Top 10 Best Safety Cones That You Should Buy In 2021 Review

For whatever purpose you need safety cones for, we think you can find the one you need here in this article. Our team has painstakingly researched for some of the well-reviewed and top-rated safety cones of the year. And, here is the result of the top 10 best safety cones in 2021 you may want to check out.

List Of Top 10 Best Safety Cones In 2021

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10. CJ Safety 28″ Premium PVC Traffic Safety Cones

( 6 Cones ) CJ Safety 28

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Coming up first in the list today goes to the CJ Safety Traffic Safety Cones. First and foremost, this product is well produced from high-quality PVC materials; therefore, this product can withstand all types of weathers. It is very durable as well, so you can have confidence in this product.

The visibility of it is high as well since the reflection given is up to 360 degrees. Last but not least, the package of this product comes with 6 cones, and the size of this product is 28 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches.

9. 36″ RK Orange Safety PVC Traffic Cone

RK Orange Safety PVC Traffic Cone


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This is an orange cone, which is the ideal product that you should consider if you wish to make the right purchase on a durable traffic cone. The cone is well designed to have 2 reflective lines. For ensuring the safety of the users, the visibility that this cone offers is unbeatable. The height of this product is 36 inches; therefore, it is suitable for using at various construction sites.

Please also be noted that the package of this product comes with 6 cones in total. This product is suitable for using in the school, parking lot, road safety and more.

8. 28″ RK Orange Safety Traffic PVC Cones

RK Orange Safety Traffic PVC Cones


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Here is another worth-mentioning traffic cone that received many great reviews on the quality that it offers. With the total dimension of 48 x 15 x 15 inches, and the top-grade PVC material, we can ensure that superior quality for you. It is also creatively designed to offer reflective light for both day and night as well. Hence, choosing this cone as a construction sign is a wise choice.

7. RK PVC Traffic Safety Cone

(Set of 10) RK PVC Traffic Safety Cone

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The next awesome product goes to the one which is well recognized as RK PVC Traffic Safety Cone. This durable caution cone is 12 inches tall, plus the package comes with 10 cones. Since this product is the durable one, only the superior grade PVC is chosen.

More than this, it can provide a great refection for both day and night time.

With its high visibility, accidents at the construction sites can be greatly minimized. The last incredible feature of the cone is the stability that it offers.

6. Rubbermaid Commercial Safety Cone

Rubbermaid Commercial Safety Cone


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Rubbermaid Commercial Safety Cone is another top-rated product that has the size 12.2 x 12.2 x 36 inches. This parking cone is the ideal product for using at various places ranging from construction site, parking lot, to school and more.

It comes in a bright color for better visibility. This one also comes with the molded-in slots as well; therefore, the convenience in holding this product is enhanced.

Last but not least, for added convenience in delivering the message on-site, the letters on the cone come in both English and Spanish.

5. Yescom 18″ Height Red PVC Safety Plastic Traffic Cones

Yescom 18

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Coming up next in the list today is the Yescom 18″ Height Red PVC Cones. As the name has suggested, the size of this traffic safety cone is 18 inches wide.

For ensuring that the quality of this product lasts for a long time, the construction of this product is made from premium grade PVC.

The strips attached to this product are reflective as well; therefore, we can ensure the high visibility from the far place. If you are concerned about storage, fear no more since you can conveniently these cones with ease since the cones are easy to overlap.

4. Goplus 5Pcs Traffic Cones 18″

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Now, we have come to the 4th best product on the list today. This one is known as the Goplus traffic cone, and it is the 18 inches tall traffic cone. The first great feature that this traffic safety cone offers is the perfect and thorough crafted production. It is also suitable to use in many places such as construction sites, schools, or even hazard areas.

As the visibility that they occur offers is high, we can assure you that this product can catch people’s attention easily. You can also overlap these cones as well; as a result, the storing space can be saved. For your information, this product is very tough and durable as well, so you can use it in all kinds of weathers.

3. 28″ RK Orange Safety Traffic PVC Cones

RK Orange Safety Traffic PVC Cones


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With the package that comes with 8 cones, this RK Orange Safety Traffic PVC Cones has the height of 28 inches. First off, for enhancing the stability, the base part of this product is attached with the black, strong base. There are 2 strips highlighted, so the cone’s visibility is also improved. With the size and the desirable features of this safety cone, this one is highly recommended for using at many places.

2. Cortina 03-500-10 Vinyl Traffic Cone


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The second best product in our today’s list goes to the one that has a total height of 28 inches. Cortina 03-500-10 Vinyl is the great traffic cone which is well produced to suit various usages. For adding the extra durability, the material used for constructing this product is the top grade PVC.

Besides being a durable product, it has the ability to withstand all types of weathers. Moreover, it is designed to have the base at the center as well; the great benefit that it provides is stability.

1. 3M Non Reflective Safety Cone

3M 90128-4PK, 18

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The champion in our top-1- list today is this non-reflective safety cone. This USA made product has a total height of 18 inches and it is constructed from the top grade material. The full package of this safety cone set comes in 4 units, plus each of them is a non-reflective one.

The base part of each cone is rugged and well designed. Please be noted that the color of this product is day-glow orange, so the cone is highly visible even from afar.


After getting to know the very best products which are available on the market today, you can have full confidence knowing that the product which is about to be yours carries superb features. Order this safety cone now for the better precaution as well as ensuring the safety of yours and others. Wait no more, these awesome construction cones are waiting to give you the great service.

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