Top 10 Best Refractor Telescopes Review In 2021

Remember when you were young, you always looked up to the sky and wished one day you could see it up close? Most of you might as well asked your dad or your mom to buy you a telescope so that you can see what is on there. Well, those childhood dreams do come true now since there is a telescope called Refractor Telescopes, which you can shop for your own and observe the stars at night. This is a whole new experience and such a brand new hobby. If you are also looking for the best refractor telescopes for yourself as a gift, then this is the right article for you.

Below are our top 10 favorites refractor telescopes which we will show you the high-quality telescopes that you can get for yourself and also ease all your concerns in choosing the right one for yourself. Without further delay, let’s dive into this refractor telescopes review.

List Of Top 10 Best Refractor Telescopes Review In 2021

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10. ORION Observer 80mm Refractor Telescope

Orion Observer 80ST 80mm Equatorial

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Start our list with the ORION Observer 80mm Refractor Telescope you can use to explore the space on your own from your house. This is more like a professional telescope that has the ability to explore the planets as well as scan the heavens for the bright deep sky. While it allows you to see such an incredible thing, this telescope also comes in the compact size that consumes less space inside your room.

Due to all of these benefits, this telescope is the ideal choice for the observers on-the-go. Looking at the spec, it has the f/5.0 rich-field that allows the light particles to go inside more than other brands.

9. MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope

70mm Refractor Telescope with

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Look up at the sky every night to see our solar system and the black deep-sky from your house with the MaxUse 70mm Refractor Telescope. Although it is equipped with such a high-capability, this telescope is designed to be compact with the magnification zoom between 16x to 200x and the ideal choice for the child or for beginner sky observer.

You can also use this telescope like professional telescopes due to its 70mm large-aperture lens that is capable of making the images brighter and you will have a great time looking up to the sky. Even more interesting, since it has such a compact body, you can bring it anywhere you want and you can look up at the sky from every corner of the earth.

8. Celestron 22150 102mm Refractor

Celestron 22150 Omni XLT

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Fulfill your childhood dream with the Celestron 22150 102mm Refractor. This is the best telescope that comes with its new Omni manual slow-motion that use worm gears for smooth, easy tracking of the celestial out there and slip clutches for easy pointing. Moreover, this telescope comes with the quality optical components that are coated with the Celestron’s proprietary XLT that is the same one you can find on the observatory-grade telescopes.

Looking at its spec, this telescope offers you a large 102mm large aperture lens for a wide field view of the outside world. Its mount’s single arm can also be repositioned downward for the terrestrial observing and to point near the zenith for astronomical use.

7. Gskyer Telescope 600x90mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope

Gskyer Telescope, 600x90mm AZ

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Moving to this premium-quality professional telescope on our list, we have the Gskyer Telescope 600x90mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope. This good telescope comes with the 90mm or 3.5″ aperture and the focal length of 600mm and a focal ratio of f/6.7 that allows more light to go inside the lens and capture the brighter image.

Moreover, this Gskyer is also equipped with the 25mm, 10mm, and 5mm magnification eyepieces to fit with your preferences. Looking at the specs, the glass lens is multi-coated and also features the aluminum tripod which is strong and sturdy. This telescope also comes with the Altazimuth mount for the slow-motion control.

6. Gskyer 80mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope

Gskyer Telescope, 80mm AZ Space

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Here we have another Gskyer on our list and it is the Gskyer 80mm Astronomical Refractor that comes with the f/5 aperture and 400mm focal length that allow more light to go inside the lens and offers the brighter image of the night sky. Just like other Gskyer, this Gskyer 80mm also equipped with 25mm, 10mm, and 6mm magnification eyepieces to fit with your preferences of comfort.

Turning to its specs, this telescope has the multi-coated glass lens and the adjustable full-size stainless steel tripod to ensure the durability and sturdiness. Moreover, the excellent CF4 glass with low dispersion has been equipped with this telescope to eliminate the chromatic aberration of blue, green and red.

5. Emart 70mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope

Emarth Telescope, Travel Scope

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Coming next with Emart 70mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope on our list with the f/5.1 focal length and 70mm aperture with fully coated optical glass lens to create the stunning brighter images and clarity. Due to these benefits, the Emart 70mm is the perfect telescope for the amateur astronomer or the beginner kids that also have the dream to explore the night sky.

This telescope for beginners also requires no installment that encourages kids to love learning about spaces. Looking at its specs, this telescope has the adjustable tripod with carrying bag for traveling and looking at the sky from the different corners of the earth.

4. ORION 09007 SpaceProbe Refractor Telescope

Orion 09007 SpaceProbe

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Your childhood dream of seeing the moon up close is now coming true with the ORION 09007 SpaceProbe Refractor Telescope. This professional telescope comes with the 5.1″ aperture that is capable of gathering enough amount of light for a great view of the planets as well as the moon, galaxies, star clusters and the nebulas.

Looking at the design of this ORION, it has the short 24 inches long tube design for easy portability and the f/5 focal ratio for pleasing the wide-field performance. Even more convenient, this telescope weighs only 27 lbs which is perfect for traveling even for the longest distance.

3. Gskyer Telescope AZ70400 Astronomy Telescope

Gskyer Telescope, AZ70400 German

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Now we are at the top third professional telescope on our list, which is another Gskyer. Its lens is made of the aluminum alloy with a big-caliber and superior optical glass-ZF4 for the durability and long-lasting. The primary lens barrels are made from the metal material using the German latest technology. It is strong and sturdy and will be able to protect the glass lens from any impact.

Its tripod is also made of thickened aluminum alloy which is firm, stable and durable. That allows it be able to support the lens tunnel for a great time looking up the sky.

2. Meade Instruments Infinity 102mm Telescope

Meade Instruments Infinity 102mm

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Coming up next, we have the Meade Instruments Infinity 102mm Telescope. This best telescope for astrophotography has the 102mm aperture along with the 600mm Focal Length. It also has the Focal ratio of f/5.9 that allows more light to go inside the lens. That simply helps to produce the brighter images of the moon, the galaxies, the star clusters. This Meade also comes with the Altazimuth mount for those who want to control it in slow motion.

1. Celestron 21061 AstroMaster Refractor Telescope

Celestron 21061 AstroMaster

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Last but certainly not least, we save the best for last, it is the Celestron 21061 AstroMaster Refractor Telescope. This best home telescope requires little setup, which you don’t have to stress on installing it before using. This telescope also has the erect image optics, which is the ideal choice for terrestrial and astronomical use. Looking at its construction, this Celestron has the 36″ tube with the panhandle along with the clutch.


Fulfill your dream with these Refractor telescopes and look up to the sky as much as you want. These telescopes also built from high-quality material for the strong, sturdy and long-lasting. Grab your preferred model soon if you have found one already.

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