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Top 10 Best Moving Blankets in 2020 (Latest Editions)

Moving blankets are capable of keeping your belongings, especially furniture from getting damaged during a house move. Are you shopping for some moving blankets? With all of the choices offered on the market, you may feel overwhelmed without the right information to guide you in your shopping. After a detailed research, here are the top 10 best moving blankets in 2020. We have reviewed their features herein.

List Of Top 10 Best Moving Blankets in 2020

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10. US Cargo Control Moving Blanket

Moving Blanket

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The first product on the list goes to US Cargo Control moving blanket. The full package of this product comes with 12 pieces of blankets. The size of each one is 72 x 80 inches. For the convenience of the users, this blanket is made of woven polyester fabric; therefore, no matter which side you are using, the excellent comfort is given.

Please be noted that this is also designed with the zigzag pattern, so it enhances the durability of the stitching. Last but not least, please be reminded that all the blankets are relatively light in weight as well.

9. Moving Blankets 12 Pack from Shoulder Dolly

Moving Blankets 12 Pack from Shoulder Dolly

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Coming next in the list goes this set of 12 moving blankets. The brand of this product is Shoulder Dolly and it is well known for the durable products that it offers. For ensuring that it can be used for a long time, the materials chosen are the top quality ones; hence, it is very resistant to tears and wears.

Plus, it is the ideal product for giving the perfect coverage of your valuable belongings from damages during a move. Last but not least, please be remined that the size of each blanket is 72 x 80 inches.

8.US Cargo Control Moving Blanket (12-Pack)


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Coming up next in the top 10 list is another awesome set of 12 packs moving blankets. These are 72 x 80 inches blankets. For the durability of this packing blanket, the materials chosen are guaranteed to be the best ones. For instance, with the non-woven fabric along with the zigzag pattern, you will not have to concern about tears or wears. With the great features and ideal size, this blanket is highly recommended if you are looking for the blanket that can offer protection for your furniture.

7. Moving Blanket (4-pack) US Cargo Control

Moving Blanket (4-pack) US Cargo Control


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Here arrives another incredible product which is well recognized as top rated Moving Blankets from the US Cargo Control. First of all, the full package of this product comes with 4 different moving blanket; each has the size of 72 x 80 inches. Next, this product is produced from the top quality cotton and the polyester on both sides of the blankets.

Besides this, the blankets are also stitched in a nice and thorough pattern as well. As a result, the quality given in return is ensured to be superior. It is the heavy-duty product that can give the better protection while moving valuable belongings.

6. UBOXES 72″ x 80″ Economy Moving Blankets


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We have spotted another moving blanket for sale, which comes with outstanding features. UBOXES is the moving blanket which has the total size of 72 x 80 inches. Next, this blanket is thoroughly designed for giving the protection to the items covered while being transported.

Besides being an awesome blanket, it can serve as a storage pad at the same time as well. With the great features and the suitable price tag, we bet that you will never find any product like this one.

5. Uboxes24 Textile Moving Blankets

24 Textile Moving Blankets 54x72

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Another Uboxes brand has made its way to the list today, this one carries the excellent quality that you should consider. First and foremost, this blanket has the total dimension of 54 x 72 inches and the full package of this incredible product comes with 24 blankets.

It is not only a professional moving table, but it is also perfect for storage purpose too. We would like to remind you that this soft and lightweight blanket is specially designed for preventing your valuable belongings from scratches.

4. UBOXES Moving Blankets

UBOXES Moving Blankets Professional

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The 4th best product in the top 10 list today goes to this UBOXES Moving Blankets. This blanket is well produced from the high-quality textile; therefore, the durability and the long-lasting use of this blanket is guaranteed. This high-quality product has the size of 54 x 72 inches.

Despite its lightness, this one is well-known for the perfect protection that it offers. For your information, this product is made in North American and its quality is guaranteed as well.

3. Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Supreme Moving Blankets

Supreme Moving Blankets (12-Pack)

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The top third in the list today goes to this Supreme Moving Blankets. It is the product of the Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes brand; the package comes with 12 pieces of blankets. The weight of this product is 65 lbs and the total size of it is 72 x 80 inches. For added durability, the stitches on this non-woven blanket are in the zigzag pattern. As this product is carefully made, you can have the full trust on its quality.

2. Moving Blanket (4-pack) US Cargo

Moving Blanket (4-pack) US Cargo


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The second best product in our top 10 list goes to the US Cargo Control Moving Blanket. First and foremost, the full package of this product comes with 4 durable blankets. Each blanket is specially designed with the premium quality cotton; therefore, it will not tear or wear even for when you use it for a long time.

If you wish to give this product the thorough clean, you can do it with ease as it is washable. We can guarantee that this great product is the right one for protecting your valuable items from getting damage during a move.

1. Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Supreme Moving Blankets

Supreme Moving Blankets

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We wish to keep the best to the last; right now the wait is finally over. Another Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes has made it way to the top 1 of the list today. With the full package of 12 pieces of blankets, Supreme Moving Blanket has the total size of 72 x 80 inches. The materials chosen for producing this product are the incredible ones.

For instance, with the zig zag stitches patterns on the non-woven fabric, the durability of the blanket is ensured to be great. There are many usages that this product can offer ranging from wrapping and protecting. You’ll love what our top 1 pick has to offer.


The products mentioned above are the 10 best-selling moving blankets in 2020. Since each product is different in size, features, stitch pattern, etc, you can make a thorough comparison before making a wise purchase.

We would like to personally remind you that please look at the size and the units of blankets included in each package; then select the most suitable one for wrapping your valuable furniture. Any of our recommended products will serve you the best. Get your preferred model soon.

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