Top 10 Best Outdoor Rock Speakers in 2019

Outdoor speakers are expected to be able to withstand extreme weather and temperatures. Especially, when it comes to sound, it has to be loud with excellent sound quality. Our team have done a thorough research and found the top 10 Best Outdoor Rock Speakers in 2019 available on the market.

We have picked the ones that combine quality audio and a sturdy design. It’s important that you pick an outdoor speaker that not only works for your patio or backyard but also gives you great sound. So make sure you select the one that’s right for your needs.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Rock Speakers in 2019

10. Theater Solutions 2R8L Outdoor Rock Speakers

Theater Solutions 2R8L Outdoor

First, we have the Theater solutions R8L weather resistant lava grey speakers, which can be used both indoor and outdoor (H x W x D) 13.5″×12″×12″. The recommended power per speaker is 10-250 watts, and efficiency is 97dB. These rock speakers will fill your outdoor deck, pool area, garden, patio, sun room or any landscape with high quality sound while discreetly blending into your environment.

It is manufactured with silicone multi-layer composite cabinet, rust resistant grills make them weatherproof against unexpected weather. These speakers require a receiver or amplifier to power them.

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9. Bluetooth Wireless Rock Speaker Pair

Bluetooth Wireless Rock Speaker Pair

OSD audio wireless outdoor speakers deliver awesome sounds with 5.25″ polypropylene cone woofers with butyl rubber surrounds and 2-inch soft dome tweeters. With Max 150ft Wireless Bluetooth connection range (obstructed sight); you can stream music from any device. Since these are going to be placed outdoor, they construed from IP67 Waterproof Power Supply and Waterproof Wire Connectors.

This outdoor sound system is designed to blend seamlessly in with their natural surroundings, by giving them rocks with flat bottoms look make it easy to place on any flat surface, including tabletops. To withstand bad weather and rust, the rigid exterior cases are water-resistant.

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8. Outdoor Rock Speakers Grey Slate

Outdoor Rock Speakers Grey

These outdoor rock speakers come in attractive gray slate color, which can blend beautifully into landscaping (Also available in Canyon Sandston). They are built to withstand extreme cold and heat without failure or reduced life. The speakers have high power healing 150WRMS-300W Music Power (8 Ohms).

Plus, the 2″ dome tweeter keeps the highs smooth with no hint of harshness, and voice remains clear and articulate. Each of These POP RoK speakers is 13.5″x 12.50″ x 13″ with a frequency response from 35Hz to 20 kHz.

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7. KiD RoK Outdoor Rock Speaker Canyon Sandstone

KiD RoK Outdoor Rock Speaker

These speakers require an amplifier (not Bluetooth). The inert design of these KID RoK speaker cabinets allow them to keep their beautiful finish despite tough environments. These KID RoK speakers are great for small to medium sized areas such as a patio and or small deck.

Overall dimensions of the rock are 9.25″ x 9.0″ x 7.75″. The sandstone color of them makes it easy to hide away the speakers into landscape. It guarantees to put out powerful clean articulate sound.

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6. Alpine Corporation Revolutionary Outdoor Rock Speaker

Alpine Corporation's Revolutionary Solar

These outdoor party speakers are powered by solar which is convenient and safety. It also charges up the sun as well, no wiring is required. But, it also has replaceable rechargeable battery included beside that it lasts up to 10 hours of playtime. With its high quality of sounds, it will make you feel relax in your outdoor area.

This speaker blends in perfectly with your yard’s landscape. You can blast your favorite song through Bluetooth with Fifty foot range that can be setup. Experience your music with clarity featuring dual cone technology.

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5. Theater Solutions 4R4G New Wired Outdoor Speakers

Theater Solutions 4R4G

Theater Solutions 4R4G outdoor weather resistant granite grey speakers (8″×7.5″×6.75″). These wired rock speakers require a receiver or amplifier to power them. The speakers have 2 way design and functionality, deluxe 4.5″ poly mica woofers with sealed voice coils and butyl rubber surrounds.

Plus, each speaker is covered with silicone multi-layer composite cabinets and rust resistant grills to tolerate bad weather. The recommended power is 10-125 watts per speaker, efficiency is 94dB, and frequency rezsponse is 80Hz-20 kHz.

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4. Innovative Technology Premium Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers

Innovative Technology Premium

This is a pair of 5 watt speakers in rugged design that blends into the outdoors. One of the special to mention is the built-in rechargeable 5200mAH batteries which last up to 10 hours on full charge. It also included 2 USB charging cables and 2 USB wall chargers in the package.

You can place it on the deck, pool or patio since it is a waterproof design will withstand the elements. Both speakers have Built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly play music from your Bluetooth enabled device from up to 33 feet away (no cords needed).

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3. Bluetooth Wireless Rock Speaker Pair

Bluetooth Wireless Rock Speaker Pair

The BTR-150 Wireless Bluetooth Rock Speakers feature a weather resistant design, made with molded polypropylene and butyl rubber. They can blend with the natural easily, with its rock-alike color and design. All cables will be included in the package as well as 10 feet speaker wire. And, you will also find IP67 Waterproof Power Supply and Waterproof Wire Connectors as well.

They’re 5-inch 2-way outdoor wifi speakers and create a cone of stereo sound with the apex about 50 feet away from the speakers. You can play music from iOS, Android, and more easily with 150ft Wireless Bluetooth connection range.

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2. Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker (Grey Slate)

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

Stereo pair by Sound Appeal is wireless rock speakers with long rage Bluetooth technology. One speaker gets plugged into an 110V outlet, and then one wire connects the Master speaker to the slave speaker. The power cord on these Bluetooth Rock Speakers is 8 feet long. Also, they come with 20 feet of moisture proof speaker wire to go from one speaker to the other.

You should be informed that these Bluetooth rock speakers do not have an aux input; the only connection is with Bluetooth. The multilayer cabinets are built to withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

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1. Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

Lastly, we have these outdoor Bluetooth speakers from Sound Appeal. This outdoor music system might be small 11.80″ x 11.0″ x 10.60″ (per rock) but it provide you 60w high efficiency sound to bright up your space. The 6.50″ woofer driver can pump out strong deep bass while maintaining a high level of fidelity. While, the 1″ dome tweeter keeps the highs smooth with no hint of harshness, and voice remains clear and articulate.

With these speakers you can wirelessly stream music up to 100ft directly from your iPhone and or compatible Bluetooth device. They have beautiful canyon sandstone finish which are natural and will blend perfectly into your current landscaping.

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Now you can have a good time at the backyard with your family while listening to your favorite tones. These rock speakers are perfect in the garden or out on the lawn; they are made to belong in the outdoor environment. Your guests will wonder where the sound is coming from. So don’t forget to check them out!

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