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Top 10 Best Side Sleeper Pillows To Have In 2020 Review

Getting a good sleep is an essential step to having a healthy lifestyle, but it is easier said than done. The pillow that you are using could play an important role influencing your sleep quality. For different sleep positions, you need supports on different parts of your body. To study in a better detail, you really should look through the list below of the top 10 best side sleeper pillows in 2020. Descriptions of each product will help you to understand better about what kind of pillow you might need to improve your sleep.

List Of Top 10 Best Side Sleeper Pillows In 2020

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10. Sleep Pure Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleep Artisan - Natural Latex

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This one is the best pillow for side sleepers from Sleep Pure with the best quality materials and standards, which helps to keep its comfortable puffy shape. What’s more, this pillow makes a great support for side sleepers with its contoured shape that will ensure a better sleep.

Also, the pillow is remarkably friendly to the health without the use of chemical foams that can create unpleasant effects. Plus, you get to customize your very own pillow to your perfect fit by simply removing or adjusting the filling.

9. Coisum Pillow for Side Sleeper

Coisum Pillow for Side Sleeper


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This best pillow for sleeping is suitable for any position sleepers either back, stomach, or side sleepers thanks to its multifunctional design. Furthermore, its design comes with curves to support a specific part when you sleep from neck to arms. What’s more, the design helps you to relieve pains in the head, neck and shoulder. Plus, the pillow comes with a pillowcase that is nice to the skin, and allows air circulate

Especially, this pillow would be a great help to snorers since it helps to reduce snoring. If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone you care for, this great pillow has to be on the shopping list.

8. Indulgence Side Sleeper Pillow

Indulgence Side Sleeper Pillow

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This good pillow comes in king size, which measures 36 x 20 inches. Along with the pillow, you will also get a cotton cover that is removable for cleaning. What’s more, the pillow is made overfilled especially for side sleepers to provide the ultimate comfort on the neck and shoulder.

Plus, the pillow is made with high-end materials to deliver the best quality helping sleepers to easily fell in deep sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, you should definitely give this pillow a try and see how it magically works.

7. Sleep Yoga Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleep Yoga Side Sleeper Pillow

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The ergonomic design and the use of only best materials take parts in creating this most comfortable pillow. Clearly, side sleeping is a pain to your neck and shoulder due to bad alignment, but this pillow is a game changer because of its unique notch designated solely to support your shoulder and neck.

What’s more, the pillow also offers a soft cotton cover that is breathable and machine washable. With this pillow, you will no longer have to fight with your restless and uncomfortable sleep.

6. Sleep Yoga Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleep Yoga Side Sleeper Pillow


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This one is another great product for Sleep Yoga for side sleepers. The pillow helps to improve your sleeping posture, better your joint alignment, and relieve tensions in your upper body. What’s more, the pillow is designed with specific angles to help you sleep better.

Plus, the pillow is made out of quality materials, making it soft and gentle. Also, the shape will last for years remaining fluffy and puffy. With this pillow, you gain the same benefits as doing yoga, when you are actually sleeping.

5. L-Shape Pillow

L-Shape Pillow


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This ideal pillow makes a great support for side sleeper with its L-shape design that doesn’t put strains on your neck and shoulder. What’s more, the pillow is made with gel dough formula producing a cooler environment to sleep in.  Plus, it comes with a removable cover that is easily washed.

Also, the pillow dimensions are 26 x 26 x 5 inches. This pillow alone can provide the most comfortable sleep, which is a great help in reducing unnecessary expense on multiple pillows to get you a good night sleep.

4. The Womfy Side Sleeper Pillow

The Womfy Side Sleeper Pillow


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This cute, yet comfortable side sleeper pillow offers many color options such as black, ivory, pink, navy, chocolate, and purple. Additionally, the pillow provides extra support on your face, ears, neck, and shoulder. Plus, it also helps to align your back into proper posture. What’s more, the pillow comes with ear holes giving enough space for your ears, so when you are sleeping on your side, you are not pressing them.

And, there is the anti-compression contour to ensure your sleep comfy. All in all, this side sleeper pillow is definitely a good catch that you wish you had owned one.

3. The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow

The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow


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This elegant looking side sleeper pillow is hand crafted in Los Angeles. However, the quality is nothing less than those made by machine. Especially, the pillow comes with adjustable height that allows you to perfectly create your ultimate pillow. What’s more, the pillow helps to maintain the neutral posture of your neck and back, which is important as you are aging.

Plus, the pillow measures 29 x 16 x 6 inches and weighs only 4.54 pounds. Enough with going through restless nights, get the pillow now, and experience the best quality sleep you will ever have.

2. Cradle Me Contour Pillow

Cradle Me - Cervical Pillow

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This cervical pillow features the contour of your head to provide support to necessary areas needed to get a good sleep. What’s more, the pillow is ideal for any sleep positions with its quality memory foam preventing strains and pains on the shoulder and neck.

Plus, the used materials are hypoallergenic and safe keeping your worries away and allowing you to rest peacefully. Also, the pillow measures 17 x 15 x 5 inches and weighs only 2.56 pounds. With this Cradle Me pillow, you can get a healthy sleep and wake up with full energy the next morning.

1. Xtreme Comforts Side Sleeper Pillow

Pillows for Sleeping, Hypoallergenic

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This is one of top rated pillows that comes in three different size options including standard, queen, and king. Especially, the featured inner zipper grants you fully access to thickness adjustment of the pillow either fluffy or flat, as you like. Plus, the pillow is only composed of premium quality foam, and none harmful materials were used to deliver the best value possible.

What’s more, the provided cover keeps the pillow cool, and dust mite resistant preventing allergies. For easy cleaning, the pillow and the cover are totally machine-washable. With such value, the pillow surely deserves its place.


All things considered in these best side sleeper pillows review, they come in different shapes giving various supports on unique places depending on each sleeping position whether sleeping on the back, side, or stomach. Pillows above all features their own unique characteristics that contribute greatly in your sleep posture, joint alignment, and relief of pain or muscle strains.

Choosing the right side sleeper pillows according to your own case and preferences is important in improving your sleep habit, physical and mental health. Going through restless nights never leaves you any goods, but these pillows will never let you go through such experiences again. Get one now and get rid of bad sleep days.

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