Top 10 Best Selfie Light Case Reviews in 2019

Selfie light case is a trendy item today. There are many great options of selfie light cases that you can find; however, to choose the right one that suits your purpose isn’t an easy task. Some products are not properly tested and proven to be of high-quality. To be safe and aid your selection, we have arranged this Top 10 Best Selfie Light Case Reviews in 2019 list just for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Selfie Light Case Reviews in 2019

Preview Product Price
Selfie Light up Case for S9 Plus, FULLOPTO Light Selfie case with 2 Sides Led Lamps and Dot Shinning Smooth Surface with Double Rechargeable LED Flashlight and Protection for Samsung S9+ (Rose Gold
$18.99$25.98 (27% off)
Spruce Selfie LED Light Case for iPhone 6 plus/6s Plus Cover with Rechargeable Backup for iPhone 6 plus/6s Plus Rose Gold
Wellerly iPhone Xs Case, iPhone X Case, LED Illuminated Selfie Light Cell Phone Case Cover [Rechargeable] Dual Light Up Luminous Selfie Flashlight Case for iPhone X/XS 5.8inch (Rose Gold)
iPhone 6 Case, COSLIGHT LED Light Up Selfie Phone Case Luminous Protective Cover for Apple iPhone 6 6s (4.7
Vanjunn Selfie Led Light Case for Samsung S8 - for Samsung Galaxy S8 Cell Phone Illuminated LED Light Up Case Rose Gold
$12.99$16.99 (24% off)
iPhone 7Plus/8Plus Selfie Phone Case,LNtech Rechargeable LED Light Up Flash Lighting Selfie Case Illuminated Cover (Stone Green, iPhone7Plus/8Plus)
Spruce Selfie LED Light Case for iPhone 6/6s Cover with Rechargeable Backup for iPhone 6/6s ... (Black)
Spruce Selfie LED Light Case for iPhone 6/6s/6p/7 Cover with Rechargeable Backup (Rose Gold, 6/6s)
Vanjunn Selfie LED Light Case for iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus - for Cell Phone with Front and Back LED Rechargeable Backup (Stone Green)
$18.59$24.99 (26% off)
LuMee Duo Phone Case, Black Matte | Front & Back LED Lighting, Variable Dimmer | Shock Absorption, Bumper Case, Selfie Phone Case | iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6

10. FULLOPTO Galaxy S9 Plus


The very first product from us today is this superb LED light phone case by FULLOPTO. The case has special features that enable it to support night illumination. This case is well designed for Samsung S9, and it allows you to take the perfect selfie even during the night time. The built-in LED in this case are up to 20 units.

With just one click, you can adjust the light and modes of it easily. As it is designed to be a phone case, it is good choice for those who want to protect their phone at the same time too. The good news for the user is, the case comes with a 3-month warranty.

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9. Spruce Selfie LED Light Case

Spruce Selfie LED

Spruce Selfie LED Light Case is a worth-buying product s suitable for selfie lovers. This incredible Iphone cases that light up at night makes sure to make your selfie time easier with better results. With enough light, you will indeed look more beautiful and younger.

Next, the operation process of it is very convenient, you can adjust the brightness and select the flash mode with just one click. For protecting your phone from damages, the exterior part of it is thoroughly produced from the high-quality material. Please be noted that this case is for Iphone 6S/ 6S Plus.

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8. Wellerly iPhone XS Case

Wellerly iPhone XS Case

Wellerly iPhone XS Cass is a lovely accessory to your superb smart phone. More than serving as a normal protective case, it is the perfect for your selfie time too. The LED light is attached to this case; therefore, the light can illuminate when needed.

The cover is a rechargeable one; with the single full charge, you can enjoy using it up to 6 hours. This user-friendly product is the perfect choice for everyone, with just a click, you are ready to take control over it. Last but not least, the package of this product comes with the charging cord.

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7. COSLIGHT LED Light Up Selfie Phone Case

 iPhone 6 Case

If you are looking for a cell phone case with light, then it is the time to discover the great features in this COSLIGHT LED Light Up Case. First of all, this sleek rose gold case is made for iPhone 6 phone. The built-in battery is rechargeable, plus it is the energy saving type too.

If you operate it in the low bright feature, it can run for 36 hours. There are many options you can easily choose for taking your perfect photos. Another outstanding point is the durability of it, it can withstand the impact way better than the ordinary case.

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6. Vanjunn Selfie Led Light Case

Vanjunn Selfie Led Light

Vanjunn Selfie Led Light Case is perfect for giving you the best in term of protection and feature. The attachment of the LED light is perfect for adding the brightness when taking the photos. There are 3 different modes you can select for different shooting condition. Those are normal, fast and slow strobe; adding to that, you can adjust the dimness and brightness of it.

The size and shape of this LED light phone case is creatively designed for Samsung S8. It is good to know that the USB charging cord is given in the package.

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5. LNtech Rechargeable LED Light Up

iPhone 7Plus 8Plus

The next item in the list is iPhone 7Plus/8Plus Selfie Phone Case that brought to you by LNtech. This superb illuminated iPhone case is pre-installed with the LED light. There are 2 different modes which are Brightness and Flashlight. It is the best option to consider if you like to take night selfie.

The charging cord is added in the package so you can enjoy using it up to 60 minutes after a full charge. More than just offering the desirable feature, this plastic case is durable as well. You will have nothing to worry about even when you accidentally drop it.

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4. Spruce

Spruce Selfie LED Light

We are here to give the right solution for taking night selfies. Spruce & Co LED Light Case is specialized in offering great light for social media photos. For ensuring that the quality of it last longer, the exterior part is well produced from the high-quality shell. It is good for giving the protection for your phone.

This user-friendly product is made for using whenever you need. You can disassemble it back after using it. Last but not least, the company of this product is willing to offer a lifetime warranty to the users.

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3. Spruce Selfie LED Spruce Selfie LED LightLight Case


Spruce Selfie LED Light Case will fulfill you wish giving you the chance to have the perfect photo even when taking pictures in a dark place. The LED light will light up through this case; you can also adjust the brightness of it too. It is also perfectly designed for everyone since it is very easy to use.

With just a simple click, you will sure get good flash light. When you don’t need to use it, you can always disassemble it back without damaging your phone. What’s more, the item is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

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2. Vanjunn Selfie LED Light Case

Vanjunn Selfie LED Light

If you enjoy taking photos and wish to get the perfect shots at the time, we are ready to introduce to you this Vanjunn Selfie LED Light Case. It is designed for many iPhone series. If we have a glance on its modes, there are up to 4 for you to select. With these you will always have the right light for your selfie photos

The soft rubber is added, so it is the right choice for protecting the edge of the phone. The package of this illuminated iPhone case comes with the charging cord.

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1. LuMee Duo Phone Case

LuMee Duo Phone Case

Whenever it doesn’t have the natural light, it is a must to add some light when you take the photo. LuMee Duo Phone Case is really to be the solution for this problem. It is the sleek black matte case will add elegance to you when you are holding your phone.

With this great product in hand, we bet that you will always have the perfect photo in all conditions. As the corner of most phones are easily damaged, the soft rubber is added. The case it is compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8.

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We have just looked into the key features of each best cell phone case with light of the year. Now it is your time to make the decision on getting the best product that suits your needs and phone. Since these items can be sold out very fast, be quick to reserve yours soon before stocks run out.

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