Top 10 Best Steam Juicers In 2021 Review & Buying Guide

Juice is a kind of drink that everyone loves, among other types of soft drinks. The reason is it is an effective way to get all nutrition from either fruits or vegetables, and it is also easy to drink. Today, thanks to steam juicers, making your own juice will not waste you a lot of your time anymore. Moreover, the process is no longer difficult like before. Making your own juice at home would help you save some money. It is healthier, more convenient, and it enables you to modify your blend. However, you will need the best steam juicer to make it easier.

With so many brands, that makes it a daunting task to select the best one that can meet your maximum satisfaction. Don’t worry about this concern. Here, in this article, we can help you. For the convenience of the buyers, we compiled the Top 10 Best Steam Juicers Reviews along with the Buying Guide that are beneficial and can provide more details on each product of steam juicers.

List Of Top 10 Best Steam Juicers Reviews

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10. Deluxe Stainless-Steel Steam Juice

Deluxe Stainless Steel

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Feast your eyes on this Deluxe Stainless-Steel Steam Juice, coming from a popular brand of kitchen equipment. This steam juicer will not make you feel disappointed after purchasing. It offers you a warranty not only for a year but 5 years long. More than that, this steamer is built for quality and durability. It is a well-constructed juice steamer that is made of stainless steel. It has a huge capacity to hold many types of fruits at least 8 quarts at the same time since there are 5 ranges of steamer.

Indeed, the cover of this steamer is made out of clear glass so that you can easily check out the making of your juice. To provide you a safe use, both handles of the steamer are finished with silicone that can protect the steel from heating.

9. 11qt 4 pc Mehu-Maija Steam Juicer

11qt 4 pc Mehu-Maija

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11qt 4 pc Mehu-Maija Steam Juicer is another best juice steamer, which is the product of Lehman’s. The look of this steamer juicer will catch your eyes and it is really suitable to be put in the kitchen even in your apartment. This steamer does not come with only the beauty, yet it also has a durable quality, which you can use for a long period of time. More than that, with high performing features, you can also use it to steam many types of foods.

And also, it gives you a lot of choices in terms of usage. You can either use only one range or all the three cooktops. The ability to hold things up is about 11 qt. Besides that, you will also find it easy to look at your juice with a clear cover of this steamer.

8. Giantex 11 Quart Juice Steamer Fruit

Giantex 11 Quart Juice

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Giantex 11 Quart Juice Steamer Fruit is a lovable choice for on-diet people. It works effectively in separating juice from fruits. More than that, this steamer is designed for multiple uses. You also can put your choice of vegetables or other food ingredients to steam as well. Plus, it comes with three ranges of cooktops, and you can use separately to cook. Aside from that, this steamer is built for quality. It chooses a stainless type of metal to construct. This material can ensure the longevity of the product to be used for a very long time. More importantly, it contains no harmful elements that would affect your health.

The usage of this stainless-steel juicer is super simple. You only need to get the stalks or core out once you use the top one. Besides that, the disposal of this steamer is made to be easy. You can use both warm or cold water to clean it up.

7. Mehu-Liisa – Stainless Steel Steam Juicer

Mehu-Liisa - Stainless Steel

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Let’s check out another best juice steamer that we adore in the list. It is the Mehu-Liisa – Stainless Steel Steam Juicer. Constructed from an anti-rusting type of steel, it can ensure the longevity and durability of the steamer. More than that, this steamer is also built with the premium technique, which is made in Finland. This has made it the best steamer for long term use. For the safety of the user, this steamer juicer is constructed with cool handles silicone that could protect you from injuring.

Coming with three parts of steamer baskets, the whole steamer has a great capacity that is able to hold at least 11qt and 1.25 gal. Another noticeable feature is its multiple designs of usage. It has the ability to steam not only fruits but all kinds of vegetables and even seafood or meat.

6. Aluminum Steam Juicer

Aluminum Steam Juicer

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Handy either to make fruit juice, steam your favorite meat or vegetables, this Aluminum Steam Juicer by VICTORIO VKP1148 can serve you all the purposes. It is built out with three trays of steam baskets. Therefore, it is able to withstand up to 10 quarts of fruits and at least 6 quarts of water. Aside from that, the process of using is super easy and simple. You can additionally easily monitor your juicing progress through a clear cover glass.

What is more, this juice steamer is very light in weight for easy mobility. In addition to that, the handles of the steamer are also coated making it heatless for a safe movement. Last but not least, it offers you a 24 months guarantee after purchase.

5. COSTWAY Juicer Fruit Vegetables Steamer


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Are you searching for a heavy-duty use fruit steamer? COSTWAY Juicer Fruit Vegetables Steamer can be your ideal choice. This is a practical steam juicer that comes with all standard of features that you are looking for. The steam basket’s handles are finished with anti-heat coating for safety and convenient use. More than that, the whole structure of this steamer juicer is well constructed from stainless steel.

Thus, you will find it durable to use for a long period of time. Besides the exterior design, the interior structure of the steamer is manufactured with great capacity that could hold up more than 11 quarts. Besides, the cleaning of the steamer is easily made, as all features are smooth-working and flexible to any temperature.

4. Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Juicer by VICTORIO

Stainless Steel Multi-Use

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Victorio is a well-known brand of steaming equipment in the world of juicers. That’s why Stainless-Steel Multi-Use Steam Juicer by VICTORIO is on the list that we’re going to introduce you. This steam juicer is capable of serving multiple functions such as juice steamer, vegetable or meat cooker and also it can be a pot to the stock soup. Another benefit that you may get from this steamer is that it can be hold up to 8 quarts per single time. Therefore, it can save a lot of time if you plan to make jelly, juice, or else.

Aside from that, this steamer is not only built for quantity, but it also focuses on quality. The whole structure of this Victorio steamer is super sturdy and built for long term use. The material is stainless steel to ensure the longevity of the item. For the user’s peace of mind, it also offers you a 5 years guarantee as well.

3. Home Kitchenware Steam Juicer

Home Kitchenware Euro

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Home Kitchenware Steam Juicer is not just a steam juicer, yet it can also perform as a pot to stock your soup. And you can also use it for cooking with other types of food ingredients in your kitchen as well. Due to its multipurpose of usage, this Home Kitchenware Steam Juicier has got highly rated reviews from costumers.

Besides, this steamer juicer can ensure its quality for you to use it for a long period of time with its sturdy and durable structure. It chooses a premium quality of steel that is anti-rusting to build this steamer for quality and at the same time, it would not harm to your health and can maintain a good taste of your food.

2. Norpro KRONA Steamer Juicer

Norpro KRONA Stainless

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Norpro KRONA Steamer Juicer is another perfect juice steamer that we also adore in the list. This juice steamer is made for high performance. It has a tough structure that comes with the heat resistant feature. Therefore, it is safe to put in the oven with a temperature of 400F/205c. And, as of quality, the juicer is made of stainless steel.

Customers also love that Norpro KRONA Steamer Juicer has a high capacity to hold food for 11 Qt, 4Qt for juice and also 8 Qt for water alone.

1. Cook N Home Fruit Juicer Steamer

Cook N Home NC-00256

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We absolutely adore Cook N Home Fruit Juicer Steamer, which is the last and highly reviewed steamer that we would like to introduce to you. Similar to previously mentioned steam juicers, this steamer juicer is built for both quality and quantity. In terms of its quality, the structure is enduring, which is manufactured for long term use. It uses an anti-rusting aluminum to build this. Aside from that, featuring a huge containing capacity, it is able to hold up to 11 quarts.


The products that you have just gone through about are the best steam juicers of the best quality, along with outstanding features. Stop stressing over your indecision. Get yours today and you won’t be disappointed. Any of our recommended items will serve you well.

Buying Guide

Even though a steam juicer is not a super expensive item, you still need to carefully consider some criteria that would be the most important elements/features of a steam juicer. Because you wish to purchase one for long-term use as well as to make your diet food plan much easier, therefore, you need to make sure that you have compared all features of each brand of steamer juicers.

To get to know about steam juice’s must-have elements, you don’t need to search for another article because below, we will provide you a buying guide for a high-quality steam juicer.

Craftsmanship and materials

You should not waste your money on a steam juicer that is manufactured from low-quality materials because it is probably good for only a short term. Therefore, to know whether it is a good and best steam juicer or not, firstly, you need to consider the main materials that are used to manufacture that item.

A perfect juice steamer is usually built out from either steel or aluminum that is stainless. It is because the anti-rusting steel can ensure the quality of the product to last long though it has been cleansed with water many times or being exposed to sunlight. Moreover, that stainless steel would not affect your health as well as the quality of your food.

Holding capacity

As your time is valuable, taking much time on steaming food is not a thing you wish to do. Therefore, another point that you also need to consider before purchasing is the holding capacity. A great choice of steam juicers is always designed with many tiers of containers. And each container has a great capacity to hold up food at least 8 quarts or more than that. Thus, you can just cook a great amount of fruits or food in a single time and it helps you in saving your time and efforts as well.

Practical Use and Feature

Practical use and features here refer to the flexible feature of the steam juicers. For a great steam juicer, it is not only built with many layers of containers. Yet, all layers should be adjustable, which means each container should be able to be used separately. And also, it still offers you a great taste quality of food. Moreover, that flexible feature also makes your cleaning task much easier as well.

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