Top 10 Best Slow Close Toilet Seats in 2018

It is indeed frustrating when you hear toilet seats slammed whether after use or when it just happens on its own. Not only does the noise affect people but also the noise that the slammed seat creates will make you have an assumption that the item is broken and needs replacement, and that is additional expense. If you’re interested in this topic, you must probably be in need of ideas on the best soft close seats in the market today. So, here is a look at the top 10 best slow close toilet seats in 2018:

List Of Top 10 Best Slow Close Toilet Seats in 2018

10. Bemis 19170PLSL 000 Slow-Close Front Toilet Seat

Bemis 19170PLSL 000 Slow Close

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When wood is used to look fancy and stylish, everything in our home spells nothing but life. This slow closing toilet seat has the effect that every homeowner seeks to bring in their space. When visitors visit your bathroom they will have reason to stay there longer than they expect to.

It is common to purchase toilet seats and then discover that they could not fit on your toilet. However, with Bemis 19170PLSL 000 you can fit it on any toilet size. All you have to do is follow the clear instructions given by the manufacturer before purchasing or you can read details online for a better understanding.

9. American Standard 5256A.65C Slow-Close Toilet Seat

American Standard 5256A.65C Slow-Close Toilet Seat


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American Standard is a name many of us know and their Champion Slow Close Toilet Seat is just that, a champion.  Now, this slow close elongated toilet seat might not be the top choice, but it is the most certainly worthy one to mention in this slow close toilet seats list.  It is available in 3 different colors and both the elongated and round versions should fit any standard toilet.

The edges of the lid are designed for a pleasant look.  Once again, this toilet seat comes with easy-detach hinges for deep cleaning.  You should feel free to give this seat a try; it’s incredibly comfortable.

8. Bemis 19170CHSL 000 Slow-Close Toilet Seat

Bemis 19170CHSL 000 Slow-Close Toilet Seat


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Elongated toilet seats have gained popularity in recent decades due to their ergonomic design. While the right toilet shape is a personal preference, many people prefer the elongated design because of the greater surface contact with their skin as they sit. The Church Wood Elongated toilet seat is a top contender in this category, especially if you are looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom while remaining environmentally friendly.

The lid and seat are made of a high density molded wood, protected with a high-gloss finish. Molded wood is more sustainable than the more common plastic options. The high-gloss finish matches the traditional look of ceramics while providing a tougher surface that resists stains and scratches.

7. Delta Faucet 823902-N-WH Toilet Seat

Delta Faucet 823902-N-WH Sanborne

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By far the fanciest and feature-rich toilet seat, the Delta Faucet Sanborne Nightlight Slow Close Seat is literally awesome.  As you see, it has a built in nightlight that is powered by 4 AA batteries, lasting for up to 6 months. The Sanborne comes with quick releasing hinges for easy deep cleansing and to top it off, it’s smooth on the behind–making it a no gimmicky toilet seat.

Unlike other soft close toilet seats, this one comes with great durability.  No creaks or noises, this one is already perfect to bring home.  All in all, it is a premium seat but has extraordinary value if you enjoy having a nightlight in your bathroom.

6. American Standard 5350.110.178 Toilet Seat

American Standard 5350.110.178 Toilet Seat


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Designed with a powerwash rim and an elongated siphon for better water movement, stains don’t have a chance of existing when you flush this round soft close toilet seat. The American Standard Town Square has a definite advantage with its EverClean surface. This toilet seat can last for years and still appear brand new thanks to this unique surface.

It works well, looks better, and provides you with an amazing way to conserve water that is designed so well that most users won’t notice the difference in white. If you’re looking for a quality toilet at a fair, competitive price, then we highly recommend the American Standard 5350.110.178 Toilet Seat.

5. Bath Royale Premium Elongated Family Toilet Seat

Bath Royale Premium Elongated

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Upon looking at the Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet seat, it appears to be well made. You are able to install it under 15 minutes. You have to be sure to read the enclosed instructions though because the installation is different than that of the standard ones.

You will probably love a self-closing toilet seat that stays in place since most of the other seats wiggle a bit and shift in position when sat upon. This toilet seat has clear rubber gaskets that prevent dirt from finding their way underneath.

4. Sanilo Round Toilet Seat

Sanilo Round Toilet Seat

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Round toilet seats tend to be extremely common in older design styles as well as smaller spaces. Since a round profile doesn’t take up as much area in a bathroom, these can be the toilet bowl of choice for people living in apartments, condos or tiny homes where space is at a premium. The round profile is so common that most seat manufacturers guarantee the perfect fit with the toilet no matter the brand or model.

The Sanilo Round Toilet Seat takes the top spot for round toilet seats primarily due to the STA-TITE fastening system. The heavy-duty fasteners resist shifting and twisting while in use, keeping the lid firm on the toilet without damaging the bowl. A quick detach design also allows you to remove the lid quickly while cleaning.

3. Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat

Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat

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Despite popular beliefs, most toilet bowls are much cleaner than you would expect. Still, it doesn’t hurt to keep your health and hygiene on your mind when looking for a new toilet seat. For the maximum level of cleanliness, a bidet toilet seat is the way to go. These seats use a water nozzle to clean those personal hard to reach spots.

The Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat is an elongated bidet seat that offers a three-in-one cleaning nozzle to handle a variety of cleaning needs. Water is stored in a built in, heated reservoir, so installation is quick and painless.

2. TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Round Toilet Seat

TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Round Toilet Seat

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On first handling the Topseat Tiny-Hiney Potty, we were impressed that it is made of a high quality material. The toddler seat just folds back so it doesn’t clutter the bathroom. The seat offers closed hinges. In our opinion, it’s a nice touch as the training seat will not easily come off anytime soon. This is great since it is very secure. You don’t have to worry about your kids pinching themselves like others training seats because of sliding.

It is very well-constructed. Although the toddler seat is not self-closing, it was made that way so that kids won’t make an accident while waiting for the seats to close. This toilet seat is made of a very sturdy material that once potty training is finished, there won’t be any need to replace the seat as the small one fits securely into the lid.

1. Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat

Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat

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As the only wooden soft close toilet seat, the Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat is excellent and on par with the plastic models featured on our list. Mayfair puts out excellent products and this toilet seat is no different.  It is pretty comfortable for a wooden toilet seat, but more importantly this seat is going to hold the most weight of any seat on our list. If wooden toilet seats are more your preference, whether for looks or feel, the Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat is for you.


Reaching the end of the article, you have just browsed through the top 10 best slow close toilet seats in 2018. Their quality and features are just amazing, and any of the recommended picks wills serve you best. We really hope you will be able to find an ideal slow close toilet seat for your needs.

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