Top 10 Best Metal File Cabinets To Have In 2021 Review

Dealing with a pile of messy files in your daily working life is actually not easy. It can either reduce your productivity or influence you to procrastinate. That is why you need metal file cabinets to help you better organize your space. Because metal file cabinets are somehow expensive, it can be of use to consider a few important points before buying and browse through product reviews to make an informed decision. Here’s a look at the top 10 best metal file cabinets review in 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Metal File Cabinets Reviews In 2021

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10. Giantex 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Giantex 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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One of the best office storage cabinets to look at is Giantex 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet. This item comes with 3 drawers that include 2 small and 1 big drawer. Therefore, it helps you to easily categorize different types of files in a more convenient way. The first top drawer has a built-in locking system which is designed specifically for storing any important or confidential documents or valuable belongings. At the same time, the last drawer, which is the big one, offers more space to store every heavy and loaded documentary files.

This file cabinet arrives with a highly closed design to ensure that there is no invasion of insects and debris. Every corner of this file cabinet features radian design to prevent accidental cut for both kids and adults. Besides, it has an ergonomic handle that feels comfortable on hands. This Giantex rolls smoothly as it is built with rolling caster and premium brake for a quick stop.

9. Scranton & Co 4 Drawer Letter File Cabinet

Scranton and Co 4 Drawer Letter File

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We assume you know how much a white filing cabinet can enhance your home or office decor. With Scranton & Co 4 Drawer Letter File Cabinet, each of your documents will be better organized. This product has a vertical and space-saving construction, which helps to save a lot of your floor space once being stationed. The high side design enables you to store extra files with extra space. It comes with 4 drawers in total, allowing you to divide different kinds of paper works with convenience.

The design of one lock for all drawers assist you in protecting every file, or valuable things more easily within just a single lock. However, it can also be removed once you no longer need to use it. This Scranton has been attached with ball bearing for ensuring smooth access. Meanwhile, its solid stainless steel construction is made to promote better durability and longer lifespan.

8. Space Solution Vertical File Cabinet

Office Dimensions 18 Deep 3 Drawer

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Another portable file cabinet to introduce next is Space Solution Vertical File Cabinet. This file cabinet is designed to suit with both home and office use. Its divided compartment makes it easy for users to insert and keep the files in place. This product features a high side hanging style to accommodate all kinds of letter-size frontal files. Moreover, its smooth glide function makes pulling out and pulling in quick and convenient for users. It has 3 drawers in total that enable you to store your belongings with ultra-large space. There is a security locking system in the second top drawer, which is made for users to keep your valuable possession or important documents inside.

Weighing about 27 pounds, Space Solution Vertical File Cabinet can be transported to other places with very little effort. With the overall dimension of 18 x 14.2 x 35.5 inches, this file cabinet takes up very little floor space which allows you to locate it anywhere possible. With full metal construction, this drawer is very great in durability.

7. Scranton and Co 4 Drawer Letter File Cabinet

Metal File Cabinets

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If you are looking for a small metal cabinet but with a tall construction, Scranton and Co 4 Drawer Letter File Cabinet is believed to be one of the best options to choose from. The 4 drawer design already gives you a lot of space in storing your file, but at the same time, its deep and letter-size design assists you in organizing your documentary papers in a more effective way. It has a steel ball bearing to help enhance its rolling movement. This unit will not cause you any noise when you pull in or out, which is very comfortable to use.

The handles are also made of stainless steel, which does not discolor after years of usage. They are also ergonomic enough to hold or pull. To allow every hanging file or folders to fit in, this cabinet comes with the high-side design. What is more, it is constructed with a core locking system that will secure each of your files with a one-key function.

6. HON Brigade 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet


Metal File Cabinets

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If a 2 drawer lockable metal cabinet is your preference, then this one is what fits you the most. Its plain black appearance makes it very appealing to every decor of bedroom, living room, store, or office. Coupled with its sturdy metal construction, HON Brigade 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet serves you for years of usage under the right care. This unit has a smooth rolling mechanism, which makes users to fast reach their possession with convenience. With suitable sized drawers, this filing cabinet is able to accommodate all of your files and keeps your office and home tidy. Attached to metal ball bearing, it minimizes noise while rolling.

Also, thanks to its space-saving design, users do not have to worry that it will take a lot of space in storing at all. Meanwhile, its full steel construction allows this product to last longer than every ordinary file cabinets. It comes with a special locking system that enables its users to lock both drawers with just a single key.

5. DEVAISE 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

Metal File Cabinets

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Designed based on best portability for a small store or office use, DEVAISE becomes one of the best lightweight storage cabinets to review. Featuring 4 wheels, this file cabinet can be smoothly moved around the room effortlessly. It has 3 drawers that are designed with different sizes for allowing you to store different belongings and documents. The two drawers on top are great to use for keeping valuable stuffs while the big bottom drawer can fully accommodate letter-size hanging files. Built with double transparent keys, your entire cabinet will entirely be locked and securing to keep all of your possession private.

Its fully enclosed construction protect your file from debris and insect going in. The heavy duty build of this product makes it becomes one of the long-lasting filing cabinet to own. Not to mention about its silent rolling characteristics, DEVAISE 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet features a quick rolling mechanism to assist you in accessing your files.

4. Space Solutions Deep 2 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

Metal File Cabinets

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This product from Space Solution is a metal file cabinet that perfectly improves your office decoration and organization. With its sleek white design, it fits in with almost any background and furniture. Together with its curved waved handles, the cabinet is a complete piece of elegance. The handles are nicely finished with mirror coating, which will never fade in color and are also smooth on hands. Its smooth and fast glide enables users to reach their documents like a swift. Those two drawers roll without noise, which makes the entire cabinet ideal to use in the office.

The construction is very compact, which can be nicely placed under the desk for keeping your documents at hand. Totally made from premium metal, this item is very durable and is great to go against corrosion or other damages. It has only a single key that is able to lock both drawers at the same time to ensure greater privacy and safety.

3. CommCald Hirsh SOHO File Cabinet

Metal File Cabinets

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Let’s change our topic from an equal sized drawer cabinet to a different sized drawer cabinet. CommCald Hirsh SOHO File Cabinet features 3 drawers that come in different sizes. It is specially designed to let you organize your file or items in different categories for easy access. The top drawer is the tiniest one, which you can store CD, sticky note, marker, or other work essentials. After that, there comes the second drawer, which is big enough and allows every letter-sized documents to fit in.

The bottom drawer is the biggest one and can store more files compared to the second one. To ensure a quick push and pull, this CommCald is built with a durable and smooth glide so that users can open and close it without noise or disturbance. Its shiny finish in charcoal color is the plus on its overall feature as it helps to improve your room atmosphere.

2. Hirsh Industries Deep 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

Metal File Cabinets

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If you are looking for an office dimension metal file cabinet, let us introduce you to Hirsh Industries Deep 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet. This cabinet comes with 2 drawers for file storage and 1 small drawer for essential office storage. It has a full high side-by-side design that enables both letter-sized and legal-size documents to fit in. This unit slides like a pro as it is constructed with a fluent glide suspension to make pulling and pushing very convenient to do.

Besides this, the product arrives with a lock on the second drawer that enables users to lock and secure both the top and second drawers at once. The construction of this Hirsh Industries is highly reinforced to expand its lifetime for more years. Coupled with its nice coating, this cabinet is highly resistant to corrosion, which better improves its durability.

1. Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Metal File Cabinets

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There is no doubt that the one from Z-Line Designs ranked the top on our list. Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet deserves this ranking due to its many great features. Talking about the appearance, this product is the sleekest among all thanks to its sleek black finishing and nice powder coating. Apart from that, its lateral and short design is already unique compared to previous products. Together with its dual handle decorative pattern for each drawer, it is totally very elegant. This cabinet is suitable to use both at home and in the office.

It features two equal-sized drawers, which provide you plenty of room to keep your letter-sized or legal-size hanging folders. To assist your filing, it also features steel rails for each drawer. It’s convenient fast and silent glide makes it receive high level of satisfaction from many users. At the same time, the solid metal construction is what makes this cabinet able to serve you for years.

Buying Guide

To assist your shopping, our team has listed down some relating factors that are necessary for you to know when you want to get the best out of the best.


Metal file cabinets come in different types. However, vertical and lateral metal file cabinets are very common among users.

Vertical: The vertical metal file cabinets help you to save a lot of floor space as it is small in width but it is great in-depth and still enables you to store a lot of your letter-sized or legal sized documents.

Lateral: The lateral metal file cabinets offer larger storage space for each drawer. This feature enables users to store documents in a number of ways, be it side to side storing style or front to back style. Moreover, a lateral one can greatly accommodate documents of all sizes.

Size & Storage Capacity

Size and storage capacity are also the things you need to bear in mind whilst looking for a metal file cabinet. You may want to decide on the quantity of your files and the size of your document. If you have a larger area available in your office, getting a file cabinet that is big in size allows you to properly arrange and organize your paper works freely. You may want to choose a vertical one with up to 4 drawers or more if you need to keep so many legal or letter-sized hanging files/folders.

However, if you always have documents in various sizes, the lateral one is highly recommended. Not only can it accommodate various sized documents, but it gives you more space to organize your possession your ways. More importantly, it is better to get a metal file cabinet with hanging rails as this allows you to properly store your file with adequate space and to easily access.


Color: Color does play an important role when it comes to buying a metal file cabinet. These days, plain black, white, and charcoal colors are very popular because these colors can nicely fit most backgrounds and other furniture. But it would be better if you choose to buy a metal file cabinet to match your office decor.

Design: There are many designs of metal file cabinet these days. Different designs come with different prices. Among all, the space-saving one is very common. But it would be better to get a vertical one with wheels for easy transporting.

Materials: File cabinet can come with a plastic construction, wooden construction, and metal construction. A metal file cabinet is more preferable as it is typically cheaper than wood. Besides, it seems to have a greater lifespan.

Office Space

Another thing to consider is your office space. If your office has a lot of available space, it is good to get a big file cabinet that also serves as your working surfaces. Some bigger file cabinet also offers additional space to store your books as well. However, if your office space is limited, a vertical one with 2 or more drawers is what best.


The locking system is also important for file cabinets. The one that arrives with a top-quality locking assists you in storing any confidential files with a peace of mind. There is also a type that features a single lock for many drawers at once. This saves a lot of your time as you do not have to lock and unlock so many times.


Some buyers also think of mobility as an important point to consider. Many file cabinets may come with either wheels or caster for ease of moving. The one with casters seem to be stronger and can roll relatively faster. Casters assists rolling movement better for heavy loading weight. At the same time, the one with wheels allows you to roll on a flat surface with a smooth movement. Choosing the one that is able to mobilize is a good option, especially when your office has constantly changing floor plans.


To better organize your office, having metal file cabinets is very necessary. There are many types of file cabinets. All of them are also produced with different materials, including wood, metal, and solid plastic. However, a metal file cabinet becomes very common because it is a lot more affordable, and it has a longer lifetime of usage.

In the article above, we have highlighted both vertical and lateral metal file cabinets that arrive with most of the great features that the best product should have. Those include size, color, locking, design, premium materials, and mobility. Therefore, opting for one among the ten here will definitely be a great use.

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