Top 10 Best Portable Coffee Makers In 2021 Review

Are you a coffee lover? If you cannot go a day without a sip or the whole cup of coffee, now should be the time to get yourself a coffee maker machine. However, you do not need to stress yourself with how to brew a cup of coffee correctly either. With the new invention of portable coffee makers, all you have to do to produce a cup of coffee or tea becomes pretty simple. We have done a lot of researches and reviewed their features to make sure we bring to you the best of the best portable coffee makers. Without delay, it is time to lay your eyes on the details of the top 10 best portable coffee makers in 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Portable Coffee Makers Review In 2021

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10. Soulhand All-in-one Portable Travel Coffee Maker

Soulhand All-in-one Portable

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First off, let us introduce you to the very first camping coffee pot, which is known as Soulhand All-in-one Portable Travel Coffee Maker. This cute little thing allows you to grind and brew your coffee beans all at once. At the top, there is a drip kettle that you can store boiling water of up to 130ml. Under the grinder, there comes a filter that is made of stainless steel. Once your coffee making process is ready, you will be served hot coffee of about 260ml within a tumbler.

Besides being very compact, the lightweight feature of this camping coffee maker provides greater experience to your travelling. The product is highly made of FDA approved materials to ensure that users can use it and clean it up with safety.

9. Barsetto Portable Coffee Maker

Portable Coffee Maker

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Our lovable and small coffee maker to showcase next is the one coming from the Barsetto brand. This product brews your coffee within no time and allows you to enjoy drinking your warm coffee anywhere you go. It takes you less than a minute to make your own cup of coffee. After you brew, the tumbler is capable of keeping your coffee warm up to 6 hours.

Barsetto Portable Coffee Maker arrives with double stainless steel construction that does not distribute heat to its exterior shell at all. This makes carrying it on hands become very convenient and safe. What is more, you will love the fact that it can be easily washed with just water and dishwashing shampoo. It does not hold stains either.

8. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Wacaco Nanopresso

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Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is a limited edition product that hits the market in 2021. Featuring orange doodle tattoos on its external shell, it looks super duper sleek on the hold. This little travel coffee maker is perfectly constructed with a powerful pumping system that offers a very quick espresso making. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it provides full comfort when you hold it on hands.

Weighing only 0.74 lbs, Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is an ideal item to bring with you on the trip. With stainless steel construction on the inside, the product is capable of maintaining warmth up to a few hours. This allows you to always relax with a warm cup of coffee.

7. Wacaco Nanopresso Black Portable Espresso Maker

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable

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Another camp coffee maker from Wacaco to introduce next is Wacaco Nanopresso Black Portable Espresso Maker. Like the previous product, this one also features a very compact construction that allows you to carry it with for every on-the-go trips. With this product, all you need to do to get your coffee is to pump with a single hand. Thanks to its powerful pumping system, this Wacaco offers a rich flow of coffee drop to your cup within a few seconds.

It also comes with a storage capacity of 80ml which means that it is enough for a person only. Weighing only 336g, it is very convenient to hold and its dimension only equal to the wrap of your hand.

6. WACACO Nanopresso Upgraded Portable Espresso Maker

WACACO Nanopresso Portable

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Here comes another upgraded version camping coffee maker from Wacaco. This product has soared in popularity in recent years due to many good features it comes with. Regardless of its tiny build, WACACO Nanopresso Upgraded Portable Espresso Maker requires 15% less force to pump. It only needs your hand to pump so that the coffee will flow directly to the cup. This is very easy to take care of as it features stainless steel construction that is highly covered with solid plastic.

It nicely prevents the heat from distributing so that it is safe for you to hold. This item also comes handily with some necessary accessories, including an NS adapter, barista kit, and nano mini case. Now you can always be ready to drink your coffee anywhere you go.

5. STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker


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STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker has been highly complimented by users as a good quality stainless steel coffee maker in this 2020. Like others, it comes with a body of mug, except it has a transparent glass cup to store your coffee. This allows you to see the flow or drop of your coffee during the process. It is a 20 bar pressure coffee maker. Therefore, you already know that you just need little force and a few minutes to make your own coffee. As it is stainless steel, it has the ability to keep your coffee warm throughout a few hours.

STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker is also a perfect item to make Italian Coffee, Americano, Milk Foam, as well as cold brew coffee. It has an 80 ml water tank that allows you to make just enough amount of coffee for yourself. However, you can always remake another cup with a simple manual process.

4. Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Plus Single

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Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker is a trendy camping french press that is ideal for any occasion. It features a very close-packed design that can either be used at home or for traveling. Its width is less than 5 inches large, height is about 16 inches, and the weight is only 12 lbs. With this, it makes taking it on the trip very easy.

Although it is a single-serve coffee maker, it has a cup holder on which you can replace another new cup once it is finished. More than that, the cup reservoir can be removed so that you can place your mug easily.

3. HiBREW Single Serve Black Portable Travel Coffee Maker

HiBREW Single Serve Black

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Our next innovative brewing system that received the 3rd ranking is from the HiBREW brand. This product provides a very powerful brewing experience to its users since the first usage. Its compact size is perfect for limited space placement or camping journey. For every service, this coffee maker provides up to 10 oz of brewing coffee, which best fits with k-cup.

Critically built with an auto shut system, this offers higher safety during the time of operation and usage. All you need to do is to press a single button and let the machine brew itself. Once finishing, it automatically stops itself from brewing more coffee.

2. Barsetto Espresso Coffee Machine

Coffee Maker Barsetto

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Here, let us draw your attention to look at Barsetto Espresso Coffee Machine. Although it features a bottle-like construction, its ability to make coffee cannot be resisted. It is highly constructed with 15 bars for its press system to ensure that users do not need a lot of force to press their brewing coffee. Aside from this, it has a very simple manual coffee making which you only need to assemble it correctly, put on its filter, store your coffee powder, pour on hot water, and let it brew.

You do not have to worry about getting burned using this coffee maker either because it is basically built with premium thermal insulation function. Weighing only 600g, it is super easy to carry and wash up.

1. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

CHULUX Single Serve

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The last item and also the top 1 product on the list is CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer. This coffee maker always allows you to place up to 12 oz of a capsule that produces a k-cup of coffee in every serving. In case you want to place your tumbler in, the drip tray is always ready to be removed for the best fit. It is also super convenient for users to collect the dripping and clean the tray as well. Besides making coffee, this machine can also be used to make tea and other beverages.

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer features a simple touch operation button, which is very easy to understand and does not cause confusion and headache at all. With one click and a few minutes of waiting, you can now serve yourself a cup of hot brewing.


After going through all the details of the ten portable coffee makers above, it is time to get yourself the one that suits your needs. Even if you decided to get more sturdy portable coffee makers or the ones that come with a mug-inspired design, the quality, durability, and simple usage are always there for you throughout years of usage.

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