Top 10 Best Slow Close Toilet Seats In 2021 Review

Everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle in their daily busy days of this 21st century. As advanced technology is spinning nonstop, caring about your health is not that hard. By being healthy, every little thing counts. So, toilet is one of the main infectious places that you need to take extreme care with it. We all use toilet every minute and every day. Maybe you think having soups or shampoos are enough. Actually, there is more than that, it’s your everyday toilet seat. That’s why we recommend you to pick the best slow close toilet seats.

Toilet is where the bacteria and virus can make their livings there if you are not taking special care to protect it. Hence, choosing well protective slow close toilet seats is not a problem anymore with our below review. These all come in different protection systems, materials, stylish patterns, and other special features.

List Of Top 10 Best Slow Close Toilet Seats In 2021

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10. Bemis 19170PLSL 000 Slow-Close Front Toilet Seat

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This slow close elongated toilet seat is made from a very high quality of molded wood and ceramics. These materials protect the toilet seat from scratching which makes it durable and always stays cleanly new. The seat is so easy to wash off and clean.

Additionally, the seat’s hinge is well equipped and closed slowly without making any disturbing sound or slamming the lid. The hinge is removable that it’s so easy to replace or clean the seat whenever you want. This toilet seat comes with a fastening system making your installation easier than ever.

9. American Standard 5256A.65C Slow-Close Toilet Seat


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This glossy white toilet seat from American Standard Company is outstanding with its modern functions. The company has provided all required hardware for the installation in the package to assist you for quick and fasten set up. The seat is made out of high-quality plastic with advanced technology. This also comes with an easy release hinge that enables you to remove and change the seat once it is needed. You will like this modern design for your toilet seat selection.

8. Bemis 19170CHSL 000 Slow-Close Toilet Seat


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Here is another trusted toilet seat from Bemis, and it is best for home-usage. It also comes with the sta-tite fastening system that is easy and quick to install. Significantly, this seat fits all kinds of bowls that you are using. You don’t have to worry about sitting on a slippery toilet seat anymore as this Bemis seat model is really strong and firm to make you feel relax while doing your things. In addition, this is both a slow and soft close elongated toilet seat, perfect for your comfortability.

7. Delta Faucet 823902-N-WH Toilet Seat

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Next is the round soft close toilet seat from Delta Faucet that is installed with the latest technology nightlight. This amazing toilet seat keeps the blue light brightening your night time when you use the toilet. It is powered by the battery that can be used up to 6 months. Not to mention its quick-release hinge that allows you to remove or replace the seat easily. This seat is also a good choice for your children, which can be used as a potty-training.

6. American Standard 5350.110.178 Toilet Seat


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This American Standard slow closing toilet seat is famous for its EverClean surface system. This seat does not only cares about the seat’s stability and comfortability but also your hygiene. The EverCare surface helps to reduce the odor, stain, or any infectious bacteria. Likewise, the seat and hinge are made from solid plastic that preventing the slamming when it closes. Amazingly, there is a tab that you can lift the seat without touching it. Your healthy being starts here with this hygienic toilet seat.

5. Bath Royale Premium Elongated Family Toilet Seat

Bath Royale Premium Elongated

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This premium toilet seat is specially designed for a family with two existing layers that include a child seat. It is specially made from the outstanding quality of polypropylene plastics that keeps the seat long-lasting. It is also covered with the high gloss that makes the seat stays new and shiny after years. The family toilet seat is applicable to use with any kind of toilet.

Even it comes with white color, this seat is carefully built-in of the stain and chemical resistant system. Especially, this luxury seat has been standardly proved that it will not be broken down by the weight of 400 pounds. This is best for your family and your children.

4. Sanilo Round Toilet Seat

Sanilo Round Toilet Seat

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This is one of the most beautiful designs of soft close toilet seats from Sanilo. It is coated by a pink rose texture cover giving you a relaxing and comfortable feeling while using your toilet. Moreover, you will find it so easy to set up as it comes with all the necessary tools. This toilet seat is expertly made from molded wood and fits all brands of a round toilet bowl. It comes with a super strong hinge as it is made from metal. More importantly, it is adjustable that can be turned and rotate of 360-degree for your easy installation.

3. Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat

Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat

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This great looking toilet seat is also a product from Sanilo. It comes with a timber cover this time. Surely, it is also very easy to assemble by yourself. This simply cool toilet seat is made out of molded wood, and it is suitable to use with all kinds of elongated toilet bowl. The special feature of this timber seat is the surface is really smooth and well made. Additionally, the hinge is masterly durable and stable that it can hold up the weight up to 440 pounds. You will love its stunning look and quality.

2. TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Round Toilet Seat

TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Round Toilet Seat

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You can get two seats at the same time for adults and small children, so everyone in your family can use it comfortably. This TOPSEAT round toilet seat is well made from high-quality wood and high-gloss coated for the finish match. You will find the seat so strong and tough with its metal hinge. There are bumpers below the child seat that blocks any scratching marks. It can be applied to all-round toilet bowls. Last but not least, TOPSEAT provides the customer with the highest satisfaction of three-year-warranty once you make any purchase.

1. Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat

Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat

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Our top toilet seat of the list goes to Mayfair’s. The seat is astonishingly made from environment-friendly materials and caring process. The seat is sturdy and still with the latest technology of STA-TITE system. As it also comes with a special hinge tab that closes the lids silently and slowly without using your hand to touch it. On top of that, the molded wood and the highest quality of high-gloss covered makes it so stylish and super steady for your toilet usage.


With this review in mind, we believe that you are now interested in having one of these toilet seats in your house as soonest as possible. You have experienced browsing through many different kinds of toilet seats that you may not know exists before. So grab the chance. Start making your life healthy and clean with these perfect toilet seats.

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