Top 10 best skateboard trucks in 2019 – Review and Buying Guide

If skateboarding has always been your favorite sports, you must be very well aware of how important and helpful it is to have a high quality and heavy duty skateboard truck. For any starter who is looking to start playing skateboard, skateboard trucks are the tools that are attached to the board and the wheels. Each skateboard will require two trucks. They play very crucial roles in the way that they can support weight, riding styles and even hold the whole pieces in one without breaking when encountering shock or intense pressure from the game. Therefore, it is very critical that one chooses the best skateboard trucks possible.

Now, although there are many brands in the market that supply skateboard, not all of them supply the reliable ones. As choosing the skateboard trucks can be a challenging job without sufficient research and understanding, we are here to help with compiling a list of top 10 best skateboard trucks which are taken from the highest reviews from real users. Keep reading to find out what those brands are.

List Of Top 10 best skateboard trucks + buying guide

10. Thunder

Thunder Polish

Being the first one in the first, on our top 10th, we have premium and high performance skateboard trucks from Thunder. What’s great about Thunder is that it uses tough chromoly axles and kingpins as the main materials so it is very heavy duty and durable; no matter how intensive you practice with it. Although the material is this strong, it is designed to be very lightweight; so you will never have problem with moving it or speeding with your styles.

Moreover, it comes with very reasonable prices; so you should never feel hesitant to grab one of it. Last but not least, Thunder can be used for all type of skateboarders. With every purchase of Thunder, you will also receive a life guarantee; especially on any of manufacturer defects.

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9. Royal

 Royal Truck Co

On to the next one, we have Royal as top 9th best skateboard truck. Royal trucks look very premium and stylist as it is designed in Blue color which is one of the most popular colors to build with the board. Moreover, it’s built with gravity mold casting process that uses high temperature heat in order to produce the metal that is super tough and hardly unrivaled in terms of strength.

On top of that, Royal is also designed with careful reengineered hanger geometry and its capability to reinforce the baseplate so that you can have responsive ride on your skateboard without worrying about it getting destroy from intensive pressure.

Besides, Royal trucks also use axel and kingpin that is aircraft grade, so you will never to question its quality. Last but not least, there’s also a life guarantee for Royal trucks.

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CORE Skateboard

On the top 8th, we have another premium quality skateboard trucks brand from CORE. Looking really attractive, CORE uses aluminum alloy as its trucks’ main material so that it is strong, heavy duty and unchallengeable. With the hanger length of 5.0” to 7.63”, CORE trucks can fit any boards whose width are from 7.4” to 8.0”.

What’s great about this skateboard truck brand is that it uses bushings and pivot cups that made in USA in order to make sure that it looks smooth and consistent. On top of this, there are many available colors from CORE that you can choose, so you can style your skateboard anything you want with those colors.

All the colors are the current popular choices that many skaters has chosen to style their skateboard.

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7. Owlsome Skateboard


On the top 7th, we have high rated skateboard trucks from Owlsome Skateboard. It is definitely a good deal for anyone who are looking for skateboard trucks because Owlsome Skateboard offers a combo set that include all the important accessory for the skateboard including the trucks, the wheels, hardware and precision bearings.

Talking about the trucks per se, it is very hard and tough because it is made from high quality aluminum. This kind of strength in this Owesome Skateboard trucks is important because skating is the kind of game that will violently put pressure or abuse on the board itself, so the stronger the trucks, the better and the longer it will last.

Moreover, it is also smoothly furnished to give a high quality look. So, if you are looking for skateboard and doesn’t want to spend extra penny on every relevant tools, you can save a lot from Owlsome Skateboard.

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6. Tensor

Tensor Skateboard

Another best and high performaning skateboard trucks are from Tensor. Tensor skateboard trucks are available in slider blue color, so it is very easy to style with any colors of your baseplate. Its package that comes in 2 trucks, each of them is 5.0” in terms of the hanger and 7.63” in terms of the axle. Both of which are made from very strong magnesium; which is one of the strong material to make skateboard trucks, so you don’t have to worry any damage while abusive it with different riding slide.

For superior performance, it is suitable with any board whose size is from 7.4” to 8.0”. If you are looking for a great skateboard truck brands that would be worth your money, Tensor is definitely one of that and you should never miss.

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5. Cal 7

Cal 7 Longboard

For anyone who has been wanting to style their skateboard with many color options, Cal 7 is absolutely one of the best option. There are countless different colors of trucks that Cal 7 is available to offer. Besides, any purchase of Cal 7 skateboard trucks will get a bunch of important accessory package that you can use to build your perfect skateboard.

All you need left from this would just be a wood; then you are ready to go. Cal 7 is built perfectly for longboarding; so if you are a longboard skate type of player, Cal 7 is doubt the perfect brand. On top of this, Cal 7 is very durable and lightweight because it uses aluminum. Besides, it is also lightweight; which makes the skateboard very flexible to go with any styles.

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4. Owlsome Skateboard

Aluminum Skateboard

If skateboard trucks from Owlsome in top 7 has already amazed you, you will love this even more. Similar to the previous model from this brand, this top 4 Owlsome skateboard trucks also comes in combo set. That’s great because you can then have everything that you would need to resemble a high performance skateboard.

Again, with this Owlsome skateboard truck model, there are more than a dozens of colors that you can choose so however you want to style your skateboard, the color menu is all at your decision. On the same note, those colors are very popular among skateboard theme nowadays so you do not have to worry if the trucks you choose are not trendy or something.

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3. CCS

CCS Skateboard

On the top 3, we have one of the most famous skateboard brand that millions of skaters have admitted for its quality. Providing the best products since 1985, CCS skateboard truck is known for its high grade components. Moreover, it uses high rebound bushing so that trucks have the smooth surface. They come in raw color, so for anyone who’s down for raw aluminum color, CCS trucks are definitely what you should be looking for. What’s even special about getting CCS skateboard trucks is that you will be offered with a free 1’ phillips hardware too. So, it’s a great deal that you will never want to miss.

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2. Independent Trucks


On the top 2, we have yet another high rated skateboard trucks from thousands of amateur and professional skaters. Using silver raw as the color, this skateboard trucks brand focus on nothing but simplicity and practicality. It’s built with very lightweight concept so it makes the wheel and the baseplate move along with your movement super smoothly.

Besides, the material that it is made of is also super strong, so it can stand all the shock and harsh abuse when you are practicing. What most people say about this truck brand is that you will never go wrong with it. So, you can have all the confident to get a pair of these trucks.

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Trouble Trucks

Lastly which is probably what you all have been waiting to see is the top 1 best skateboard trucks in 2019 which belongs to TROUBLE SKATEBOARD. Well, as much as its name might shock you a bit at the first glance, you should never question the quality and how great these trucks can be for your game. TROUBLE skateboard trucks is built with hollow aircraft grade kingpin; while focusing on making it as lightweight as possible. Both combination when put together, it makes the trucks super strong yet super responsive and flexible. On top of that, the axel built in these trucks is very durable as well. Therefore, you can also have a free movement even you are not playing on a perfectly smooth surface.

Moreover, it has a very premium color which is light gold so it adds an even more refined look to your skateboard in specific. Last but definitely not least, these TROUBLE Skateboard trucks comes in 4 different sizes so you can always choose the correct size for to complete the assembling of your skateboard with TROUBLE Skateboard trucks.

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Buying Guide

Now, as we have already guided you through our list of top 10 best skateboard trucks, there are still something that’s also important that we have prepared for you; that is the buying tips. Getting to purchase the best and high quality skateboard truck would be a privilege; however, buying ones with all the proper knowledge is definitely something worth being happy than winning lottery; especially refers to any players whose skateboard is their most favorite sports. Hence, there are few shorts tips that you should look for when buying skateboard trucks.

First of all, you need to check the size of the truck and whether or not it is compatible to use with your baseplate. As common as knowing that there are many available size of skateboard trucks and baseplates, it is important that you make sure that any of these two that you are going to purchase will go well with each other.

Besides, you should also look for any skateboard truck that is lightweight. It is especially important to skaters to choose the trucks that’s light in term of weight because it can then allow you to enjoy your ride with more flexible movement. To be more detailed about this point, the standard skateboard with trucks and other precision should only be about 7-10pound maximum. So you need to determine and measure carefully when choosing all the important accessories to assemble a perfect skateboard.

Thank sto our team and the advance engineering technology in the present day, all the brands in our top 10 list above are all meeting the ideal standard in term of weight. Although, you can also check with expert or customer services team when purchasing the trucks or the baseplate to double confirm before making a go with purchasing one.


In conclusion, it will not matter whether you are a beginner who is looking to get a great skateboard accessory to start with or you are a regular skater but looking to upgrade your skateboard quality or look, all the information above will be very helpful and that you are guarantee to equipped with enough knowledge to help you with your purchase.

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