Top 10 Best Shortwave Radios To Have In 2021 Review

In these modern days, we watch the news and listening to our favorite songs through TV or the internet. However, these things are not portable enough that you can bring anywhere. Some people still prefer to listen to the radio with their favorite channel that plays all the hit songs out there while some catch up with all the news through radio. Most of them use it while they are driving inside the car to kill time or reduce the stress when they are driving down the road. That’s why it is recommended to get the best Shortwave Radios.

However, shortwave radios still have its uniqueness from that modern technology. It can provide the news from all around the world that you can listen to and get a different perspective on the situation. If you are finding the affordable shortwave radios for you, then here are our favorites. Without further ado, here’s a look at the top 10 best shortwave radios reviews in 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Shortwave Radios Reviews In 2021

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10. C Crane CC Skywave AM

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Starting with our first product, we have the C Crane CC Skywave AM, which is designed to be lightweight for more portability that you can bring it when you travel with your friends. This portable shortwave radio features with AM, FM, Shortwave, Airband and even can be used as a travel clock radio with alarm as well. To increase visibility, it also comes with the LCD Display to show the channel and volume level as well.

On the outside, is equipped with the rotary volume knob along with the stereo headphone jack as well. For more convenience, this portable shortwave radio has 400 memory presets along with auto scan tuning and the direct entry keypad as well as the signal meter.

9. Kaito KA108 Shortwave Radio

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Next top great product on our list, we have the Kaito KA108 Shortwave Radio that is made of the hard plastic for better durability and to increase portability as well. This portable shortwave radio is made to be lightweight that you can bring with you on your travel. This shortwave radio also features with AM, FM, Shortwave, along with the extended band and full SW band with high sensitivity.

For more convenience and usefulness during the trip, this portable shortwave radio also has the alarm clock feature as well that can alert two times to wake you up in the morning and enjoy your retreat. Moreover, to provide better visibility, it also has an LCD display that can show the channel, battery level as well as the signal too.

8. ICOM 7300 02 Shortwave Radio

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Another top grade portable shortwave radio we have here is the ICOM 7300 02 Shortwave Radio. This is the best radio for home that you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs as well as much international news that didn’t show up on the TVs.

This shortwave radio also allows you to enhance your knowledge of the news from a different perspective and be able to catch up with today changing environment. Plus, it is also equipped with the LCD touchscreen display that has the size of 4.3″ and also a built-in autotuner as well.

7. Tecsun R9700DX Shortwave Radio

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Enjoy the classic style of listening to music with the Tecsun R9700DX Shortwave Radio. This is the portable shortwave radio that you can bring along on your trip with your friends while you can catch up with the recent news too. This R97000DX has 12-band AM, FM and shortwave receiver. It also has the dual conversion function with excellent sensitivity and selectivity too.

To bring you more visibility, this radio built-in the frequency display as well as the battery charger too. You can also find the shortwave antenna and the AC adapter inside the same box too.

6. TIVDIO HR-11S Shortwave Radio

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Here we have the TIVDIO HR-11S Shortwave Radio on our list that is lightweight for better portability when you go on the trip with your beloved friends or family. More than lightweight, this portable shortwave radio is also multifunctional, too, that is the ideal choice for outdoor or camping. This portable shortwave radio also features solar charge as well as hard crank, which is tough and withstand with any kind of situation.

More than just a radio, this shortwave radio can also serve as a voice recorder, mp3 player, alarm clock, sleep timer and many more which is the perfect choice for you to have one when you go on your next adventure with your friends.

5. Kaito 5-Way Shortwave Radio

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Next, we have the Kaito KA550 5-Way Shortwave Radio that is also a portable emergency radio encased with the hand crank that is the perfect choice for you to bring with on your adventure. This portable shortwave radio can be powered through solar panel, 3 AA batteries, USB input as well as AC/DC input with a wall power adapter as well. Moreover, it also built-in the NiMH replaceable and also rechargeable battery pack as well.

Even more special, this shortwave radio also serves as an emergency battery charger too with its built-in USB output port that is very convenient to bring along. This shortwave radio also has the telescopic antenna that can be extended up to 14.5″ for more sensitivity.

4. Tecsun PL-600 Shortwave Radio

Tecsun PL 600-AM-FM-LW SSB

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Your trip will be more enjoyable with the Tecsun PL-600 Shortwave Radio. This is a portable shortwave radio that you can bring along on every adventure you go to. It also equipped with the PLL synthesized world band receiver along with the dual conversion technology. Moreover, it is also equipped with AM/FM as well as LW, SW and last but not least, SSB reception.

This comes with the LCD display with orange backlight for better visibility that will show you the time, battery level, frequency as well as reception strength.

3. Kaito Tecsun PL-360 Shortwave Radio

Tecsun PL-360 Digital PLL

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The Kaito Tecsun PL-360 Shortwave Radio is coming up third on our list. Just like other Tecsun, this portable shortwave radio equipped with the PLL Synthesized AM/FM as well as SW radio with the Digital Signal Processing technology. To provide you with an even better experience, this shortwave radio features with the easy tuning mode plus 450 memories as well.

The antenna is equipped on this shortwave radio is telescopic which you can extend it longer for high-sensitivity. It can be used more than just a radio such as alarm clock, sleep timer, and even the battery charger too.

2. Eton Field Shortwave Radio

Eton Field AM - FM - Shortwave

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For the second place, we have the Eton Field Shortwave Radio equipped with AM/FM and SW bands. This shortwave radio has a sleek design to fit with today’s trend and it also small enough for you to bring along on your trip with your beloved people.

It has treble and bass control to provide better sound and the whole radio is powered by the AC adapter and will automatically switch to battery use if there is an AC power failure. Having this radio with you on your journey, your trip will be more enjoyable.

1. C Crane Shortwave Portable Travel Radio

C Crane CC Skywave AM

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Saving the best for last, we have the C Crane Shortwave Portable Travel Radio on the top of our list. This is the lightweight shortwave radio for portability and you can bring it along on your trip. On the front, it has an LCD display that shows the battery level as well as the channel selection too. For the outside, it features with rotary volume knob as well as the stereo headphone kob as well.


For those who like to do everything the classic way, then these shortwave radios can be the perfect choice for them, and it can also be used more than just a radio such as a timer, mp3 player, battery charger that is essential for you to have one at home or bring with you to your next adventure. These picks are the best shortwave radios of 2021. So no need to search further and get your shortwave radios while stocks last.

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