Top 10 Best Shower Chairs with Arms In 2021 Review

If there are the elderly in the house, you might know his or her struggle when going to the bathroom due to his or her old age. For eating, walking, sitting or even showering, these activities all come with the struggle to get it done for them. The activity that you should be cautious about the most is when they go into the shower. The slippery floor in the bathroom puts another problem to their legs as they cannot stand for long. That’s why we have come up with the list of top 10 best shower chairs with arms.

We believe that the products that we are going to introduce to you are worth it and will help ease some of your burdens and related to this issue. So, if you are planning to get one for your grandmother or grandfather, then why not stop by and see what we’ve got down there? Without further delay, let’s get started.

List Of Top 10 Best Shower Chairs with Arms In 2021

10. Platinum Health Bath Bench Shower Bench

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Starting our list with the first medical shower bench, which is the Bath Bench Shower Bench. This shower chair also comes with the armrests, which are really the essential features for the elder to relax while they are showering. For this shower chair, it has a modern design that is safer and cleaner looks for a better visual cue. What’s more, this chair is made of the aluminum frame, which will never rust and withstand well with the water and that makes it the ideal choice to put in the bathroom.

Moreover, if you want to clean it up to after a while, this chair is made to make it easy for you to clean because polyurethane padding doesn’t absorb water after cleaning it off.

9. Healthline Bath Shower Chair Bench Stool

Healthline Bath Shower Chair Bench

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Moving on to another great quality medical shower bench here, we have the Health Line Shower Chair Bath Bench. This chair is made with advanced machinery to deliver both comfort and safety to the patients or the elders. Looking at the construction of this shower chair, it also has secure and durable construction and made for heavy-duty use.

The materials that are used to make this chair are aluminum that we all know it is withstand effectively with the water and the padded seat is made of recyclable and degradable HDPE for the environmentally friendly purpose. Moreover, this shower bench is very convenient to use with its versatile and removable back support to fit with your preferences.

8. OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair With Back

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair with Back

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If you are planning to buy a new medical chair for your grandmother or grandfather at home, then the OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair might be the answer to your need. This chair is made to be secure and convenient to use. It is made with the highest standard possible in the medical shower bench. Moreover, you also can adjust the height of this chair as well since it will provide you with 6 choices for you to adjust based on your preferences.

Take a look at the design of this chair, it has the ergonomic design that provides the maximum comfort possible to the patient. The padded seat is waterproof and the drainage holes will reduce the slipping that you don’t have to worry about this problem.

7. Platinum Health Shower Chair

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Another great quality medical chair that you can easily grab it on the market right now is the Commode 3-in-1 Padded Shower Chair. This chair has a modern design, which makes it safer and provides more comfort to the patient. This chair also can be used in multi-purpose where you can use it as a shower chair or can be used anywhere as a standalone or even can be used directly over the toilet as well. The aluminum frame of this chair will protect the chair from getting rust and durable as well as reliable than the normal steel.

To be more convenient, this chair also comes with the height adjustment, where you can adjust it accordingly based on your preferences. The padded seat, backrest, and armrest also equipped on this chair as well.

6. Medline Elements Shower Chair With Back


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Coming up next, we have the Medline Element Shower Chair on our list. This Medline shower chair comes with a dark bronze finish and muted color, which helps make the patient feel like home and not in the hospital. For the construction, this chair also has a durable, tough and sturdy construction that can handle the weight up to 350 lbs.

The aluminum frame used on this chair will keep it from getting rust and will be there for many years to come. Even more, than that, to keep this chair hygienic, it is infused with the Microban Antimicrobial Technology that prevents the growth of stains and the odors when you use it many times.

5. Platinum Health Revolution Pivoting Shower Chair

Platinum Health Revolution Pivoting

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Care about your grandparents then get the Platinum Health Revolution Pivoting Shower Chair for them and it will help ease all struggles that they have faced in the bathroom. This chair will provide the maximum comfort to the patient with its softest padded on the seating area and also maximizes the warmth compares to the traditional plastics hard devices.

Moreover, this chair also has more slip resistance properties that deal better with the slippery floor and by this, it adds additional safety to the patient as well. To ensure user happiness, this chair comes with the height adjustment features, which you can adjust it based on your preferences.

4. Platinum Health Deluxe Shower Chair

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Up next, the Platinum Health Padded Bath Chair with Armrest landed number 4 on our list. This chair comes with the soft padded seat and armrest to deliver maximum comfort. This warm-to-the-touch seating also has the ability to minimize the risk of skin tears or any infections that you accidentally caused. The armrest that features on this chair will also act as additional safety add to prevent the patient from falling when entering and exiting the chair.

Looking at its design, this chair has a modern design with clean looks for a better visual cue. The aluminum frame used on this chair will prevent it from getting rust and also tough and durable that can be used for many years to come.

3. Duro-Med Shower Chair With Wheels

Duro-Med Shower Chair With Wheels

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Here we are at the top-third rated chair on our list, which is the DMI Shower Transport Chair. With this chair, you can easily your beloved grandparents in or out of the shower effortlessly. This shower wheelchair also comes with the padded seat that will maximize the comfort to them and enable you to perform multiple transfers. For the seat height, it is 21 inches from the floor, which is not too tall for your grandparents to sit. All the seating areas are waterproof that makes it comfortable to sit on for a longer period, especially during the shower.

2. NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm Transport Chair Commode

NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm

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Moving up to the number 2 of our list, we have the NOVA Medical Products Arm Transport Chair. This shower wheelchair is designed with the removable swing-away footrest as well as the easy release drop armrest. The wheels that are equipped on this chair also allow for easy transport. You can easily move your beloved grandparents from one place to another easier. As for its construction, it has the tough and sturdy construction that can be used for many years to come.

1. Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

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Last but certainly not least, the Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench landed on the top of our list. This shower wheelchair has a professional-grade in sliding transfer in and out of the bathroom. That is to makes things easier for users. The padded seat, back, and armrest will deliver the maximum comfort possible to your grandparents. This chair has the high-quality construction to ensure safety and durability. That means you can use it for years and it will not cause any problems.


With the top 10 best shower chairs with arms and we believe that this list will help you. We only picked the ideal shower chairs with arms with quality that you can trust. Have you found the shower chairs with arms you’ve been searching for yet?

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