, and 1 handy pocket for keeping your phone with easy access.

The design is attentive to details. Coming in a not-so-big size, this bag can be placed under your seat or in the overhead compartment during air travels. That makes it a great carry on for oversea travels. When you no longer need to use the bag, simply fold it up and store it anywhere you’d like.

4. Polare Duffle Thick Cowhide Duffel

Polare 23'' Duffle Retro

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This pick is a very sought-after duffle bag made from thick cowhide leather from Italy. Its quality is very desirable. In terms of craftsmanship, the bag features durable stitching, shoulder straps, and a handle. The strap lets you wear the bag in multiple ways. The size of the bag is suitable for packing for the weekend, work, overnight trips, and more.

Polare has been a reputable brand for more than 15 years. This product from them won’t break the bank while making sure that you’ll always end up with a satisfying purchase. The color is brown, and the sizes available are large and extra-large. It gives a rustic vibe, yet looks professional. For the buyer’s peace of mind, the item is backed a 1-year warranty on its quality. Plus, customers also commented that they love Polare’s reliable customer service.

3. Komal’s Passion Leather Leather Duffel Bag

Leather Duffel Bag

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We’re also fond of this great pick from Komal’s passion leather. Despite the good price tag, this leather bag from them has so much to offer. It is handmade from genuine leather and lined by a canvas by specialized craftspeople. These people have tremendous experience in leather works. The biggest compartment is suitable for keeping clothes or sports tools. 2 pockets on the sides are best for keeping shoes. And the front pocket is made for keeping some cash or/and your phone.

Slightly different from most of the previously mentioned bag, this one doesn’t have just one shoulder strap; but two. And, of course, the straps are adjustable and detachable. That allows you to wear it in many styles. There is also a top handle (also made from leather) for the user to carry. Even the bottom of the bag is made from leather. Each unit may have different kinds of wrinkles and scars. Plus, the customer service of the company is very helpful. Looking for a leather duffle bag that is vintage-looking and functional? Do not miss out on this one.

2. Cuero Large Leather Duffel

25 Inch Large Leather

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This timeless piece is from Cuero, The duffel bag is handmade as well with a vintage appeal. For compartments, there is someone the sides, some on the inside, and a large pocket on the front. Its size is 25 inches (9″ x 11″). Both the design and craftsmanship are very attentive to detail. Customers are impressed by how spacious the bag is.

Everything about this bag ranging from zippers to the bag itself is very durable. It will stand years of use without a problem. Even though the leather feels soft and nice but tough. Just like some leather bags, this one may have some odor. So, you can just let the bag air out for quite sometime before use. The product is made in India. Customers also commented that shipment is quite fast. If you’re looking for a long-lasting investment, do not forget to check this one out.

1. Komal’s Passion Leather Weekend Leather Bag

Komal's Passion Leather

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Komal’s Passion Leather is taking the lead in this review for the outstanding bags they produce. Another excellent option from is this one; the authentic one! You can recognize the authenticity with the sturdy canvas lining and the eye-catching leather. The big compartment is roomy enough to contain your clothes, travel stuff, and sports belongings. The 2 pockets on the side are great for keeping miscellany.

For added comfort, the shoulder strap is padded and can be adjusted. Other noticeable features include YKK zippers, well-made brass hardware and the sturdy carry handle. As of the bag’s durability, the bag can stand the test of time so well that it lasts one whole generation. Also, be noted that since the item is a timeless, handcrafted piece, colors and hues of each unit may vary.


Provided above is our edit of the best leather duffle bags for men and women of the year you can now buy. They caught our eyes. These leather duffle bags are well-made, practical design, and superb in terms of quality and durability. Any of them leather duffle bags will be a great timeless piece to add to your bag collection.

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