Top 10 Best Memory Foam Kitchen Mats In 2021 Review

Standing too long might not be a good thing to do with your health. Yet, chefs are the ones who cannot avoid standing for long hours cooking in the kitchen. He/she might need something to support your feet, as it might lead to fatigue or soreness. In this article, we want to help you care about your health, which is why we have brought up the best memory foam kitchen mats. All of these memory foam kitchen mats soar in popularity in 2021 as they not only help to release pain but also look great in the kitchen.

List Of Top 10 Best Memory Foam Kitchen Mats In 2021

10. REIDEA Comfort Kitchen Mat

REIDEA Comfort kitchen Mat

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REIDEA is one of many cushion kitchen mats to be reviewed. This product features a nonslip bottom that is made of polyurethane material to ensure that the mat will stay in place when you step on. The top surface of the mat itself is a product of superior PVC leather, which helps to release the pain and fatigue from your feet up to your upper body. Moreover, it is very thick, which makes you feel comfortable when you put your feet on it.

It comes with a grade foam which is capable of withstanding pressure and does not hold footprints at all. Therefore, stepping on it with bare feet or with shoes are no longer a problem to worry about.

9. Imprint Cumulus9 Kitchen Mat


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Imprint Cumulus9 is known as one of the best area rugs for the kitchen. Standing too long preparing and cooking the foods can be an ease with this kitchen mat.

The mat is designed a lot thicker with luxury cushion to ensure that all the pain and fatigue are well reduced from your feet area up to the back. The mat will always remain flat and will not move because it comes with a nonslip edge and bottom. All of the materials used to produce this mat are all environmentally friendly, which does not give harm to your feet at all.

The mat is very durable and is highly proof against stains, tears, and abrasion, which is guaranteed to last up to years. Also, thanks to its supreme surface, it is also one of the washable kitchen rugs that can be washed easily with just water and soap.

8. AMCOMFY Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

AMCOMFY Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

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If you are looking for any decorative kitchen floor mats, Amcomfy Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat can be one of your choices. The top surface of this mat is nicely patterned with flower decoration, which is pretty to place on the floor. It is about ¾ inch thick, which fully supports your feet when you stand on. This piece of mat is nicely made with eco-friendly materials, which is very safe to use. It is nicely made with long-lasting memory foam that can go against stains, footprints, and other damages.

Amcomfy Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat does not let you slip or trip at all. It features a perfect-textured surface along with a sloping edge to keep the mat in place.

7. Casa Pura Kitchen Mat

casa pura Kitchen Mat

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Casa Pura Kitchen Mat is made with high-quality polyurethane gel foam to provide complete support to your feet, knee, ankle, and back. That way, standing too long will not cause you any pain or fatigue anymore. This corner kitchen rug is able to rebound, which promotes better durability. It is also capable of handling high heel and any kind of pressure which does not hold stains at all once you step out. This product can be used for any type of land surfaces or floor as it has a nonslip bottom to ensure your safety.

At the same time, the top surface of the mat is nicely made with texture to make sure you will not trip or slip with it. The edge is very slopes that hold the mat in place and does not allow it to roll up.

6. Standing Logic Anti Fatigue Memory Foam Mat

Standing Logic 42

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Standing Logic Anti Fatigue Memory Foam Mat is a luxury corner kitchen rug that allows you to stand and do whatever you want for a very long time. This mat comes in black color, which looks nice to every floor type and colors.

Besides that, the quality of this mat is what makes you really want to own. It has a very friendly-engineered feature that allows users to use it with comfort. It is thick, so it never allows your feet to hit the floor at all whenever you stand on it.

This has gel memory foam on the inside to goes against all kinds of pressure and to keep its softness. It supports your feet and all the way up to your knee, waist and back.

Using top quality and eco-friendly products to make this, it is perfectly proofed against tear, stains, and other damages. It will not fade in color or produce any chemical substance to harm your feet at all.

5. Butterfly Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Mat

Butterfly Anti-Fatigue

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Butterfly Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Mat is one of the best kitchen rugs that comes with a very nice Quatrefoil pattern. This mat has a very thick and soft cushion on the inside, which eliminates any kind of soreness from your feet.

The edge of the mat is perfectly made slope enough to not make it roll. As for the bottom surface, it is engineered with nonslip material to ensure that the mat does not move back and forth.

The entire construction is waterproof, which you can conveniently wash it or do the wipe cleaning.

4. Gorilla Grip Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

The Original 3/4

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Gorilla Grip is one among the best step comfort flooring mats that are made of premium memory foam. It can be used anywhere, including kitchen, office, and any high traffic areas. It is 0.75 inches thick, which can perfectly rebound back to high pressure of high heel or heavyweight. The mat contains no toxic or harmful chemical element. Therefore, it is very safe for barefoot standing.

Gorilla Grip remains perfectly flat on the floor because it has a non-slip bottom and sloping edge. That way, it helps prevent users from slipping and coincident tripping.

3. NewLife by GelPro Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat


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NewLife by GelPro is the best option for those who like a very colorful and stylish memory foam mat. The core of this mat is made with thick foam of ¾ inch, which is very supportive for your feet and other parts of your body. It does not roll up at all because it has a very sloping edge. Such that, it perfectly protects you from tripping. For both the top and bottom parts, they have a very non-skid surface which is good at keeping the mat in place and also prevent you from slipping during wet condition.

NewLife by GelPro Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat is very proof against water. If you happen to spill the water over, just simply wipe it out. It is also very convenient to do the washing as well. Just straightforwardly wash it with water and soap and dry it, you can reuse it again.

2. Kangaroo Brands Fatigue Comfort Standing Mat

The Original 3/4

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Kangaroo Brands Fatigue Comfort Standing Mat offers additional thickness to support those who stand a lot. It completely eliminates pressure from your feet, which in turn helps to release fatigue from your feet, ankle, and back areas. The top surface is nicely textured with a stripe pattern to ensure that users will not slip during wet conditions. Furthermore, the mat has a bottom surface that is non-skid, which stays ship flat on the floor and in place.

Users can choose to stand on it with bare feet, shoes, or high heels, that will not be a problem. Kangaroo Brands is perfectly proof against pressure, stains, and tear. That way, it lasts for quite a long period of time.

1. Sky Solution Memory Foam Kitchen Mat

Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

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Sky Solution Memory Foam Kitchen Mat helps decrease pressure on your feet once you stand. It has a thick and soft memory foam that is made of top quality material. As a result, it removes all the soreness from your feet area and perfectly supports your knee and back. The manufacturer does not only care about fatigue reduction, they even think of your safety as the first priority. That is why the mat is designed with a nonslip top and bottom surfaces and beveled tips to make sure it highly grip to the floor.

Sky Solution Memory Foam Kitchen Mat arrives with a simple yet professional design to make sure it can be placed anywhere, including home, kitchen, office, or nearby the standing desk.


Standing on memory foam kitchen mats might be something you need to do if your jobs require you to stand for quite a long period of time. With all of these memory foam kitchen mats, your feet and the whole body will experience less fatigue and pain day by day. Therefore, getting any one of these top 10 best memory foam kitchen mats is definitely very beneficial.

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